Monday, January 23, 2012

Into The Groove: Songs 21 to 30

It's all seriousness here in Day 3 - let's see what the phone plays C":

Song #23: Live out your fantasy here with me, just let the music set you free...

Song 21: Ciara ft Missy Elliott - 1,2 Step

Ooh, we! No matter what age you were, everyone can do this dance.

Of all the gimmicky dance songs, this one is up on the list. She's pretty, she can dance, and Missy Elliott is in the song... what else do you need?

This song never gets old - it just gets better with age...

It's pumpin', and I can't stop popping to the beat - it's addictive.

Song 22: Hedley - Hands Up

If I got you, then I'll be OK
I'm not the biggest Hedley fan out there, but I do like some of their songs once in a while. I tend to like the songs that are less popular when I think of it...

At first, I didn't much like this song, probably because it was released during one of there mellow-dramatic singles - but this one grew on me.

It's a familiar beat, almost gives a country vibe - I like!

Song 23: Madonna - Into The Groove

How did I find this song: Madonna did a commercial with Missy Elliott - it was one amazing ad.

Looking for the song to download, I thought it was one song, but actually it's a combination of two of her songs - didn't know that.

Instead of downloading the ad song, I decided to go for one; this one made it in my list. I can't help but dance, waiting for the one who I get to dance with❤

Song 24: Mis-Teeq - Scandalous

I was so excited for the movie Catwoman, I even bought the video game... I never finished that game...

As for the movie - it was OK, not terrible like the critics said.

So the movie was a bummer, but the theme song was definitely memorable... So so so Scandalous

Whenever I hear this song, I just want to jiggy - nothing wrong with that.

Song 25: N.O.R.E. ft Nina Sky, Daddy Yankee, Big Mato & Gem Star - Oye Mi Canto

The radio is still my go-to place for new music - without it, some of the songs wouldn't be on this list!

Take this one for example: I would have never heard of this song if it weren't for those Traffic Jam mixes I love to listen to. What appealed to me were two words: YEAH and REGGAETON. Those are my favourite words from the song d":

Nina Sky as the chorus and speaking Spanish was also a plus+

Song 26: Selena Gomez & The Scene - Bang Bang Bang

Onto the next one, onto the next one...
Oh yeah, more teen pop! This song actually reminded me of another song, but we'll just have to wait and see how far it gets played on the list.

This was one strong single off of Gomez's album, I hope she releases it, even though I love all of her singles very much.

This has an electro-80s vibe, and the heartbreak never sounded sweeter with the synthesizers.

Song 27: Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)

When this song came out, I was surprised how nice it sounded... until a bunch of people complained about Nicole's pronunciation of "Jai Ho" - if A R Rahman didn't see an issue, no one should either.

Is it wrong to think of Bollywood when I hear of this song? It tells a great story with music: dramatic, suspenseful, romantic, and adventurous.

However you view the song, just enjoy it. I can't help but do some shuffling hand gestures.

Song 28: Skye Sweetnam - Tangled Up In Me

CANADIAN POP! No one does it better than Canadians :"3

I love Skye Sweetnam, I hope she's still singing, her songs are awesome.

I believe this is a modern love-song with the attitude of the hipster. Her words are straight forward, and she's the only thing in your mind... that's kind of the state I'm in at the moment d":

It's kind of silly, kind of cute, all covered up in warm-fuzzy love.. tee hee

Song 29: Aqua - Cartoon Heroes

More childhood memories! I was obsessed with this band, all with their animated songs, they were such free-souls... did you know that they came back? Don't worry, their new stuff will be on this list too :"D

I instantly fell in love with this song - it's the perfect example of what every superhero is.

Que the orchestra, sprinkle harp sounds, add that cartoony voice, and you have the perfect hit!

Song 30: Nikki Yanofsky - God Bless The Child

Ah, more Canadian talent - the most number of Canadians in 10 songs!

Mostly well-known for the song "I Believe," Nikki Yanofsky brings the drama with her voice. She's so young, but her vocals are mature.

Though her album is not exactly what I listen to, a few songs once in a while is a sweet surprise to hear when they come.

With this song, she delivers. And the jazz rhythm suits her so well - now let's see some pop hits from her; that would be cool.

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