Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You Don't Know My Name: Songs 531 to 540

Some legends, some stars, and some really catchy songs. Try not to sing along to them.

Song #537: Ooh it set my soul on fire...

Song 531: Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill

Let's remember Whitney for her fantastic music and her incredible voice. She won't be forgotten.

From her last album, and I thought this was such a fun hit. She found someone that makes her feel special, and we should celebrate! I like the introduction, and that sound before she begins her first verse. You don't have to think about it, this track has got you in the best feeling that you never want to let go! And her voice: timeless, can never be duplicated. Thank you Miss Houston, you had some excellent songs.

Song 532: Vanessa & Candace - Busted

I swear, Phineas & Ferb has to be the best show out there, and music is one of the main reasons!

Take two girls who are obsessed in ratting out someone who causes havoc during the day. It can also be taken in a different way, but I won't say it. Can't resist a catchy tune and two girls who can't get a break. It's simply awesome.

Song 533: Britney Spears - He About To Lose Me

This has to be one of the best songs off the album!

I loved her performance when she was on tour, it was the last time before it was cut too. The intensity and the power of the song takes me to a dark and sensual place, yet I don't feel sad about it. It talks about her unfaithfulness, but she doesn't mind it one bit. Very dramatic the song, I hope that she will release more tracks like this. I wish this was a single - there was a big following for the song, it's even one of her personal favourites!

Song 534: Aqua - Viva Las Vegas

How strange, I was talking about Sing City today...

They came back, and they brought their imagination with them - but it's tamed. There's a lot of action in the sound, and it's full of journeys that make you wonder how you will spend your time when you go there... It's a dance track, but all grown up. Aqua knows their comfort zone, but put it to a different vibe... Don't know if I like their new material better, but we'll review some more songs from the album. You'll be surprised, that's all I've got to say. Thank you for coming back, I missed the comical days.

Song 535: Shakira - She Wolf

There is absolutely nothing wrong about this song!

I love all of it, because it oozes sexiness; Shakira's got it in the bag. There is something that can't be contained for much longer, and all she wants is for you to release that element out of her. But I don't understand why she's a wolf? Isn't that usually associated with males? Well, we can make an exception for her - she'd be one appealing wolf, if that makes any sense. The sound is awesome, that repeated guitar strum makes me want to move...

Song 536: Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis - Cruisin'

Bet you didn't know this came from a movie! And it's up my alley!

What a surprise from Gwyneth, she can really sing! And if you need more proof, refer to Glee. This is one of the best covers ever, I always hear this on the radio, makes you almost forget the original. It's like a lazy love song in the sense that you want to chill with that special someone. So airy and light, and with Huey Lewis, you can't deny the power of love d":

Song 537: Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name

This might be the longest song in the entire list...

I didn't really like Key's earlier work, but this reeled me in an instant. It's a story, and from the first play of the piano, you know it's going to be good. She wants her interest to know that she adores them, but they don't even know who she is. Though I may never know how she got the man's number in the video, I must follow her example and have the guts to ask my crush out... But not right now. Hooray for random acting in the song, only she can do it.

Song 538: Nelly Furtado - For├ža (Swiss American Federation Mix)

I love this version of the song, it's pumped-up energy!

I believe this was a theme song for an event, and boy does it fit the bill! If you have the passion for whatever you pursue, all you need is the power within you and the strength to proceed. And the video couldn't be better: a village helping out a child to live his dreams - nothing can beat that. The original mix is fine, but I love the excitement that comes right at you! I want to mix this song with this one, I think it would be amazing. Definitely good vibrations!

Song 539: Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

I heard this a long time ago on the radio while driving home - wow, the radio can play some amazing songs.

Not really sure who he was, but he had one amazing afro! I enjoy the message, if you want to be with me, you need something worth my while. It doesn't come out as picky, but rather toe-tapping fun. The sound is fresh, a bit of a circus feel, but all in all groovy. If music sounded like this before, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be that hard to bring it all back again. It was fun, no harsh themes to talk about, and simply all about the music.

Song 540: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

It only takes one hit to create a phenomenon, and this is it.

Who is this lady that accuses him for being the one? Whoever she is, it made Michael a star. So it's a good thing that she danced with him in the round. I never understood the video, but he created one move that will always be remembered. I wish I could do that dance move, but that has to be for another day. His lyrics were suggestive, but we all somehow just sang along to it. Maybe that's what good music is: a good beat, and a stellar voice. Or maybe it's all Michael, for he can do no wrong when it came to music. Amazing how much a difference he made in this world.

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