Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mr. Brightside: Songs 501 to 510

This list if full of memories of my childhood & teen years - no combination beats that C":

Song #508: Gotta gotta be down, because I want it all...

Song 501: Angela Via - Catch Me If You Can

Who went to watch this movie in theatres? Who was there for the free card that came with it? I saw this twice - once, I was first in line waiting.

I remember there was a little short in the beginning, and it was so cute. Of all the songs on this soundtrack, this one makes sense. Though I think of this more as a relationship than catching pocket monsters, it does mention the show's title enough to remind you what to do. Sure, there were more movies and cards to collect, but none compared to this.

Song 502: Lumidee ft Tony Sunshine - She's Like The Wind

I didn't know this was a cover for the longest time - I haven't seen the film!

Can you believe this is the same girl who sang this song? I like her rendition, it's not as serious to the original, but more of a street vibe. The singer has a wonderful voice, and hits all the right notes. What I do enjoy is her addition to the song, the raps suits the rhythm and it brings out a different side to the story. Don't give up on love, maybe it's just hidden somewhere. Finding it is the adventure to the mystery.

Song 503: Outkast - Roses

Really, 2004? This song still sounds fresh to me!

They were the most popular band - so where have they gone to? I remember my classmates always quoting lyrics from them, their words are awesome. Though this girl seems terrible, you still want her so badly for some reason. Eventually, you realize she's no good, and thus you put it to a high school beat with singers and rappers talking about her. They don't wish bad things to her, but she has needs. Strange that I still want to sing along.

Song 504: Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

Say 'goodbye' to black and 'hello' to pink! That's how I'll describe it.

Oddly enough, this has to be one the most successful songs she's ever made. Is it because it sounds similar? People must have been missing on this sound. She grew up, but her sound is still young in a different format. A bit bratty, but you can't resist that if someone is checking you out when they're in a relationship - that's a big compliment. My version is radio edit, and she says "one and only princess..." that makes sense. The attitude is enough for me to omit swear words - she owns it!

I really need to see this movie! Their songs are cute to death!

It's a fluffy lullaby and it softens your heart so much, you'll be weak in the knees. Her voice is lovely, makes me wonder if she'll appear on this list. Looking at the bright side of love, it fills the air with typical sounds: birds chirping, harps playing, and flutes. It's everything you imagine when you're in love, you can't help but feel like this - if I knew how it felt in the first place. You can't deny how sweet it is :"3

Song 506: Danity Kane - Damaged

Here we have a band that Diddy made... I wonder how they got the name...

This song is certainly enjoyable, as it brings such a sad situation. A lover has done them wrong, and before they let someone else in, they have to heal their heart. Awesome backtrack, simple and dramatic. Their biggest hit I'm pretty sure - if they only made more songs like this, they would have lasted longer. Sigh...

Song 507: Shawn Desman - Get Ready

First single from the Canadian man!

At first, I didn't really like the song. What I do enjoy was the dance sequence in the video! But honestly, who did not go through this stage of fashion? We all thought we were cool in baggy clothes... what a mistake. Shawn knew what he was doing, as this one song launched his career into an amazing span of almost ten years! We all want to be freaky tonight, that's for sure, and do a little two step-dance thing d":

Song 508: The Killers - Mr. Brightside

Are they still together? Cause the lead singer did a solo album... hope they are.

My friend loved this band so much, he bought endless versions of this particular album. With this song as an example, it's clear to see why. Though the song could be shortened, the repetitiveness is rather pleasant. The message is not exactly thorough the first time, but when you hear it again, it's rather sad. Once again, I want to dance to misery. Maybe that's how we deal with sadness: don't think of it too hard, and go on.

He knows how to make a good song, even when the message is clear (and dirty too).

It's love at first... I don't know what it is. When you see someone and all you want to do is make love to them, does that make you a man? I mean, who doesn't want to be considered 'doable?' Let's not go any further than that... Still, it's like a grown-up lullaby: if he's not getting any, at least he can tell her what he thinks of her. And honestly, who doesn't think being truthful isn't attractive? Just don't be that open, and it's all good.

Song 510: Flo Rida ft Nelly Furtado - Jump

More Flo Rida! I didn't know this was for a movie... then again, it's rather a clean song.

It's appealing, and it's fun. How can you resist what they tell you to do with all of that energy and the pumping vibrations coming from it? These two make a good team, I think their sounds create this magic that makes it hard to believe it's for a child's film. Either way, play this in the club or at home, and it's for sure to get people to do some silly things (stupid sounds a bit too harsh, right?) Get a move on!

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