Monday, March 26, 2012

Money (Part 1): Songs 651 to 660

Powerful attitudes that show you what it's all about... can I get a holla?!

Song #652: Too many trying to get down while we trying to get up...

Song 651: Janet Jackson - Lonely

I thought this song was this song - they are from different eras. But any who, let's talk about it! It's very sensual and has an exotic vibe coming from it - oh wow, who knew Janet was like this before?

When you listen to the lyrics, it gives off a different story. It's key to hear what she's singing, or you get the wrong message (like me at first!) Call on her when you need a friend or to rely on someone. This is like me, except I can't say it to my crush... stupid fears, Janet needs to teach me a lesson in this field.

Song 652: Jelleestone - Money (Part 1)

Now this is more like it! This has to be one of the best songs from my childhood - I would just crank this up when the radio would play it.

With one banging beat, there is no denying that this is one addicting track. And the message makes you think whether your wealth can give you satisfaction. Sure, it's not pure joy, but you can get everything else with a price tag. And with that kind of motto, would you be arguing? Isn't that why we're going to school? JK.

Song 653: Demi Lovato - Skyscraper

I love Demi Lovato, she is one of the most talented stars from the Disney Channel. After the dark phase of her life, she got right back up and created one spectacular song.

It's just her and the melody, belting her heart out like there is no tomorrow. Go ahead and break her down, because she will rise above everything else. In a world full of electronic sounds and stuff, this is truly pleasant to hear. It's wonderful to hear that she is doing alright, and hope that she will makes more songs like this!

Song 654: The All-American Rejects - Gives You H*ll

They aren't rejects at all - they are superstars! Give them any topic, and they make it into a summer hit - remember this song?

So someone has broken their heart, what are they suppose to do? Well, now that they're a rock band and famous, they'll make a song out of it! It's payback to the backstabber - and what's worse is that they're probably going to sing to this. When you have so much power, I'm pretty sure this is utter sweet justice. Rise for the anthem, and shudder off those losers!

Song 655: Emily Osment - Lovesick

And here we have another Disney Channel Star! I can't help it, her songs are catchy! Sure, there is auto tune in this, but I think it fits with the theme that's she's going with - I'm going to call it robot-chic.

It's part nerdy, part electronic, and it comes out rather... poppy. The production is fun in this track, and it brings me off the seat to move like crazy. Her video for the song is very vivid, full of glow sticks and whatnot. Nothing like what other Disney Channel Stars have made, it's a surprising experiment with sound.

Song 656: Fefe Dobson - Take Me Away

I wasn't a fan of her first song, but I really liked this one! There is a lot going on with the sound, and the guitar strum in the bridge always gets to me!

It's about a love that they want no one to find about, and all she wants is to be with this person. Sometimes, the easiest solution seems to be running away so that they will be happy together. Yeah, it's dramatic teen music; you may not want to do what she says, but it's a good song to bang your head on the wall and relieve any stress from your life.

Song 657: Rihanna - Say It

Once again, my favourite album of hers! But I mustn't have paid attention to this track long time ago. When I heard it in the shower, I knew this was my jam! It's about me and my crush... the things I wish that would happen already! Enough about me.

In comes this little cute song about love and all the ickiness, it's pleasant to hear a twist from the other songs from the album. This is the type of song you listen to when the sun is up, wear short-shorts, and take a stroll in the park. An easy-kind of love.

Song 658: Janet Jackson - So Much Betta

There is that high-pitched voice in the beginning... I'm kind of a sucker for that.

My cousin has a work-out before her dance lessons, and this song was used for the abs portion. I'll say it was one motivating song, but the pain was left behind. This song was stuck in my head, and the simplicity and grungy sound of this track actually works with Janet. Two different sounds on the list, but 100% sexy in their own right. Oh Miss Jackson, please come back and show the world what's missing these days.

Song 659: Hiro - The Natural Playboy

I never knew that my sister liked this game - I found the soundtrack in her room! There have been other songs from the game, but I think this one is... cocky?

Although he is a smoker and does things that I wouldn't imagine myself, he certainly has the moves. Oh yeah, I could take a lesson from a fictional character d": He's confident and knows all the right moves, who wouldn't want to be him?

Another track from my sister... She's got some awesome taste in music!

I don't really know who this artist is, but she did make one sweet song that screams 90s! The subject is still relevant these days, and I must say that it's so sweet. With her sensual voice, it's like she knows what's true and only that matters. If other people can't see it, then don't pay attention to them. And the melody gives me the shivers - so calm and soothing, you can't get tired of it. She wants to do it right... I think she is.

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