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Pretty People: Songs 631 to 640

Whether it's in your head or or outspoken, know that the love is all around... yes, more love to share for all! Let it be expressed in different ways.

Song #632: Now let's try something new, make sure it's true...

Song 631: Liz Phair - Why Can't I?

Name any chick flick, and I guarantee that you will hear this song.  I think that this movie fits the bill quite nicely.

Does anyone actually know why the song is about? Isn't about breaking up, and realizing that she made a mistake? Well, they only play the chorus in the movies... But it's enjoyable and that feeling gets to you sooner or later. Sure, there may be a lot of cheesy scenes filling your head, it works for every film that it's in. Wish she had gone further than being a soundtrack.

They are geniuses. They are from Canada, and started making music in Japan. But I only listen to their English songs. What a brilliant idea!

I don't have many of their songs, but I really do enjoy this one - it's very positive! There is more to the surface and inside everyone is a beautiful person. Now how can you not like a song with such a good message? The link has the Japanese chorus, but mine is all English. But both versions are awesome, you should check them out!

I don't understand why her material isn't played on the radio, I really like her! She doesn't tend to stick to one sound, and this track seems to be the oddest.

The concept is interesting, how she doesn't dream in fantasies nor wishes that her prince will come. But she does know that what she's got with this person is special, and only they can bring her to a place of non-existent. It's rather creative, and the video has... a very different portrayal of a fairytale. If you know what is true, you got to stand up for it. Radio, play her!

This was the first time I heard of her, and I couldn't have been any happier! Though the sound was dark, the message was bright - it's one of those 'serious' love songs... I must have enjoyed that when I was a child d":

I just love the intro in the video, she makes an entrance and starts to dance - you know it's going to be a good song! Plus, she dances in the air: bonus points! But who doesn't want to be thought of every moment of the day? Strange, but it's also a nice idea. 

Thus began a whole new image from Furtado, and everyone liked it! Well, except for my grade nine teacher, he thought that she was being sexualized... she's pretty for crying out loud!

The beat is very hip-hop (whatever that means) and I like that they're singing like they're having a conversation. It's how boy meets girl, boy wants girl, so on and so far... I think everyone likes the word 'promiscuous,' but I didn't know what it meant at the time. Her image describes it perfectly.

Like most of his songs, Bublé covered this piece from Stevie Wonder. There is a lot of resemblance to the original, but with his own twist.

With just a piano and his voice makes me hate him - I want to sing like he does! He takes his time with this piece, like how lover's should spend each moment: nice and slow. The words are old fashioned, which is always nice to hear compared to today's music. Listening to this makes me want to see him in concert badly... his wife is one lucky lady.

Song 637: Spice Girls - 2 Become 1

What can I say about this song? Well, it's one of my cousin's favourite, I remember her belting this one out whenever we listen to this in the car... it's ruined >.<"

If you listen to the lyrics, you'd be surprised at what we sung when we were young - and the fact our parents would let us hear it! But the song is so relaxing and their voices are wonderful in this piece, how can it be referring to that subject? I guess the title was a big hint, but like we knew! Oh the 90s, they weren't that innocent.

I thought this would have done well as a single, but now we'll never know. When she performed this in concert, the background videos were... distracting. But this is one fun song, it's glorifying about one's look and how much she wants to say that you're hot. If it's coming from Britney, that's pretty awesome. And I love Sabi's part, her rap is so clean and doesn't refer to any product placement, just vegetables! Here is my cover, I didn't do the rap... This is one of the best tracks off the album, hope to hear more of this on album 8!

Song 639: Monkey Majik & m-flo - Picture Perfect

The only other Monkey Majik track I've got from them, both on the same list! I think you know that you've made it big when you're collaborating with one of the biggest bands in Japan.

It's not what you would expect from m-flo, but whatever they're in is for sure gold! Such an upbeat melody with a message you probably don't want to hear. He doesn't know if he loves this person, but now he's thinking twice before he makes a mistake. Kind of like Jack Johnson, but with deeper issues. Interesting.

Song 640: Darin - Insanity

When I first heard this, I thought Justin Timberlake made a new song - it's an artist that sounds like him!

Here is Darin, a Swedish artist with one funky sound. It's dark and hypnotic, and I really like that eery voice in the background. Although he's not really singing, he does have one nice falsetto range when it does come! You can sense the fear and tension in his voice, like he has nothing to lose in this situation. He's got an interest that's driving him crazy - but isn't that a good thing? Especially if he likes them?

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