Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Get What You Give: Songs 541 to 550

Love, cry, dance, imagine, and take a stand! These are the words of today's playlist!

Song #542: If you feel your dreams are dying, hold tight...

Song 541: Michelle Branch - Are You Happy Now

I love Michelle Branch, but the video could use some work.

This is such a strange song in my opinion, because it's suppose to be taken seriously. However, she's telling you that she is fine and all... I don't think so. It's like she's upset but also satisfied that you are gone and out of her life. Interpret it however you like, it's still rockin' in my opinion. The beat builds up the intensity, and it's certainly a great stress reliever to sing when you're mad. You go girl, tell it how it is!

I remember this song from my childhood! The video made me feel uncomfortable, but I love that the lead singer is wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt inside out.

It's all about letting go and being the free soul that you are. The guitars are sweet, his voice has this high-pitched thing going on, there's a lot happening here. When you feel down, just play this song and it's brighten up your spirits for sure. Though I do not approve of the adults being caged, I like the idea of having dogs roam free in the mall! Someday.

Song 543: Owl City - Vanilla Twilight

His messages I don't fully understand, but that's the beauty of his music.

If I understand the song, it's about a loved one who is not around, and he misses them dearly. But the thoughts of this person makes him feel better, and sometimes the thought of it can brighten his day. The production of the song is rather delightful, and it has a lot of nice sounds that eases the heart without a problem. Though he may not be able to do something, he wishes his message is heard from earth. Adorable.

Song 544: Brad Kane - One Jump Ahead

What one enjoyable film! Disney had some magic going on here!

This is one fast-paced introduction to a character, and it couldn't have been any better! It tells everything about Aladdin, and all the craziness he goes through just to live. Wouldn't it be strange if life were like this? I mean, all the trouble to capture someone within the span of 2 minutes? He's a poor boy, let him have his one meal a day. You never know, he might have great powers someday C";

Song 545: Natalie - Goin' Crazy

You don't hear that many one-hit wonders these days, huh? Where has the time gone...

Her voice has this strange appeal to me, it's not exactly the best, however it's very relaxing. It's a sweet song about missing her baby, and how mad she's gone ever since they went away. And the beat to it: it's therapeutic and tranquil. She sounds like it's effortless, the raw emotion can be heard in her tone. I thought she would have done better than just one song, because I do enjoy her album. Sigh...

Song 546: Anna Nalick - Breathe (2AM)

The first bang on the piano, and I knew it was love at first listen.

It was during my teen years when I went through a strange phase... This song always knew how to brighten my spirits. To be honest, I don't know the message other than about no longer loving someone, life like an hourglass; but I do love how she sings 'just breathe,' it's very soothing. She is very talented, though I do not know where she went after this hit. I wish she stayed around, she was fresh and original.

Song 547: Rihanna - Umbrella (Acoustic Version)

I have many versions of this song on this list, but this one blows me away!

Makes me wonder why she didn't release the track this way, it's incomparable to the original, and it shows how well she can sing! Plus, the simplicity of the guitar makes a more romantic sound to the message, and much more appealing. I live where it usually rains, so hopefully one day when I ask my crush out, that they will stand under my embrace and protecting love... Yeah, cheesy but oh so lovely :"3

Song 548: Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Ga Ga, Ooh La La, it's Mother Monster!

This was on the re-release of her first album, right? Just wondering about that... But who didn't like this song - this made her star power blow off the roof! It was direct and out there, and the sound was very violent and loud. She knows how to put on a show, and this is all the proof you need. My friend and I were dancing to this in Physics class one time - that was interesting. But this is a classic of hers, I'll never get tired of it while doing interpretive dance d":

Song 549: Faber Drive - G-Get Up & Dance!

Didn't know what to think of this song - I gave in.

There is a dark and intense mood coming from this song, when all they ask of you is to get on the floor and get your move on. No hidden messages, no suggestive lyrics, just a passion to start shaking your body from left to right, and so on. I think this type of music needs a genre of its own: not exactly rock, but doesn't scream dance. I'm going to call it danock! I'll work on the name, but the track is all fun and games seen in a different way. Nice surprise.

Song 550: Shorty - Waratte Pon (Shorty & The EZ Mouse)

A little bit circus, and a whole lot of fun!

It's all about this character and her little friend, and how they want to have a good time... that's my thought at least! I love this game, I didn't understand how to play it at first, but my cousin showed me, and I got hooked on it! And what's fascinating about this game is the different sounds they have for each character. Shorty would have to be bubblegum pop, because it's cute and makes you want to jump up and down. 

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