Monday, March 5, 2012

We Are Golden: Songs 441 to 450

I can't find a better word than 'magical' to describe the list today... with a bunch of insect crawling around to the sweet sweet music d":

Song #447: I live for glitter, not you...

Song 441: Angela Lansbury, David Tomlinson, Ian Weighill, Cindy O'Callaghan, Roy Snart - Substitutiary Locomotion

Another Disney film I have yet to see. From the video clip, I must say it's rather imaginative.

It's a typical movie song, and it's reminiscent to other movies released in the same decade. Magical spells and Angela Lansbury - what could possibly go wrong? Kind of odd, but it's just another movie that I've got to watch. I can't believe all of the songs I have yet to hear from Disney, makes me wonder what else I'm missing from the past...

Song 442: Mario - Let Me Love You

This is the song you will hear every Valentine's Day. Why? Not sure, but there must be a lot of hearts broken that day... otherwise, Mario wouldn't be singing this sweet tune.

He knows he's a better match for his interest, promises to do more than anyone they've been with before. It's honest, and can't resist his voice. Add some chill-out beats, and it's all good. Glee did a cover of this song, and they make it sound different. Got to stick to the original, he'd be a better lover C":

Song 443: 3Deep - Never Gonna Give Up

Who are they? I don't know, but apparently one of them is from a soap opera? This was on Planet Pop!

But it's the perfect formula for cheesy pop song: through thick and thin, we'll always be together, and know that I'm always yours. I mean come on, you have to fall for it! The video on the other hand... could be more desirable in my opinion. So they're skinny; it don't mean they have to be shirtless, right? No need for the extra fromage, or else it will be too stinky! You just got to love the early 2000s, they had it going on!

Song 444: Owl City - The Bird & The Worm

Adorable is all I have to say about this song. Only Adam can make a topic so cute, it makes me feel so gooey inside.

After searching so hard, he has finally found the one thing he's been looking for - all I have to say is 'awww!' He knows all the right moves. I went to his concert, and all around me were girls. I think they all want to be the worm that he picked. I'd definitely be the bird.

I can't pick a favourite Britney song, but this would have to be one of the top picks.

It's rather out of her style, this pop-angst song where she doesn't need anyone by her side. Add in thunder and empowering lyrics that contradicts another hit of hers - ooh, that's so good. And the video: I don't know how she jumps on a chair and moves like that - incredible! This song got me through tough times, none of them about relationships. Love everything about this song, gives me the strength to move on.

He makes insects so much fun! It's actually a rather cute song, and I believe there is a dance number to this as well - let's not watch so I don't get addicted.

Here you have a man talking about this fantasy place where bugs come and mingle with one another, like a soirée that I want to attend. Wow, people of the past had imaginations. Why is it when grown up, we don't care much about bugs? They are awesome, and make underground so fascinating. After all, they're looking for love too :"D

Teen anthem! It has the right attitude and it's so fresh when you hear his material.

He has his own mind, Mika, and I love everything about him. He's theatrical, and the video shows how much energy he's got inside. Be expressive as you want to be, and don't be afraid of showing off; you got everything to live for and you are important. Each of us are unique in our own ways, and that we should take pride. The chants and the lyrics are absolutely fun, makes you want to do anything to your heart contents.

Yes, it's a cover of the original. No, I don't have that on my list.

It's a modern twist to the song, and it's rather dark. The sounds are a bit dreary and it makes me feel more compelled in a strange way. I think the theme of this version suits the lyrics better, cause that's how I would feel if I were to tell my love that I won't ever leave them. I tend to like Ashley Tisdale when it comes to covers, she has a voice that you can't hate. May there be more covers to come!

I thought this song was this one, but nonetheless, let's talk about it!

She would have done so well in North America, the beat is pumping and it makes me feel dizzy... in a good way! I wish I knew how to break dance just for this song, or move in ways I can't even imagine myself. If she had more tracks like these on her English album, I think it would have been a success. That, or more promotion - but don't stop, we need an Asian idol!

I think Lily Allen is kind of a mystery: she's so precious, with a bad mouth and poor decisions. But this isn't about her, it's about the song!

Her first single, and I fell for it. Love the beat, it's comical and very calm. The way she sings it is like there's no problem here; damn straight there isn't. Better not mess with her, otherwise she'll make catchy tunes that make others feel the same way to their unfaithful lovers... then again, don't break it too often. Oh the British, they just have to be so honest.

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