Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Don't Need A Man: Songs 601 to 610

Fond memories that are unique and nostalgic at the same time... excellent.

Song #609: I want a love that's for real, and without that - no deal...

Song 601: Earth, Wind & Fire - September

I first heard this in a commercial... I knew it was love.

Who doesn't love this month? There is colour all around, new beginnings arise, and a lot of excitement is in the air. For those who don't love it, perhaps you need this number: it's freaking amazing! Part disco, part funky, and a whole lot of dancing that needs to come out of you - or modelling clothes at least d": But it's true what they say: everyday is perfect, the lovin' is fresh, and there's nothing that can ruin it - not even school. Add some falsettos, and wow! I'm awake!

Song 602: Tim Armstrong ft Skye Sweetnam - Into Action

Pretty sure I found this on a blog, or something like that. But I'm glad I did, because then I wouldn't be introduced to such a fun genre.

I'm not really sure what Ska is, but I think it involves a lot of trumpets and horns, and that I'm OK with. It sounds kind of retro this tune, and the way he sings is very joyful - kind of want to imitate it. I was surprised when I heard it in this movie, but it makes sense to me: It's a fun song that everyone can enjoy. How can anything go wrong? The world needs more Ska!

He is a local artist, and I love everything that he makes! At first, I didn't understand the chorus... I thought he was saying one word? Oh well, he knows how to make one awesome tune.

In this moment, he doesn't want to lose the energy that's got him so high, especially with this partner of his. He wants to keep on jumping until an earthquake starts from it - but not literally, that'd be terrible. It's a good song to let loose and get that freak on! Oh yeah!

Song 604: Josie & The Pussycats - Pretend To Be Nice

I was once obsessed with this film... and I think it's good! It came out at the right time, and it features all of your favourite teen stars of the 90s... what can possibly go wrong?

So it's exaggerated, but it's awesomely cute :"3 It doesn't really resemble the series, but they had to modernize it somehow. This is one of the few movies where I like every song! Can't help it, it's cheesy pop. This is my favourite, because it's all about young love and how it's tough and stuff... ah, pop music.

When I heard this, the chorus sounded so familiar... I'll tell you which song when it comes up. Who are they, I'm not sure, other than they have their own show. There's a girl I know who love them so much, she sent them a fan book. I wish I made a fan book for my favourite artist.

At first, I couldn't stand this song... then it grew on me. It's a bit lazy in the production, but how can you resist four boys saying how the beat is hopping when you are around? I think your heart might melt a little.

Song 606: Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day

This is such a beautiful song, I really don't understand how she didn't surpass her first hit. It's about this adventure she goes along with this boy, living in this moment. She's starting to feel new emotions, and for the first time she feels alive... but it all seems to be too good.

Once again, this shows how pianos and violins can make a song much better. It's like I'm on such an incredible journey all to find out... well, you just have to listen and experience the moment yourself.

My brother goes through phases when it comes to music. One time it will be angry Rap music, the next it's all about Korean pop. So one time, he has his Japanese phase, and I must say that I enjoyed some of his selections, especially this one!

Her voice is so sweet, and I really wish I knew what she was singing about. From a translation I read, it's about how badly she wants to be with her interest... Hey, that sounds like me! It's true her emotions, and wishes that someday they'll feel the same too. I hope that happens to me soon.

Who knew that the wild can be so... tamed? From such a fun film comes a Military-themed song, and who to better do it than elephants?

Be honest, you did the march as a kid, because I know I did! There is a lot going on this song, with the flutes and the choirs and the little one that wants to be part of the crew - it's fun! Disney can make just about anything fun, it's amazing what they can do. The world can follow these elephants' examples.

Female empowerment! This is my favourite song of theirs, and it's the first time they released a song without someone featured in it d":

I like what it stands for, how they're an individual and free, not restricted to someone else. The beat is what I love, it gives that samba kind of vibe and it's very lively. And the video, oh my! Very girly, but also tempting. May the strong and independent woman live on - even after marriage!

Enforcing the idea of a strong woman comes a song about... a woman's body. Hey, if you got it, might as well flaunt it.

Whether you liked it or not, there was no escaping this song. Give thanks to woman for all they have, it can really drive a man (and some women) wild some times. With the heavy breathing and simplicity of the beat, it feels like you're under a spell. And if there are those willing to spend that cash because of your given curves, would you be complaining? Not one bit.

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