Monday, January 30, 2012

Everywhere: Songs 91 to 100

A bunch of dance tracks and slow jams - a solid list of songs for Day 10. Finally, reached the 100 point!

Song #98: And every time I sleep you're always there...

Jason Derulo! He is one talented artist, though his new stuff has been questionable lately...

Back when he didn't sample songs, these were such good songs. This song was so popular, a Korean version was made! Sure, it's the typical love at first sight story, fantasizing what he do with his perfect mate.

But then again, who doesn't do that? Heavy drum beats, and pretty slick vocals - cool.

Song 92: Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations

Come on come on, feel it feel it, feel the vibration...
Oh my, it's Mark Wahlberg! Did he have any other hits than this single? Either way, he knows what he's doing.

This is DA BOMB! What he says I don't understand, but it's so smooth and the beat is awesome. Plus, the chorus gets you in a daze that can't be compared to any other song.

Song 93: Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Who are they? I'm not really sure. There are a few songs I liked from them, but none could beat this hit - it's even in Just Dance! I love that game.

This is like a Broadway song, where someone refuses to dance, yet they're doing it while they sing. I find songs like these are silly and entertaining, waiting to see when they realize that they've been doing the whole time. Entertainment and pure awesomeness C":

Song 94: S Club Juniors - Puppy Love

When I first saw this (Hit List), my mom was actually singing along. She told me this was a cover of an old song (link not original artist).

Anyways, I thought this was the sweetest song ever, and the music video was adorable, he has a crush on S Club 7 member Rachel - I had a crush on her too :"3

 A bit festive, but still a goodie - it was in my favourite movie too!

Song 95: A*Teens - Heartbreak Lullaby

This song never appeared in The Princess Diaries, did it? Either way, it's still a marvellous song. Though I would have like to see this be in the film, I don't see how it could have...

I love the A*Teens, they really surpassed their earlier work covering ABBA hits (who know everyone still loved them?) This is the remix of the song, and it's mid-energetic-mellow-drama love song. It has a nice ring to it.

Song 96: Lil Wayne - How To Love

I believe this is Lil Wayne's first attempt at singing - and it's not bad. This is enjoyable, and it's a side we don't see much from the rapper. Too bad that it didn't get much attention, it deals with issues that not many can handle - I think this is done well.

Some people are afraid of opening their heart due to their past, and they can't be blamed... They've been through situations that we can't imagine.

Song 97: Foster The People - Helena Beat

This is one of my favourite songs from Foster The People. I'm not sure if it's a crime to dance to it, cause I don't know what they're talking about.

I do love the line I tie my hands up to the chair so I don't fall that way, it always gets to me. I think it's about being lost in your own thoughts, and how dangerous that can be. That's certainly something I can relate to...

It's my jam of the moment.

Song 98: Michelle Branch - Everywhere

Michelle Branch! Seriously, who doesn't love this girl? She was underrated, and probably that's best for her. Her music was awesome, and though she's trying Country now, her songs never seem old.

Don't remember when I first heard this song, but when I rediscovered it in my teens, I couldn't help but sing along. It's how everyone feels when they fall in love, that this person can't escape your mind no matter how hard you try. Instead of resisting, let it happen. Now to take the risk and end these fantasies... lovely.

Song 99: Cubic U - Close To You

Utada Hikaru has experimented more with her music more than any artist I have known, and it always seems like a success.

Let's go back to her earlier material, when she was a member of a band: They did a cover of the Carpenters hit, and it's a whole different song. More of a ballad, modernized, and very enchanting.

So well done, and glad that my cousins showed me this song. This is how a cover is done.

Song 100: Utada Hikaru - Devil Inside

Not just one, but TWO Utada Hikaru songs in this playlist! Hooray for back-to-back hits!

I was intrigued when she decided to release an English album, I thought it was neat - others disagreed. Though she didn't release many songs from the album, I must say this one is a winner. It even became #1 on the dance charts.

It sounds possessed and a little creepy, but I love it. Everyone has a jealous angel within them.

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