Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beautiful: Songs 671 to 680

Sing a silly song, or a serious one... either way, it will make you feel better :"D

Song #673: And everywhere we go the sun will always shine...

Song 671: Feist - 1234

It's the song in the Apple commercial! They always knew how to make the best advertisements...

Her style is not exactly abstract, but it's not what you normally would hear on the radio. This is laid-back and happy, and easy to sing along; there's a lot of soul in it. Add in the horns and the cheery melody, and it's really addicting. Plus, the video is amazing, especially when it's done in one video shoot. Also, she remade it for Sesame Street about what else, counting to 4! That is pretty awesome... Canadians are pretty awesome.

Song 672: Ke$ha - C U Next Tuesday

OK, this will be the last time I talk about my crush. I may not feel for them like that as before, but I always see them once a week. I thought this song was suitable in my situation, but a bunch of people interpreted the title that spells out a word... goodness.

But it's an honest song, and it's time to face the facts: they aren't the one for me, and no matter what I'm thinking, it's not love. Wow, Ke$ha can be deep sometimes, don't you think? It's a pretty song, and the electronic sounds are rather mellow. Very enjoyable.

Song 673: Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

One of the most powerful songs that I've ever heard. It may be parodied and badly sung sometimes, but the message is all that I need.

Why does the world seem so down at times? We need to be reminded that we ourselves are amazing people, and that we shine greatness both within and out. So well done, and pianos and violins make it so dramatic. Plus, Christina's voice is so lovely in this. The video may be hard to watch, but every form can be appreciated, for there is no reason to judge.

Song 674: Phoenix - 1901

Who else heard this from a car commercial? It's amazing how powerful some advertisements are. Do they want me to buy their product even more? Not likely, but I'll stick to the song.

I'm not sure of the title, but it's fun just to move and groove to such a sleek beat. And their voice has this dreamy sound that makes you stay so you can hear them sing throughout the track. I wonder if people bought more cars because of the song, I'm rather curious about it. *Starts to pen a commercial song*

Song 675: Glee - Borderline/Open Your Heart

Of all the mash-ups they have made, this one takes the top spot! It's amazing how they collided one Madonna track with another, and how well it works together!

It's times like these that make Glee so enjoyable, because they remastered the song as their own, and made it a duet... it's cute and sounds very pleasing to the ears. Take two 80s hits from her, and it's a song about tension and wanting to release this love upon them. Grown up themes with childish voices d":

Song 676: Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me

His first single - it was the only one they played on the radio. I don't understand, he has a raspy voice and the sound is dance-track meets R&B... it's good!

Was it his voice or the rhythm that caught your attention? I think it was both, and the fact that he's ticked off that you're blowing him away, wearing sunglasses at night; apparently, that's the rave these days. He was once interested, but now he figured out that you just want the attention. Now what you got, hotshot? Yeah, don't try to deny it.

Song 677: Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone

After all of the efforts she put in this relationship, they don't seem to care. Well, what kind of lover is that? Now that you're out of her way, she can finally receive what she deserves: a sense of pride!

This has to be Kelly's biggest song, and it's amazing how strong this track is. I'm amazed how loud it is, and how it goes everywhere when the chorus comes in. Although it is heartbreak, I can't seem to be anything but happy when it comes on. Maybe a break-up can be the best thing that happens to you.

Song 678: Victoria Duffield - Shut Up & Dance

I'm not really sure who she is, but with a little research, she was part of this show. There are some talented people on it, but I haven't heard much of them other than this artist.

Wherever I went, I heard this song on the TV, in the radio, everywhere! I didn't like it much at first, but the lyrics are mellow-dramatic, which I enjoy. Forget all your problems until day comes, because tonight it's all about moving it on the dance floor. The energy is nice here, where it's not too hyper but it's also refreshing.

Song 679: S Club 7 - Never Had A Dream Come True

Now that they're coming back, I hope they play this back on the radio. It was the only song they played from them here, and it's one of their best songs.

From the fragile intro to the glistening sounds of the violins, there is nothing wrong with this song. This memory is so pure to them, that it feels like it's a fantasy - they can't believe this is true. I love this song, I even used it for an audition... didn't get it. This doesn't change the way I feel for this song.

I really enjoy this video, it seems so natural for a situation that seems unrealistic. And the random middle-ages outfit segment? Love the 'provocative' scene d":

This person has gone and made her feel right, and in return, she wants to thank them from the bottom of her heart. So she made a little song and gave it her all, just to say how much they mean to her. That's awesome, especially when she's got a heck of a voice. Chilled and relaxed tune makes it even better :"D

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