Friday, March 2, 2012

The Way You Love Me: Songs 411 to 420

Protective, curious, faithful, or regretful, love displays its many sides once again. Strike the playlist!

Song #420: You're the million reasons why there's love reflecting in my eyes...

I wasn't really into the show, but the music I absolutely loved. Once I listened to the music, I had to buy the album.

Her edge was different in my opinion, and she stood out from the rest. This song kind of sounds like a theme for a show, but that's all good (theme show songs are the best!) You just never know what will happen when you fall in love, it's a roulette of emotions that you take a gamble with. Plus, her voice is rather mature for displaying a teen rock star. Nice twist.

Song 412: Whitney Houston, Cher, Madonna - Believe Somebody (Mashup)

Why just listen to one song when you can have three? Well, it's actually four, but that one doesn't really count.

DJ Earworm knows his craft oh so well. Take three divas with their hottest tracks, and what do you get? Brilliance. This is like a tribute paid to the amazing years of music! Can be imitated, never duplicated.

Song 413: Nivea ft Brian & Brandon Casey - Don't Mess With My Man

Ah, those random artists that popped out of nowhere. What happened to them? Will they be featured on a one-hit wonder of the 2000s TV special? Who knows...

But this is such a sick song, it's got the perspective of both the boy and girl telling others to lay off their boo. And the beat is fresh, kind of therapeutic in my opinion. It's nice to know that other are people are interested in you, but other people ain't your lover. Not much that I want to dance but rather move from side to side while lying on your car... aw yeah.

Song 414: Beyoncé Knowles - Halo

One of the many songs that proves why Beyoncé is perfect. No matter what she does, she does it so effortlessly.

This has to be the most beautiful track she has ever made, and hopefully there are more to come. Sure, booty shaking Beyoncé is fun, but when you listen to her, it's so pure and crisp. Though the beat does sound familiar, they each have different stories. This one, she has found salvation in her lover, and no longer she has to look further. She got it all, true angel.

Song 415: Keisha Chanté - Table Dancer

The revision of Keisha? It works out nicely, but the radio didn't agree. I hope she experiments with this, cause it's one dance track that's not as dirty compared to others.

Yes, she does look like a chicken in the video, but dang does she have a body! I enjoy this song, it's fresh and it was released when those beats weren't filling the stations. She has grown up since her previous works, and I couldn't have enjoyed it any more. Please radio, give her new stuff more plays!

Song 416: Flo Rida ft Akon - Who Dat Girl

A video game sound where the main players are a bunch of attractive women - that sounds like a good game (gg)!

So when this song came out, I was all over it. Like most rap songs, I don't care what he has to say, it's all about the chorus (Akon gets the best parts). I love singing that, it's my favourite. There's something about the girl you keep staring at, she's so perfect, but she's not what you expect. You want to know more about her... better man up and talk to her before game over.

The original Parent Trap! I haven't seen all of it, but the latest version copies this one to a tee - even the actress had to play both roles for twins! They even sampled this song - so cute.

Older movies had a lot of singing in them, so I don't understand why it can't happen in today's. It's their formula to get their parents back together in a song. When you work with your siblings, you are to succeed! If we could put all our issues in a song, then they'd all be solved! In a Disney manner, of course.

Song 418: Prozzäk - Sucks To Be You

The song that began the phenomenon of a neckless singer and a buff guitarist. With essence of Spanish melodies and rave rhythms, you get a sweet sorrow track.

He realized he has done wrong, and how he treated his last ex. I didn't know that bas+ard was a bad word, cause I'm pretty sure they played this on the HitList. But that has to be a downer if every girl agreed that what you did was tool behaviour. Admitting defeat never sounded so sexy before. Well played Simon.

Song 419: O-Town - Liquid Dreams

Thus began those shows where they find the next boy group. Their song had to sound so cool with such a dirty message. Another childhood song ruined.

I didn't know what a liquid dream was, all I knew that it had to be wet... let's stop describing the song. A lot of girls are mentioned, and only now I hear Halle B when I thought it was Ally McB - my mistake. Both are pretty women, just these boys want milk chocolate. Fantasy or not, every girl was all over the band. Maybe I should sing about my

The only song I watched on the Country Music channel! My sister loved it, and I loved the video for being so colourful and whimsical - even when she's burning down the house.

It's silly and cute, describing how much her love is for her lover. Filled with lots of cheese, it couldn't have been better. This has to be the least country song; there are little hints to it, but it sounds more pop. I would sing to this all the time, I'm surprised that I remembered to download this song. Ah, memories.

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