Sunday, March 4, 2012

Larger Than Life: Songs 431 to 440

You may be dancing, cause of the weather (or under it), or cause of silliness. But dance simply because you enjoy it!

Song #434: Looking at the crowd, and I see your body swing, come on...

Song 431: Brandy - Right Here (Departed)

I love the message in the song, and the beat is dynamic. Brandy never has a bad hit, she's just underrated. Maybe this was during the time of her brother's incident, she had to pay the price as well.

But there is no denying that she is talented. Here is a wonderful tune about when the hard times come, know that someone is there to help you along the way. And I really like the video, I think it's different where she plays the guardian for others. If there is a song I'd like to learn on piano, it would have to be this - love it.

Song 432: Lights - My Boots

Does winter ever come to an end? Where I live, I just don't know. The sun might come up, but it don't mean it's warm outside.

Cue in Lights, and you have an anthem for a season that stays for half of the year. She makes mother nature sound like an ecstatic person who takes on the adventure... and we're here to experience it. Whether you enjoy the cold or not, there is a tune that can get you in the groove. Valerie is rather artistic, isn't she?

Song 433: Taio Cruz ft Flo Rida - Hangover

I think this song was released too late. It's such a summer song, but I heard this when school was about to start! Don't want to admit it, but I think this has to be my favourite song of his.

How is it possible that you don't feel good, but all you want to do is keep on partying? It's weird, cause songs that talk about this is always about regret - not with Taio. It's fun to sing, and everyone should try this at least once. This is my ideal birthday party, but we'll see what happens to me when that day comes closer.

Song 434: Backstreet Boys - Larger Than Life

This video is so epic! I love it to bits, especially when Nick Carter is a robot - I have a thing for the colour yellow d":

But they were smart with their theme: a new millennium in space. This one is for the fans, thanking them for their success - who doesn't think that's awesome? Maybe that's why they don't disappear, they know we keep wanting them. They are the best boy group in history. Boy bands are a different topic...

Song 435: Love Händel - You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart

Phineas and Ferb can invade my phone, and I wouldn't mind that. Who keeps writing the songs? I want to pen some for them, they're so good!

Love this song, it has an 80s thing going on, and who wouldn't fall in love with it? Don't forget the cheesy lines, that makes everything more adorable. And to add a singalong part at the end? Genius! May the songs keep flowing from this show!

Song 436: Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor

The man behind this group also made this song, but this group outlasted the other? Don't know why they didn't keep their first name?

But this song conquered the radio stations, and I never got bored of it. There is this circus-esqe sound coming from it, and it suits what to expect when you freak out on the floor. I guess she literally means the message in the video, cause she's sitting for most of it. Darn dance songs with opposing lyrics, they make me want to break the rules.

Song 437: Tamia ft Talib Kweli - Officially Missing You (Remix)

Nothing wrong with the original, but this version is what I grew up to...without the swear words, of course.

Her voice is so lovely, I don't know how she didn't succeed pass her two singles. Don't you hate that, when you find that the one you let get away is the one you can't stop thinking about? Why does that happen, and why do you do stupid things to get over it? Who knows, but this tune can help you heal a little bit. It's both happy and sad, love the guitar and the plain drum beat. I'm missing me some Tamia these days.

Song 438: Vanessa Hudgens - Come Back To Me (Bimbo Jones Radio Mix)

I really do like her, and she's really pretty! She was the envy of every girl in High School Musical (love that movie!)

So she tried out a solo career...and every other cast member. BUT, I think she had the most success. This song is pop mixed with hip hop, and it's cute. Kind of like a different approach to the previous song, in a teenage way. Why the remix? Much faster, and has the energy. I think her songs need to be uptempo, they seem kind of sluggish. Nice lyrics, better beat.

I honestly don't know how I got this version. I was probably obsessed with them in my pre-teen days, and didn't pay attention to the original.

When a younger group covers an oldie, it can go two ways - this one goes the right direction. Michael takes the lead, with his expressive behaviour and full of glee all due to one love. They take their dramatic pauses, their long notes, and made the piece their own. The beat is groovy, and brings a different meaning someway. Kind of like puppy love - but might be more.

I wish I saw her live in concert. When I saw this on TV, I was floored! I do find it strange that she doesn't sound like the album, but she's amazing.

Isn't this song rather... violent? Why would anyone want to collide on purpose? Then when I listen to it again, I think of other story lines... not getting into it. I love the beat, though I think I'm on an airplane rather than a car. Either way, I'm taking this ride and boy is it wild. It is dangerous, and all I want to do is back it up and put my hands up. Don't know where she's taking me, but pretty sure it's going to be fun! So close from being a single... oh well, she'll make more.

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