Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby It's You: Songs 911 to 920

A nice, chilled playlist with a little kick when you didn't expect it. Enjoy the surprises!

Song #916: And anytime you miss me baby, sidekick page me...

Song 911: Chris Brown - Flame Thrower

This was an exclusive song, and I think it's pretty sick! The whole circus vibe works with him.

For some reason, I am reminded of this song, even though they are not similar in any way. He enters this realm that's got him heating up, with no sign of escaping it any time soon. What's got his attention? A blaze that could end up in danger - but he's dying to know what will come of it. I like his voice in this one, it shows his range and it's really catchy. Artists should reevaluate song decisions - it could have been a hit.

Song 912: Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

This is the song that got me into blogs! I was searching for this when it came out before it got too popular - I dedicate a lot of time online.

But the beat is to die for: real sexy, and that drum beat calls for drama to come in. The tensions are high, but all I think about is the aggressive... activities that will come afterwards. He doesn't want to talk about it, and their lover don't want to hear it. Something's got to give. It might not end good, but all I can think of is getting down and funky with this little number.

Song 913: Pearl Bailey - Best Of Friends

I'm pretty sure that I have seen this movie, but I just can't remember what happens... Must re-watch.

This is a lovely song, telling how good pals stick together, side by side until the end of time. It's nice to have someone there for you when days get boring and you can do just about anything with them. What you share between a best friend is special, and nothing can get in the way of it... even if time passes by.

Song 914: Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning (Questlove Remix)

Another Maroon 5 song on the list! I think this would have to be my favourite song from them.

They know how to describe the day better than anyone else! It's calm and relaxing, it brings you to your happy place. I don't know why the original mix is not on here, but the remix has a different tone of soothing one's soul. I enjoy the fact that it's all about taking it easy and being lazy. Makes awesome lounge music, where my worries just melt away.

Song 915: Hayley Mills, Deborah Walley & Wendy Turner - Femininity

Well, this is a nice piece from a movie I haven't seen.

I will admit that this song is a bit dated, but there are some points that I agree on: a woman should be a woman! They're allowed to wear colours, grow their hair long, and act in any manner while all still being loved! Why would women want to wear pants and have short hair, being monotone? That's what men are for d": Ladies, please express yourselves!

Song 916: Jojo ft Bow Wow - Baby It's You

She is just amazing: super talented and a lot of swag.

Her music wasn't typical bubblegum pop, and that's what I liked about her. She didn't dress up too wild, but still showed that she's a girl. And this song: love it so much! My cousin and I would copy her when she made a gesture mentioning MTV. And add Bow Wow? That's genius (and they make a good couple) She's found the one that makes her heart beat - and that is awesome. Everything about this song is typical teenage romance, and that makes me so happy.

Song 917: Ne-Yo ft LL Cool J - So Sick (Remix)

I think I have about every version of this, except for the original. Maybe one day I'll add it to my library... Just maybe. The first time this appeared on the list, it was a different telling of the story - this time around, I don't feel as sad. The remix is kind of soothing to hear, and I don't feel as bad that his relationship is over. I guess LL Cool J adds the anger to the piece, but it's not wrath that's coming out of him. They're just getting things off their chest, and letting it out into the air. Maybe it's therapy through a nice beat; pretty sweet if you ask me. Don't be a stranger, and make more hits!

Song 918: Britney Spears - Scary

The unreleased track from Femme Fatale - and it's pretty good! Wish she performed this on tour.

It's all about being consumed by this person, being frightened but also excited. The rhythm leaves you feeling endangered, but the lyrics makes you explore this adventure she's on.

Love that it's almost Halloween-esque, with all of the references from Jeckyll and Hyde to Freaky Friday. Please write more songs, they are so awesome!

Song 919: Eminem - Just Lose It

Wow, I didn't even know this was part of my library - my taste in music was all over the place.

I wonder if we'll ever see this side of Eminem again, it's fun from time to time. Pretty sure he's making fun out of a bunch of people, but let's talk about the exaggeration of this piece: you can just laugh at it! From all of the outrageous events to even poking at himself, it's not meant to be taken seriously. Hope that Slim Shady comes back just once more, I think the crude jokes are needed at the moment.

I can't find words to describe this other than 'sleepy hit.' It did get some recognition, but not enough. Got to feel sorry for her, she's trying a solo career so hard, but so far it hasn't exploded... yet.

But this is a nice song, it's got a nice sound to it and her voice is powerful. Bring in 50 Cent, and it makes the piece perfect. You wouldn't expect such a piece from this combination, it's quite parallel. She found the one that makes her feel good about herself, and she'll never let go of this love. Yeah, it hits the spot...

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