Sunday, March 25, 2012

FlyPaper: Songs 641 to 650

Don't be shy to play it how you feel, because it may lead to some great results like these songs!

Song #645: I hope some way our hearts can change the weather...

Song 641: Mariah Carey - Shake It Off

It's a different perspective of breaking up, because she is pleased and taking a break from it! Slow, a bit lounge-type, and all Mariah. She uses her airy voice, her high notes, and her ad-libbing to the best - isn't that always fun?

But all in it, I really enjoy this song! The beat is simple enough and doesn't get in the way of her singing. Add in Jermaine Dupri, and it becomes a classy way to say goodbye to an ex. Who knew that revenge could sound... rather sweet?

He came out of nowhere, and now I can't stop listening to his stuff! His work is quirky and it simply gets you in a good mood. Even if this isn't your type of music, there is no way that this will bring you down.

I love the storyline in his videos. This is part two of the series, and in it a Tennis player has a half-time show - it's a spectacular! Cheerleaders, wild moves, and everything in between. I think North America needs to look at the Europeans for ideas of half-time shows. I just might be interested in sports... maybe.
When I hear this song, I am reminded of this one. I think the concept is similar, whereas this one leaves you in mystery. The original is fine on its own, but I think that a duet makes it sound more serious...

There is this tension between the two, and it seems to go nowhere. If only one would admit, then something can happen. And the rhythm puts me in a spell - simplicity at its best. Such a strange turn for Furtado, but it shows that she can master just about anything. Give thanks to radio, for they showed me this!

Song 644: Beyoncé Knowles - 1 + 1

The sexiest video from Beyoncé! When I saw it, I was hypnotized, my mouth dropped to the ground, and I'm pretty sure there was a pool of drool falling out.

I love the melody, it's so nostalgic and such an 'in the mood' kind of song. Though the lyrics are a bit iffy (that ain't algebra my dear), but that isn't a concern. Hearing her sing is like a dream, like you are lost in a fantasy that hopefully comes true soon. OK, not everyone can have her, but one day we'll find our own Beyoncé and then they can sing this to you - with special effects d":

Song 645: k-os - FlyPaper

What a cool-sounding song from k-os, I really wish this was single! It's like another song that will soon appear on this list - consider this as part two in sound.

The introduction is my favourite, it's an ad that describes the song: catchy and pop. I don't really understand the lyrics, but I think it's about one's perspective on meeting new people. It makes you think if we are afraid of contact with another in a world full of social media and other related devices. Oh k-os, I hope you make more like this, I really like this era!

Before going to the club, a friend suggested to play some songs to get everyone pumped up. So she played this song... they also played this in the club the same night! Soon enough, I became addicted, I even covered it!

What's there to not love this song? Classic beats of Guetta, the promiscuity of Rida, and the insanity of Minaj; yeah, it's one good track! And the 'day day day' part never gets old, I think I'll still be OK if I heard it all day... no pun intended

Song 647: Darren Hayes - On The Verge Of Something Wonderful

I think this is the first song I heard from his solo career, and let me tell you, I was impressed. There is this 80s sound to it, and his voice is timeless.

When you think of something brilliant, do you ever wonder how you got to it? With Hayes, there are a ton of images that he paints... and then there is one that everyone experiences. The world may be painful, but it may lead you to possibly the best thing in your life. Go Hayes and your intelligence! Keep on doing your strut!

Feeling a little low these days? Need to take some stress off? Then I have a remedy for you: this song!

He knows how to make a good dance track, and I think people have been following his style in recently. The beat is like a ticking time-bomb and boom! The chorus comes in, and it gets you acting in a behaviour you never thought you would see yourself. But that's what the club is for: to forget everything and maybe get some... really good drinks that cost a lot! Who cares, especially when you're having a good time!

Miss Johnson, to where have you gone? There were some gems off this album, even though I didn't really follow the show.

I know I've said this many times before, but this is me at the moment: why won't thoughts of me and my crush won't leave my head? It drives me crazy, and makes me want to do crazy things in life... but I don't want to ruin anything between the two. Stuck in a rut...

Who would have thought that sampling the national anthem and turning it into a hip hop song would lead to this amazing piece? Classified did, and he should earn a medal for it!

It's rather education when you listen to the lyrics: a lot was invented here, we love beavers, and some of the best people are are Canadian! Honestly, aren't you proud to be one. For those who aren't, don't you wish you were? They really have to play Classified on the radio... Or make this the national anthem?

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