Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Have You Ever: Songs 661 to 670

Might be a dark path right now, but it will all lead towards a bright end. Be hopeful.

Song #669: What do I gotta say to get to your heart...

Song 661: SWV - Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix)

If this song is sampled, I will love it no matter what. Unfortunately, the original isn't part of this list - big mistake.

So I found out my crush has someone... sigh, got to keep on moving. Though I could forget about the verses at the moment, I can hold on the chorus: Love will be right here. No matter what is happening, know that someone is there by your side. I may be in misery at the moment, but I'll get back on my feet. Old R&B, they know how to cheer me up through anything.

Song 662: Monica - Angel Of Mine

Onto more R&B - it just keeps getting better! I love this song, it's so sweet and I'm pretty sure I knew all the lyrics when I was young.

The beat is divine, and her voice is powerful. She found a love that taught her to grow and give it her all in anything that she does. For that, she thanks them. It's great to know that she has someone who she can rely on all the time. What a wonderful message. Truly, the 90s knew how to make fantastic music. Why can't it come back, seriously?

Song 663: Kyprios - Never Say Goodbye

He was part of a band, but I'm not really sure which one... Anyways, this is about his song. I heard it on the radio, and I like what it stands for!

Don't be sad, because he will never leave the ones he loves. There may be times where you might not see someone for a long time, but you know that they will come back. So instead of crying about it, make a toast and plan for the future, because they will return. The beat has a street-vibe, and his voice is so raspy - love every second it.

Song 664: Burl Ives - On The Front Porch

The old fashioned days of playing music on a part of the house that I've never had - so fun and folky. What better way to end a perfect day by laying on the front of the house, singing a song that everyone can join.

It's cute, with the atmosphere created and the perfect setting to go in for the kill: a kiss. Although I'm enjoying the spring time, I sure can't wait for summer to come. Who knows, maybe by then I'll find my lover where we can share this moment that seems so... wonderful. I hope Disney will reminisce on this.

Song 665: Prozzäk - Be As

My favourite song from them, so much positivity in this! You are who you are, and you shouldn't be afraid to promote that. They're saying that you might be in a time where life can be confusing, but when you settle down, I know that it will be rewarding. Know that you're not alone, and together we stand. Love this song, every second of it. I sure do miss my cartoon artists! Here is a sample of it in my mix. Enjoy!

Song 666: Tony Jay & Tom Hulce - Out There

When I first heard the song, I was like wow, this is depressing. But then slowly the optimism comes in and poof! The magic is there!

This is one of the most interesting films Disney has ever made, because it's such a dark story and the ending is rather truthful. The Priest abandons Quasi from the outside world, but he wants is to experience it himself. It's the iconic scene where he climbs the church and sings his heart out. He has one amazing voice, why lock him up? Let the beauty shine within!

Song 667: Shawn Desman - Shook

This is the original edit of the song, which I thought was a remix... But not to worry, the other version will come eventually. It's strange how I still know all the lyrics to this song, even though it's like 8 years old.

He's telling us a story, and it's all about this one girl that caught his eye. It might be destiny or he just knows where to find this girl. Either way, he's gone nuts for her, and all he can think of is her all the time. Sounds familiar? Meh, it's still one fun song. He is one good storyteller, I'll tell you that.

Song 668: Rihanna - Disturbia

Shrieky! The video is scary, I did not expect that from her. The only thing I think is funny is the 'workout' segment after the first time she sings the chorus. She re-released my favourite album, and it just got even better. It's the perfect Halloween-themed song, because the sound itself is enough to wake the living dead. You may never know what goes crawling in the dark - the question is, do you want to know? Curiosity leads you to strange occurrences. Let the darkness rise from the ground and invade your soul! Or at least for three minutes d":

Song 669: Brandy - Have You Ever

What other song to come up to describe today? I'msure we've all been there, and only one song can bring up my sorrows.

This is one of my all-time favourite songs. Even when you're not experience the moment, you can play this song and it will ease your nerves down. I call this the perfect prom song, even though the message might not fit the theme. She gives time to develop something compelling that gets to you, and you start to wonder why you do this to yourself. Time heals everything.

And now for a fun song! The S Club know what's going on, they brighten up my spirits anytime.

Sure, I may have yet to find the one, but I'm just waiting for them to come into my arms. It's nice to hear one of the boys taking the lead and turning up the sizzle in this track! It's meant for bright, sunshiny days, or whatever they're doing in the video - it looks like fun for sure. No need to be sad, especially when they're coming back!

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