Sunday, January 29, 2012

She Will Be Loved: Songs 81 to 90

The theme for Day 9: L.O.V.E. I swear, every song is about the emotion with their own perspective.

Song #85: Come back and begs me to catch her every time she falls...

I found this song...hypnotic. To be honest, I thought it had to be either faster or even slower (like chopped & screwed edit).  The original is good, but not memorable to me...

Here comes the remix, and I think it revives the song significantly. I even like the random 'bam bam bam bam bam' part, even though it's not necessary. If Cassie made more songs like this, she would have been much more than a one hit wonder... Please put me back in a daze.

Song 82: Cory Lee - Thugaboo

Oh Cory Lee - she's on Degrassi, did you know? She also had a pretty solid music career, though most of her songs were generic.

Her other songs, however, were little gems. Take this one for example, she makes the word 'Thugaboo' sound comforting and even cute. It's kind of like a lullaby, a sweet little song to remind you that someone is there for you no matter what point you are at life.

And no song is perfect without the 'na na na' part.

Song 83: Dream - He Loves U Not

Oh, these were the days, when no thought mid drift shirts were provocative... maybe we're all growing to be a little too sensitive when it comes to dress code?

I never knew that Diddy made this band, let alone have its own show. I find this song to be the modern day version of "The Boy Is Mine," but that's probably a stretch. What I'm surprised is that I remember the chorus... and nothing else of this song d":

Song 84: Keri Hilson ft Kanye West & Ne-Yo - Knock You Down

Can this be considered as a hopeless romantic kind of song? I think there needs to be more hits like this these days - then again, it has to be carefully made.

Thank goodness for Keri Hilson to come, she knows how to write songs. It plays a significance to me, thinking you found the one only to find that it falls to pieces. But never give up, move along and keep going.

Love makes people blind - be prepared for anything.

Song 85: Kreesha Turner - I Could Stay

Well this is awkward: after listening to heartbreak, we hear a song that will melt the pieces.

She has such an interesting voice, Kreesha Turner. It's very high, but she's able to control it. I think this song deserves more praises, cause it's exotic and I can't help but stay in fantasy when I hear this song.

So far, this is my favourite single from her - hope to hear more of this!

Song 86: John Davidson & Leslie Ann Warren - Are We Dancing

Wow, there are so many movies I haven't seen from Disney. All of these songs are from a compilation album, if you want to know where I found these songs.

This song has a romanticism to it, and it's the perfect cheesy movie moment where Casanova sweeps his lover into the night, being the only ones that matter in this world.

Perhaps I have to watch these old Disney movies, their songs are fun!

Song 87: Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

This is a happy song, right? Not sure what it's about, but the video is a spectacular. Very vivid and colourful, it's an element of Coldplay I haven't seen before.

It's like they morphed their old material with their new stuff, and the result is excellent. All I need to hear is I turn the music up, and I'm good. It's a party with this song, there's no need to cry a mass of water - unless it's happiness C":

Song 88: Sweet Thing - Lazy Susan

I don't believe this song refers to the furniture piece (just to make things clear). This is good band, and I recently found out that the drummer is Tyler from Popular Mechanics for Kids! I loved that show!

Let's focus on the song: it has a serious tune to it, being sick and tired of a person who doesn't want to do much. So they just leave their lover... sometimes being harsh is the way to get the message through.

I really love the chorus, it's addicting.

Song 89: Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

My sister loves this band, and whatever song came on, I couldn't help but sing along to their tunes. Yes, the new material I still like, but this is the band that I remember.

There's just something about a broken person, I want to heal them and be the one who can make things better for her. I want to bring hope back to them. Simply the best song they ever made.

Song 90: Plain White T's - 1234

The overall theme here is: LOVE. Every song, a different aspect in each song. This one is the simplest.

I think that when you're in love, everything feels right and so easy. Nothing stands in the way, and you feel unstoppable. Love can conquer all (I hope so!)

It's like a cute circus song, including the thrills and chills that these affections show. I like to believe love is easy like this song C":

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