Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pyromania: Songs 681 to 690

Be prepared, you're about to enter a heated fantasy-segment that might seem too real... yeah, I think that covers what you'll hear in today's list d":

Song #684: Call me obsessed, call me insane, something is creeping through my veins...

Song 681: Ciara ft Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic

When I first heard this song, it was a solo version - well, this proves that Justin can sing real high. But Ciara's duet version makes it THAT much better.

Could you imagine that all your fantasies came to life and all your desires were fulfilled? I think that's what this song is all about. It only takes one person to make it all happen, and who knows, there might be some tricks up their sleeve that might go beyond your fantasies... Time to look for their secret.

Song 682: Usher & Alicia Keys - My Boo

This has to be one of the best duets out there. Although they know that they aren't meant to be together, they have this special bond for so long that can't be replaced.

They make such an awesome team, and through it all, they have each other to rely on... just in a different format. Them squeaky noises don't get in the way, and there is a form of romanticism that you don't hear that often in music. It's a very nice form of love that will always stay solid, nothing will get in the way.

This is interesting, take a wildly popular rumour and put it in a song - and it's incredibly catchy!

She put the issue in her own matter, and I love everything about it: honest, direct, and giving it all back to this person who just won't get over the fact that their lover is now hers. There is always another side to every story, it all depends who you believe. I'm taking Simpson's side. This jamboree-themed track makes me go wild, I hope that if she ever comes back that it will sound like this C":

Song 684: Cascada - Pyromania

They've done the club anthems, the soft ballads, all of it. So it's not much a surprise they tackled pop.

Certainly, this is my favourite song of theirs. It's full of whimsy in the background, and the computerized voices are a nice touch for this track. To play on words, it's one hot song d": And I really enjoy the video for this - I so want to be a dancing astronaut, or at least learn how they move like that. Don't worry, I'll be fit like them one day... you'll see!

Song 685: Ben Lee ft Mandy Moore - Birds & Bees

One word describes this song: adorable! Even though I may never understand the term, they make the subject much more enjoyable.

You can consider this song as easy-going and natural, because it flows so well with the swivelling noises that make you want to enjoy the ride.  The ideas may be a bit wild, but whatever happens will surely be a good time. No matter what they do, it seems so innocent, especially Moore. I would enjoy songs like these more often if it sounded so pleasant like this ^^

Song 686: David Archuleta - Elevator

I think David has a lot of time if he can take a ride that leads him, well, anywhere. But it's very creative the song, I wish he had sung it differently.

Each floor is a different dream, and you may never know where it will lead to. But if you take it easy and don't care where you end up, the ride will be a thrill! If there is a hidden message, I guess you can say it's a perspective to life: there will be ups & downs, just remember to have fun for every minute of it. Oh David, you and your quirkiness is sometimes irresistible.

Song 687: Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, Jeremy Irons, Jim Cummings - Be Prepared

One epic movie, and the villain couldn't have been any darker. Scar can be deceiving sometimes.

But the song has the suspense, & I just can't help but wanting to listen in. With his assistants, they make a scheme to take Pride rock. When it comes to the villain's theme, Disney sure knows how to make them... I wonder what would happen if they would make a dark movie - that'd be cool.

Song 688: Bianca - Vegas

If there is a song about Las Vegas, I'm pretty sure it will end up on this list. This was the only song that they played on the radio... hey, it's still a fun tune!

There's like a story here, but I'm not really sure what it's about. I mean, someone wants to be a star because they're tired of their ordinary job. And if her lover wants to join, might as well take the dice and roll with it... Kind of like Vegas. I think the song isn't about the place anymore. Oh well, it's still a jumpin' track that's an oldie but a goodie. 

Song 689: Britney Spears - Womanizer

This could be considered the proper 'comeback' of hers, but she never left. But still, this track launched her career back to where it belongs.

This is the Britney Spears I know! Being the fearless woman, she isn't afraid to speak the truth. Her voice has the raspy thing going on, and the tone is very serious - but all I want to dance, even my cousin who don't like her music as much. And the video is legendary, one of her best. This was an amazing performance on her tour. Backstabbers beware!

Sweet Taylor has found the love of her life... aww, there will be more of this tom come! But then again, how can you resist her voice and true words?

This is the story of their love & how they were able to surpass it all even when the times got tough. At a slow & steady pace, everything fell perfectly in place. It's one of my favourite songs of hers, plus the video is just cute with all of the pictures hanging around. It was my favourite performance when I saw her, I even sang my own rendition expressing my love for her.

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