Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lovin' Each Day: Songs 591 to 600

Sometimes you may not understand a song... but that's OK, just enjoy it C";

Song #593: There's nothing that can stop us anyway...

Song 591: Dana Dawson - Have A Nice Life

One day, I caught the ending of a Lizzie McGuire episode, and this song started to play. Don't know what happened in the episode, but must say that it's a good track to dance along to!

There is a disco vibe to it, and though it's a bit sad to play during a prom, you can't help but groove to the beat. If things aren't working out, then you just wish them the best a move along. She makes it sound so easy, but it never really is when breaking up... at least, that's what I see in the movies.

Song 592: Kristina Maria - Let's Play

At first, I didn't like this song at all... then it grew on me.

It's so dirty, and the video makes you think of all the wrong things. However, when there is nothing else playing on the radio, you go with songs like this. She is talented, though her voice never sounds the same in her other tracks. The point is clear, and she's got a lot of energy to partake in games and all kinds of sorts. I can't think of a game where no one loses, other than the game I'm playing. Hope she doesn't stick to this theme, I can't stand that I enjoy this >.<"

He was the odd one out when watching the HitList, just didn't pay much attention. But then, a few years later, a little movie came out which featured another song of his, and I had to download other songs...

It has the sweetest message, he needs his lover and every moment separated from them makes him weak. That isn't pathetic, it's just honest (I'm pretty sure those couples out there feel the same too!) Happy and up-tempo, he's found the one. Hope I can tell my crush that someday too :"D

Song 594: Christina Aguilera - Fighter

Great song, but such an abstract video. It's the transformation of a butterfly - makes sense, but what?!

The introduction is soft and gentle, leading amped-up guitars and heavy drums that gets the adrenaline going. Sometimes, it's the person that you hate that makes you a better person because they've taught you a valuable lesson. Powerful message and voice, love the darker side of Christina going on here.

Song 595: S Club 7 - You

Happy, sunshine day! That's what the track's about!

It's so cute and it brings a lot of pleasant thoughts in my head. Everything seemed to be going wrong until one person came into their life. Now, it's all good and this one person brings out the best in them - they just wanted you to know. The video best describes it: sometimes, you feel unappreciated; but all in all, they adore you. If that isn't admiration and affection, then I don't know what is. S Club 7 knows how to make me smile.

Song 596: Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets

My brother found out this band, and I must say that it's nice.

The title track to their album, and it's pleasant to hear. The message is rather lonely, but the emotion is grasped very nicely. She gave her hear to someone, and all she is left is with silence in return. There is confusion in her head, and it's not making any sense... Does that sound familiar? It's like high school days with a mature sound. Who knew that a few years later, it's still refreshing to hear.

Song 597: Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

With a perfect album comes a fantasy-esque song.

When you're in love, it feels like high school days where you and your lover can do just about anything, without a single care in the world. The introduction gets me excited, the simplicity of the sound that leads into an epic chorus is enough to get me in a daze. The things they do together are so cute from making a blanket tent and experiencing a sacred moment. If I were to have a make-out song, I think this would be it. Me and my crush... my imagination drives me crazy.

Song 598: Snow - The Plumb Song

Can you believe it's the same person who sang this and this? More emphasis on the second 'this.' Certainly from my sister's generation.

I really don't know what this song is about! I think it's about dreams and wanting more to life, but in a positive way. Though I may not understand it, the rhythm is simple, and it keeps repeating - love it! And only he can sing la la la constantly without making it dull; I think that's the best part. Such a good song, even though I don't know what's going on.

Leona Lewis released this song, but I love Avril's version.

I don't know why she released this herself, because this is a soft side of her that you don't see much often. It's nice to see a little twist from her, it shows her real talent. With Avril, I feel more raw emotions in the song and a sense in honesty in what she says. Pianos, violins, dramatic ending, it's got everything. Might be a little cheesy, but I can't resist a song when there are elements that make me ooze happiness. Go Lavigne!

Song 600: Julie Andrews - Feed The Birds (Tuppence A Bag)

This is one interesting lullaby. In Mary Poppins, she sings a song to the children about the beggar woman who sits on the stairs giving her friends company.

She has not a lot to say, however her actions are kind and generous. Standing before a church, the apostles are smiling upon her. If there was a song that makes me want to actually deliver food to birds, this would be it. Love everything about this film, why would I not?

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