Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Say I: Songs 521 to 530

Run, jump, dance, pray! Or relax and listen to the list, it's quite a nice range of songs.

Song #521: Don't let nobody tell you what you're suppose to do...

Song 521: Christina Milian ft Young Jeezy - Say I

I feel sad for her, cause her most successful song was... revealing. She's much better than that.

This is more like it. For some reason, I think this fits the theme of a street life (hope I don't insult them). But she's proud 'bout where she from - and if you agree, join her.  You'll come for the beat, and stay because of her. Add in a rapper, and it's pure thug life. All I want to do is grab my crotch and wave one hand in the air... I don't know why, but that's the moment that comes to mind. Milian representin' fo sho!

Song 522: Mandy Moore - Only Hope

The best movie of all time! I watch whenever on TV.

Mandy Moore is so good playing the innocent part, and this song makes you fall in love with her. I didn't know it was a cover, and it's amazing how she makes it her own. All she needs is a piano, some violins, and it's simply perfection. Such a sweet voice she has, I do hope she sings again. At least I'll always have this film, forever love.

Song 523: Julie Andrews & Dick Van Dyke - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

You can't hate Disney, especially not this!

They made a long word that's full of exuberance and brings people a lot of confidence. It's playful, and say it anyway you want - it'll bring a smile to your face for sure. The faster it goes, the better it is. And with some animated friends to help sing it, how can things go wrong? It's like a jamboree that everyone can join, and it's impossible to make a mistake while pronouncing it... The longest word in the dictionary might be a problem though. Andrews & Van Dkye: best duo.

Each Spice Girl tried their own solo career, but I enjoy Baby Spice's the most ^^

The sound is very retro, but I can't but a finger on the era that it's familiar to. Anyway, it's one groovy track and she doesn't know if it's love or not... sounds like me at the moment. And what a production it is - brings the drama and mystery, it could work as a James Bond theme in my opinion. I showed my cousin the video to this, and his attention came when she took off her jacket... Wow, baby!

Song 525: LMFAO - Sexy & I Know It

Unfortunately, I saw the video - oh my -_-"

If there is one thing that I enjoy, it's the 'wiggle' part. My cousin had this word in Guesstures... this brings memories. But that move doesn't associate with the song in any way! It's comical, and they don't take it seriously themselves. What they do know is that they own the floor and while they have your attention, they're going to prove that they can flaunt what they got... It's impressive? I don't know what to say, I'm at lost for words d": It's a crowd pleaser.

Song 526: Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U

This is what some TLC sounds like - very nice.

They want to treat their man right after a long, exhausting day. It has a rather classic sound mixed in with... baby lullabies? The sound is rather soothing, and the video is flawless, even when it doesn't make any sense. But when there are three beautiful women on the screen, does it matter? They can take care of me any day. The true message is that you've touched her in a way no one else has, and in return she gives her time just for you. How wonderful is that?

Song 527: Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby

I loved it when I heard it at his concert - he's amazing live!

Be careful who you fall in love with, cause he might just break your heart. He's telling you to leave while you can, or you'll experience unpleasantness... that's the last thing he wants to give. You got to give it to him, he makes it loud and entertaining so you keep that in your head. But it's Bru-Bru, how can you resist? Maybe it's all in his plan to keep coming back for him... and it works. 'Shazam' is all I got to say!

Song 528: Trips & Tricks vs Wisdome - Let's Groove

I wish this remix to a club anthem was longer, but it's amazing how a re-work hasn't lost the touch of the original!

Just leave in the chorus, and it's still has the pizazz. Put it in a dancing game, and it's getting me on my feet till I can't stand no more. Maybe I'll outlast it, because it's only a minute - but it's truly a fun one. Now to remix all 70s songs... only the good ones of course.

Song 529: Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted

They played this on the radio, and I was excited for it! Though a video was never made, I still find myself enjoying this.

The title song to her album, and it couldn't be any more complicated. She wants to leave her lover, but can't find herself to. Miss Clarkson has the love problem all covered, I wonder how that feels like. Fill it with guitars and drums, and you've got a different side of her. She can conquer any genre... let's hope for heavy metal soon, I think she'd be good at it d":

Song 530: Katy Perry - Not Like The Movies

My favourite performance from her tour, it's so beautiful.

I wish she would release this as a single, there is a lot of truth behind it. When you have this picture perfect idea of your lover, reality comes to bring you down to tell you that it's not here, not yet. It may be hard to get over someone who you thought was 'the one,' but someday you will find them. This is the loveliest she has ever sounded, it shows a different side of Perry... I like that.

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