Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bizarre Love Triangle: Songs 41 to 50

Listening to Day 5's list, and so far this one is winning! The only odd one comes from Disney, of course d":

Song #42: I'm waiting for the final moment you'll say the words that I can't say...

They are actually called S Club 8, but I thought "Junior" sounded more appropriate d":

I swear, the British just knows how to produce the best bands - I wanted to be part of this band!

This is a groovy-disco kind of song, and not dancing to it would be a crime. Just look at the video, the can shake it!

Song 42: James Bryan ft Alessa - Bizarre Love Triangle

This is certainly at the top of my favourite songs of all time. The original is amazing on its own, but this cover brings it to its own level.

I first heard it on the radio, and instantly I fell in love with it. Mr. Bryan can strum the guitar like crazy, and his album is worth the listen.

I never knew what the song was about until recently... the person Alessa sings to is in a relationship (lightbulb moment!) Still love the song :"3

Song 43: Mandy Moore - I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week

I like Mandy Moore and all that she does - she can do no wrong in my opinion C":

When she decided to go a different route in music, I was excited to listen, knowing that there would be a different sound. The result? Totally catchy, I like ^^

Yes, she sings about the days of the week and it lasts only 2 minutes, but it's easy to sing along.

Song 44: Lady Gaga ft Beyoncé Knowles - Telephone

This is hands down my favourite Lady Gaga song. Even though Lady Gaga may disagree, I think it's the most fun song she's ever made.

My cousin and I would sing this in the car, and I'd just give her Beyoncé's part cause she would just kill it every time she sang it.

I love this song so much, I even learned the dance number at the end (not saying it was hard though, I was just obsessed).

Song 45: Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music

Another example of sampling done right. I think Rihanna has mastered that category.

From one of her best albums ever comes the dance track that I just can't refuse to - Michael Jackson is in the song! When I saw her in concert, I was floored. She's very flexible, and the artistry was so clean and entertaining.

mamase mamasa mamakusa...

Song 46: Spice Girls - Holler

No matter how many there were, I'll still listen to them. They are the ultimate girl band that existed.

Containing of 4 members, there was a different appeal than before - not sure what it was though...

I really like the music video, there was a pyramid in it d": It was futuristic, but also adulterated... did I mention that I first saw this on Hit List? I was still innocent back then!

Song 47: Janet Jackson - Rock With U

I mashed this song up with a Mandy Moore track... but not the one in this playlist d":

Previously, I said I didn't like Janet Jackson before, but everytime she came out with a hit in the 2000s, my ears were always open.

Her material is good, this track is like pop-trance to me. It's simple, and pleasing. Like brother, like sister C":

Song 48: Roger Miller - Oo-De-Lally

More Disney! Yes! I've actually never seen Robin Hood, have any of you? I find it weird that when it comes to old Disney movies, I just go back to the ones with the princesses... maybe just comfortable with singing along with the movie d":

From what I heard, this is a fun song, telling the story of Robin Hood & Little John. Perhaps I should watch the movie to understand the song.

Anyone happen to have a copy of the movie?

Song 49: Paula Abdul - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (Oakenfold Radio Edit)

Ah, the days of American Idol... I still think it's one of the best talent shows out there. There's still a big following to that show, even though I lost the touch to follow every week...

Anyways, this isn't about the show, it's about the judges! Yes, Paula Abdul came back for one track, and I thought it was addicting! And the video is vivid, lots of abstract choreography and it had the potential to be a dance anthem... OK, maybe that's too strong of words, but it's a pretty awesome song.

Song 50: Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again

Swore that I never let you back in...

I must say, Demi Lovato is one of the most talented Disney stars out there. She can SING o.O

There's something hypnotic about it, her vocals are impecible, and the chorus got me hooked. Though I haven't been through what she's been through (in relation to the song), I find that presents the situation very nicely: like she's gone mad, but also calm at once. Well done.

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