Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let Me Know: Songs 471 to 480

The world is full of love songs, with the occasional stab at the heart. Hey, not every love song is positive.

Song #477: And I've got to get to know you, 'cause the feeling's getting oh-so-strong...

Song 471: Kevin Rudolf - Welcome To The World

The one thing that I don't understand are the lyrics, because he talks about a girl who hits rock bottom... but it's such a happy song? Yes, these are the days of my graduating year.

But I really like this song (they kept playing it on the party bus I was on). It's part of the beat, and also the chorus that I enjoy - it's just strange that I find it pleasing in such misery. With this song, I picture myself walking a straight line, not knowing where it will lead me, awaiting for reality to hit me. Waiting for it.

Song 472: Hilary Duff - Play With Fire (Rock Mix)

This song had no promotion whatsoever, but I think it's one of her best.

The original is OK, but the remix brings it to life. Who would ever break Hilary's heart? The one who did now wants her back - too bad, she's gotten wiser. Maybe in another lifetime, but for now they can deal with the regrets they've made. And what's the cherry on top? The new love of her life. Nothing says burn like being in a relationship and your ex comes crawling back. Nicely done Miss Duff.

Song 473: Lenka - Don't Let Me Fall

It took one song for the world to fall in love with her - and who wouldn't? She is just adorable :"3

She is from Australia, and I must say they shouldn't hog their talent to themselves. This is my favourite track of hers, it's so cute and this song is dedicated to her lover. My heart is about to burst from all of the beautiful images I hear, and she makes romance sound so simple. Ah, these are the things I would do with my crush. Until then, I'll be moving side to side and chanting along, waiting for that day to come.

Song 474: Peggy Lee - Siamese Cat Song

Well, if it isn't the twins from the beloved film. I can't remember their scene other than wanting to eat the goldfish. I don't think I've seen this movie, but my cousin says I have. I do remember seeing this in singalongs!

They're Chinese? I guess so, not a cat expert here. This is deceiving, but you can't hate them. Without the sneaky pets, there wouldn't be any story. They are portrayed so that you hate them, but gotta thank them for bringing the two lovebirds together... yeah, sure.

Song 475: Drake - Find Your Love

When I first heard his singing voice, I thought that was someone else. I am certainly impressed with his vocals, they're unexpected.

It's kind of like a forbidden love where he is determined that it will work out. Great drumbeat, and the slow addition of the instruments builds the tension which I think symbolizes the strength of his love. Personally, I think he should do more singing, it's rather sexy and I would pay more attention if he did. Rapping is fine, but this was a surprise. Canadians are talented.

A little bit funky, and a whole lot of sexy. This was an amazing era from Justin, he had all the right moves. But he's taking a break :"C

This is all about the rhythm. Lately, I've noticed that the background beat is part him, and it's kind of out of tune? But it's nice, and this girl that got him hypnotized is wiser than he thinks. So if everyone knows, why not make a move? Maybe he ain't too proud to beg - after all, he is a big shot. When he comes back, hope it sounds like this.

Song 477: Jake - Let Me Know

This was on Planet Pop - but I never listened to it. So when I put on shuffle on my mp3 player, this popped up... and everything changed.

Forget about every song that describes my situation, THIS one puts it down to every detail. The lyrics knows how I feel towards my crush, and how it drives me crazy. If they only knew, then maybe the craziness would escape me. It's freaky how twelve years later, this song would be relevant to my life. Yay for cheesy love pop songs, they get me :"D

Song 478: Aleesia - Life Of The Party

I first saw the music video - it's colourful! But the way she dresses at that social gathering: I understand you're making a point, but why so vivid?

There's no denying that this song is fun! It's bubblegum pop with a twist of current beats, and I'm just a sucker for that. Yeah, another dance track, but the story is always different. They enter the room, and they don't care who's looking; they're having the time of their life! If I had friends that dressed like them, there'd always be a party.

Song 479: Lillix - It's About Time

They watched the HitList; that's where I found them!

The Canadians keep rolling, and this one is a goodie. I don't know what it's about girl rock bands, but there is more depth to their songs. It's so catchy, and they're not sure if they're in love or not. Typical girl dilemma, but what makes this stand out is how that it's not too dramatic nor silly. It's said out straight and, frankly, I think this is how some songs should tell it how it is. They're like the earlier version of Avril Lavigne, but I think they're better... just a little bit.

Part of her 'Greatest Hits' album, and the video is fun.

All she wants to do is party, and forget about what people have to say. To let go of everything, she needs a club and dance it all away. She knows she's not perfect, but she takes everything one step at a time. And isn't that what we do in life? We learn and handle everything with care. The song is rather slow, but hey, they're still partying things up! And with Hilary Duff, I'm pretty sure it's hard not to. Be true to yourself, and you'll be happy. Deep down, you know who you are.

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