Friday, March 9, 2012

Hollywood: Songs 481 to 490

Whether it's simple or dramatic, production is key in this playlist - an interesting list.

Song #489: Keep on loving what is true and the world will come to you, you can find it in yourself...

Song 481: Hanson - MMMBop

Kindergarden days! This song just makes me so happy, even though I do not know what it's about. Does anyone actually?

I remember singing to this, it was fun to ad-lib with them. This was the first time I heard of a sibling band, and I thought that was so cool (I hope one day all my cousins will form a band!) When the blues come, just play this song and all your troubles are melt away. Look at how small they were - now they're tall with a new style. Nonsense lyrics for the win!

Song 482: Ne-Yo ft Peedi Peedi - Stay

My brother was obsessed with this video so much, he kept dreaming about making videos himself with his friends... that never happened.

But this is such an awesome song, I wonder why they never played it on the radio. You can't not dance to this song, it's well made and Ne-Yo never sounded so happy before. It's nice to hear such an up-beat tune from the usual dramatic, sad artist. Add an unknown rapper, and it's even better. Love should feel like this... I think. When I get to it, I'll let you know how it's like.

Song 483: Kaskade - Move For Me

I never realized how old this song is, they still play this on the radio!

It's one of the few house songs that gain attention; is it because the DJ has gone mainstream? I doubt it, must be that people are getting better taste in music. The rhythm is mesmerizing, and it brings me to a place not of a dance floor, but rather an unknown place. Me thinks the DJs need more attention, so that I am introduced into a whole new atmosphere I have yet to experience. I've taken a dip... now for the plunge.

Song 484: Rihanna - Take A Bow

When she sings slow ballads, I tend to be on the fence. With this one, I'm going to say that it's alright.

I like the concept of the song, how an unfaithful lover comes back to her, but she sees through their lies and endless lying. All she can say is 'bravo.' The piano part is pretty, it's repetitive but it doesn't get in the way. Another song I don't listen to all the time, it needs to be taken moderately. I mean, how many people get their hearts broken in order to hear this?

Song 485: Judy Kuhn - Just Around The Riverbend

The creators of this movie compared it to West Side Story - I haven't seen the 1961 film. But if the songs are better than this, I'll be impressed.

It's Pocahontas on a journey, searching for something out there... isn't that what every princess wants? But her song is the best. She is fearless, and never afraid of what will come. She has to decide whether to follow her dreams or explore a different universe she didn't expect. Full of options, how does a girl decide? With her heart, of course.

Song 486: Mariah Carey - O.O.C.

What does it stand for? Well, I guess you'll be having to take a listen.

A bit sexy, with a simple background beat - sounds like Mariah. She can sing to anything, and it will always sound good. I like how she adds some French lingo, has some random DJs shouting, and uses her raspy voice. I bet that she can make any word appealing with that voice of hers... I'll be expecting a song with swear words in the future that I don't shutter to. A lazy summer song with a theme to fit it.

Song 487: Rihanna - Shut Up & Drive

Two Rihanna songs?! This one is better for sure!

When I first heard this, I knew I loved it. She fits the theme so well, and the music video is full of eye candy. When Rihanna says that she's gone bad, it's quite literal. The lyrics are rather dirty, all sung to a nascar-esque rhythm that will rev up your engines. Maybe that's why everyone wants to drive fast cars: for all the innuendos. Saw this in concert, she had a pink car & her performance was full of energy. I'll do what she says, just take me already!

Song 488: Palmy - Ooh!

Thai music has quality to it. I don't know what she sings, but I can still do karaoke to them (their albums are so neat!)

I feel instantly happy when I hear this, she has a natural vibe that eases your tension. The beat reminds me of 90s rock, where it wasn't too loud nor too extreme; just wonderful sounds. I want to start dancing in an old-fashioned way, or grab my crush and move with them right next to me. I think that's what's missing in today's music. I need a song like this... In English, so I can sing along too!

Song 489: Michael Bublé - Hollywood

I love it when he releases his original music, it shows his real talent.

Of all the releases, this is the BEST! It's a friendly reminder that the famous life isn't what it seems to be. And to top it off, it's put in a wonderful ensemble with guitars, drums, chorus girls, the whole shebang! Though I don't want to give up on my dreams anytime soon, I'll have to refer for days when I get over my head. If Bublé was there to convince me on just about anything, I'll be agreeing all day long. Go Canada d":

It's fast-paced, even for Thomas himself. After hearing it, I was intrigued. Not like any of his pieces, and it feels uncomfortable... it fits the subject pretty well.

What is it about this song? I kind of want to forget it, but it won't escape my mind. I like his voice and all, but it's probably the message is something I want to avoid. I will admit that I enjoy the added vocals of others, I wonder who they are. Do broken hearts feel like this? Full of suspense, you don't know what is real anymore? Maybe that's why it's on this list, it's so weird that I get use to it. Time to take another listen.

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