Saturday, March 3, 2012

Can't Fight The Moonlight: Songs 421 to 430

It seems part reality and part magical with today's list. Make a wish, you you may never know what will be coming your way.

Song #425: If you think that you won't fall, we'll just wait until till the sun goes down...

Song 421: Ferna Velton & James MacDonald - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

Who wouldn't want a fairy godmother to give them a moment they would cherish their whole life? Does anyone know actually where she came from? Never questioned it, just followed the story...

But that is so nice of her, to give poor Cinderella a whole transformation using the environment around her. Not only is she giving, but green. Wow, the times were so advanced. This song has to be the most fun out of the film, full of whimsical energy. Wonder how they got the title, because it's just fabulous... girl!

Song 422: Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire

I like when Nelly Furtado sings in Spanish, they bring out a different tone to her English songs.

A friend showed me this song as he made a lyric video to it, and I fell for the rhythm. It's back to basics, just a drum beat and simple guitar strums. Why is it when people sing in a different language, the music also changes? I guess some sounds were meant for a specific tongue. Either way, I'll still be listening though I don't understand.

Song 423: Brandy ft Kanye West - Talk About Our Love

Everyone is in the know - but then again, isn't that how it is in families? They're just curious about your status. Good old he said she said.

But sometimes you wish that it was kept a secret. Here, Brandy and Kanye West create such a brilliant song about their 'relationship.' From the quiet drums to the exaggerated violins, it's a formula for perfect harmony. What other way to discuss this topic than to make it dramatic? Oh Brandy, please come back soon.

Song 424: Britney Spears - Everytime

It's rare to hear that you hear Britney's voice for what it is. So when this song came out, I knew it had to be on this list.

She wrote this song, and even made the music - I wonder why she doesn't write that often...And her performance left me in awe. Sure, it's not live this one, but its the first time I heard it. She apologizes to her love for needing them. Is she weak? Can she not go on? Sometimes defeat gets to you. Sometimes, you have to accept the truth. What a stunning piece.

Song 425: LeAnn Rimes - Can't Fight The Moonlight

I have never seen the movie, but the song you can't resist. It's one of the few songs they play on the radio that comes from a soundtrack. It's that good.

My cousin and I love to sing this for karaoke (it was once, but still!) The drama, the suspense, nighttime just has it all. Whether it's love or mystery that you seek, LeAnn knows how to pull it off. In the dark, you can give in, no one can see, it's only between the two. So what are you waiting for? Stop turning away and take the chance. Old tracks, they keep getting better.

Song 426: Hoobastank - The Reason

One-hit wonder? I don't know what happened to them, but they had this piece with a video that was rather... questionable.

I sang this song as practice, and it's an inspiring story. No one is perfect, but when you realize that for yourself, you change... but is it for yourself? Or has someone inspired the change? Such a strong message, it's so sad that they didn't get any attention after this song. I do admit it's slow, but the words need their time to develop to a beautiful piece.

Song 427: t.A.T.u - Malchik Gay

For the record, they aren't lesbians. It was all an act - but what a following did they have. Their first song isn't part of this list I think...

But here is a different story from them, they have fallen for a boy. The one thing: he likes boys. I wonder if girls have ever gone to extremes to change a boy's preference. But that's a big compliment to the boy, that even girls want him. Only European music can talk about anything, right? I mean, would this song ever work in North America?

Song 428: Carmen Twillie - Circle Of Life

This Disney film has one word: epic. The intro to this movie is breath-taking, as all animals come together for the premiere of a new King.

But it's amazing how they can make such great songs that grows with us, and it never gets old. You may not be able to sing the intro, but the rest tells possibly the greatest story ever told. We all experience it our own way, and this cycle never dies. Ever story is told differently, but what brings us together are the moments that defy us. Truly a song for everyone.

Song 429: BoA - No.1

This has to be my favourite BoA song of all time! I heard the English version, and the message is so sweet. Not that I don't like her English version, it's just I grew up with the Korean one.

Who doesn't want to be somebody's only? After all that she has been through, she finally sees what her lover means to her. It starts off seriously, and then it becomes one heap of happiness. And the ending? SO ADORABLE! After all, it's the main message of the song C":

I actually didn't know the song started off this way; I thought they were two songs performed at the same time.

But this is how we are introduced to the dwarves. They mime for diamonds, have enough to consider 'bad ones,' and work together as a team. I think a lot of people would be happy at their job if they had a wonderful tune to sing along... or eat yogurt at least. Maybe the cure to work blues is a song a day - in my case, ten C":

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