Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It Will Rain: Songs 461 to 470

No chance of raining this day, but a lot of imagination going around in these songs!

Song #466: I'll pick up these broken pieces 'til I'm bleeding if that'll make it right...

Song 461: Vampire Weekend - Cousins

I like the title, I like the video... I just like it a lot!

Don't know where they cam from, but their album went to #1 on the billboard - they must be good. When I first saw it, I felt dizzy, but most of it, I thought it was so cool. I want a machine like that, long as I don't vomit after riding it. Who don't love their cousins? Extended families rock. And if you can have a party with them and your friends, then it's all good. Imagine when we're all grown up and we go clubbing... ah, that will be the day.

Song 462: Fiona - It Doesn't Matter

This is the only song I can't find a link to - I think she doesn't like the limelight anymore.

She's family! I was surprised when I saw this album, my parents said she's related to us - so I have to take a listen. It's not really my type of music, but I really like this track. It's very melodic and it tells a beautiful story about this girl who has lost her faith. But if you take out the negativity and never give up in what you believe, you will become a better person and learn to love yourself. Great message from family.

Seriously, there is a need of more Disney films like these. This is such a fun film, what happened to them? It seems that the jungle is where the good music comes from.

It's a fun song, and what a wonderful message to say that you inspire someone to be like them. And when a monkey sings it, it's even better. Let's go and explore the wild, I'm pretty sure there are others songs to be heard from the distant land. Maybe I need to be lost in the amazons and feel the vibe from them animals.

Here we go, another film I haven't seen but the music is what I love.

Though I don't know what Sean Paul says, I love the chorus - it must fit in with the film real nicely. The beat is so awesome, it's dramatic and full of dancing energy. I think this is a real love song, because the actors in the film are now married. Ah, music and dancing are wonderful powers.

Song 465: Cobra Starship ft Leighton Meester - Good Girls Go Bad

Lately, I've been wanting to listen to this song... often. I'm not sure what it is, but it's got a spell on me.

The collaboration is unexpected, I didn't see this one coming. The rhythm grabs my attention, and the lyrics make me want to be the boy that makes the ladies untamed. One night couldn't hurt, we can pretend it didn't even happen. After all, good girls will play it off and turn back into a pumpkin when daylight comes... or something like that. What's really strange? The song turns out both naughty and nice. That's cool.

Song 466: Bruno Mars - It Will Rain

I don't know how this song fits in with the film, but I found it strange when I heard this what happening. Didn't see this coming.

Took a listen, and instantly hated it. But then my crush started singing this song - funny how thoughts change. I will sing this to my siblings and tease them with it, it's funny. When I hear it, I belt it out real loud cause you can't resist. Bruno Mars is just loveable and creates some of the best songs. Yes, they might get to you, but eventually you have to give in.

Song 467: Pussycat Dolls - Buttons (Dave Aude Fly Edit)

The girl group that brought a whole new style in music. Well, not exactly, but they did dress up revealingly.

The original has this exotic vibe, but a tad too slow for my taste. Increase the tempo, amp up the beat, and now it's looking like my kind of song! The flailing sounds in the chorus is my favourite, and intensifies the attitude. I really enjoy that you can dance to this anyway. Go slow and steady or with a shot of adrenaline, and try turn away from a very nice scene.

Song 468: Maroon 5 - Secret (Premier 5 Remix)

This is an intriguing song. I only have the remix, but it's all DJ scratching. Kind of compliments the message.

I first heard this in yet another film, and the scene it surrounds definitely fits the theme. We have have things about us that we keep from everyone else; but sometimes, we share them with an intimate someone. Do you give in to your temptations, or turn them away? It might feel uncomfortable at first, but there is only one way to find out. We all want to find the outcome... just risk it all.

Song 469: Alicia Keys - No One

She is a timeless artist, Keys will release a hit once in a while & it always comes as a hit. Good thing we all know what good music is.

Whenever she sings a love song, it feels so powerful and her emotions are pure. She knows that this is real, and there is nothing that will tear them apart. I do wish the piano was louder, it seems that the drums overpower the rhythm - but that just means you can dance to the song too! And when you're in love, I'm pretty sure you do silly things.

Song 470: BoA vs Lady Gaga - (Don't Call) My Name

Neither of these songs are on the list on their own. But together, it's incredible. I didn't think it would work at first, but DJ Masa made me think twice.

Putting two pop stars head to head, and it creates a dance hit. I don't know what BoA says, but their voices clash wonderfully together. If they ever make a hit, I think the video would be so weird - I hope this happens one day! Till that day comes, I'll be listening to this tune.

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