Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sk8er Boi: Songs 701 to 710

Seems that music has changed through the years - no matter what, I still enjoy them!

Song #709: There is more than meets the eye...

Song 701: New School - Misunderstood

I couldn't find the song online, so I linked the song that they sampled: The Spinners - I'll Be Around.

In this song, they're basically saying the opposite of the original, how someone is never around and that they can't be trusted. For a song with a very relaxed beat, I'm amazed how serious the message is. I was obsessed with the band, I even bought their album! This was the last song the radio played from them before they made a mini comeback... Oh well, those were good memories.
I believe this was his first single that began his solo career. Whenever a lead singer of a band goes solo, doesn't their sound seem to change significantly?

I like this, even though it is a little bit... strange. The topic is typical, but I sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable listening to it. He wants to make sure that if he gets in a relationship, that this will end his pain that's within his heart. A dash of eery, but I can't seem to escape it.

Song 703: James Morrison ft Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings

This is one great song - so glad I stumbled upon it!

There is this something spell-binding about this song that gets me in a daze. His voice is so powerful, and his words are honest. They both know that this relationship is going nowhere, but for the last time they want to feel something before letting go. Furtado is a wonderful addition to the song, but I do enjoy this version as well. I wish they played his stuff on the radio, it's truly beautiful pieces of art. Morrison, please break through North America!

Song 704: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

One of the biggest songs of last year for sure! I still don't know the dance, but I might be able to learn it through this game (it's so much fun!) I first heard it from this trailer, and I was curious about the hip and rocking tune. To be honest, I don't think I've seen the video in its entirety, but it sure does look like a lot of fun! It's one song that will get everyone off their feet and attempt the dance - it's addictive, and they have created one ultimate song that everyone likes... and I mean EVERYONE. Yes, that includes those who are in denial. You know you like it!

Song 705: 5ive - It's The Things You Do

They were one interesting band, as their sound didn't quite fit in one genre.

This could be considered their slow-love song in a style they know very well. It's not mushy and boy-group generic, but rathe a cool sounding song that you want to chill to. They're admitting their love to this person and how everything that they are makes them so in love. Isn't that awesome, when a bad boy is telling them what's gotten into them? So dope.

Song 706: Glee - Light Up The World

Whoever thought of original songs was a genius! I love the message of the track, and it's full of energy. Although I am reminded of this song beat-wise, it doesn't take away the passion of New Direction.

It's all about your self-esteem, and how it's up to you whether it shines bright for everyone to see. Believe in yourself, and you will go far. It does make one fantastic dance tune, but also a motivator when life brings you down. The only critique? They could pronounce their words better: "give up the parking lot."

Song 707: Glee - Don't Stop Believin'

Two Glee songs in a row - yes! A long time ago before the show premiered, they were giving out this song for free. Interested, I gave it a try. I LOVE this rendition! I really wanted to see the pilot... still haven't to this day.

From my guess, it's the perfect song for those who share a dream that many don't want to pursue at McKinley High. They may be bullied and push down, but if you hold onto your dreams, nothing ever gest in the way. A year later, I got into the show. But I still remember what I felt when I first heard it: happiness.

I'm not sure what Comic Relief is, other than a bunch of artists cover some popular songs. So cool!

Take two British girl-groups, cover the most amazing collaboration, and it's all good fun! I can't help myself, I enjoy this so much! Not a lot different from the original, other than them singing - but it works with them, especially with some powerhouses in the track. I think bands need to battle more often, they collide well together. Sometimes, it's the odd things that you enjoy the most. 

Song 709: Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi

Wow, this song is almost 10 years old? I can't believe that myself. I remember one skiing trip in Grade 7, and how everyone on the bus started singing this song - good times. Everyone loved Avril Lavigne back then, I do hope she comes back to this style. The song doesn't have a bad message, but the video is just havoc all around. She tells a little story of how a girl and boy meet, only having the girl missing out on what could have been sweet. You don't know what you get till it's gone, huh? I even copied her style one time -_-"

If DDR were to release an album, I think I'd be broke because of all of the high-pumping energy songs that make me want to bounce of the wall.

This one comes from the 5th Mix (my favourite) and  this song is just adorable and all over the place. If love comes your way, let it happen - it's just cupid working his way. Love happens all the time, you might as well enjoy it! I swear, DDR needs a radio station!

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