Friday, January 27, 2012

Jaded: Songs 61 to 70

Some reappearing artists, new entries, and it's all about relationships... the songs at least!

Song #66: Love and hate it, wouldn't trade it...

The reason to love Starbucks: free tunes every week! Regardless of the artist, I'm going to download it.

I actually saw Mayer Hawthorne in concert, but only as an opening act for other artists that will hopefully appear on this list soon.

When I first heard this song, I was automatically 'Hooked' on the song. It's catchy, has a retro vibe, and it's like a response to Skye Sweetnam's. Hawthorne has taken my heart <3

Song 62: Ashlee Simpson - Kicking & Screaming

I didn't know this was off the album "I Am Me," always thought it was unreleased single. Miley Cyrus released it, but I prefer Miss Simpson's rendition better.

You could say it's more of the attitude that I like than the song itself. It's the pain for pleasure, in a radicle form without being literal. All of the things she does, it's because she really does like you. Role reversal? Perhaps...

Song 63: Angela Aki - Kiss Me Goodbye

Final Fantasy just KNOWS how to release good music - I mean, when have they ever made a bad song?

My uncle showed me this song (in Japanese though), and I thought it was so beautiful. Angela Aki needs more praise, cause she is a true force and has a power that few can handle.

Talking about letting go of the ones you love to move on. It's difficult to handle that situation, but if all songs were like this, I believe it could be dealt slightly easier.

Song 64: Gwen Stefani - Cool

Where or where has Gweny Gwen gone? For some strange reason, the radio plays this song quite often. It's their attempt to call her back to music.

Moving on: this is one of my favourite songs she released. It has a such a pleasant sound, and its reminiscing on good times of a past love. But as always, some good times have to end.

Beautifully crafted song, and the video is the cherry on top: she looks great as a brunette!

Song 65: Devin - I Wanna Kiss You

One day, I decided to add a bunch of music from my sister's library. I listened to this track, and I thought how appropriate to suit me... it's a scene I play in my mind non-stop with someone (I'll never tell!)

Little knowledge of my sister's music, I was surprised to find out this was part of "Big Momma's House" it didn't strike to me that a nice song would be for this genre of movie... then again, it seems fitting.

Either way, I'll be fantasizing d":

Song 66: Aerosmith - Jaded (Jason Nevins Mix)

Another one of my favourite songs of all time, probably in the top 20 though. I was always appealed to this song, not exactly sure what it was though... I had no idea what 'Jaded' meant when I was young (and I still don't know!)

I'm going to say it was the video that blew me away: a young woman who wants to feel cause she's broken - the perfect story. With this version, I imagine my own music video: black and white, with lots of musical notes. Classic song, brilliant in every way.

Song 67: Katy Perry - Pearl

All of Katy Perry's songs from "Teenage Dream" can be a single, and I'm pretty sure they would all go to #1.

One of the slower songs from the album, this piece is gentle and raw, reminding us that we are our own person, and no one can take that away from you, especially yourself.

I really love the chorus: it has a peaceful melody, it's sad, but it all comes out with strength. She stands for herself, and that's most important.

Song 68: Britney Spears - Do Somethin'

Wow, I can't believe this is the first Britney song that played in this list... there will be plenty coming from her, don't you worry!

Not exactly her best single, but certainly a head-banger for sure. Feeling free and letting go, she just wants to have fun.

As for the music video... it's imaginative? But one thing is for sure: there ain't no other like Britney to start the party.

So why don't you just move along...

Song 69: Hilary Duff - Jericho

This is a nice-sounding beat. It's inspirational, it brings hope, it... wait, what is this song about?

I don't know where Jericho is, or the significance it has to her, but it was the ending song to her film "Raise Your Voice," and I like that movie.

Shamelessly promoting her music? Yes. Does it work? Positive C":

Song 70: Shawn Desman - Shiver

The revival of Shawn Desman. When he brings new material, he delivers.

At first, I thought it was creepy to hear the lines "staring at your face when you're not awake," but who could resist a beautiful person?

This is the first time Shawn Desman has grown his hair! And what's also surprising? The music video - it's breath-taking, there's a force, and I can't stop watching it. Thank you Desman for making music again!

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