Thursday, April 12, 2012

Come Clean: Songs 821 to 830

Bring on the drama, the climatic point to the story! You're in for a ride, that's for sure :"D

Song #821: And going out is better, than always staying in...

Song 821: Hilary Duff - Come Clean

My favourite song of hers - you knew you loved it too! I remember singing this on Karaoke Revolution.

It's pure pop, and it shows how much music has changed for teenagers. There is this broken relationship, and all she wants is to have what they had before. She's been going mad, and realizes that the best thing was this person. It's not pathetic, she's just playing the way that she feels. Ah, these were the innocent days, not even this show can ruin the song. Oh Hilary, thank you for the happy days.

Song 822: Vanessa Carlton - Nolita Fairytale

I'm always interested with Vanessa Carlton, because her music is always riveting and pleasant.

It's one of the happier tunes, where all of her self shines. She's talking about how finding herself in a place where she feels at home. So what if things aren't going your way? Brush it off, and keep moving forward. Nothing got out of control for Miss Carlton, and look at the wonderful music that she makes. She is under appreciated, and deserves more attention. With her, I am lost in a place where I am comfortable.

Song 823: Emily Osment - All The Way Up

Why is it that every Disney Channel Star is multitalented? I wish I was one... except I ain't a teen.

My cousin said that this sounds like it's for a film of some sort, and I agree with her. It's taking the ride of your life and being so high you don't want to get down any time soon. Although I am reminded of this song, the messages are no where near similarity. This is like the fun times of your life - enjoy them while they last, and love every minute of it. Oh Emily, your songs are oh so catchy. Make more soon?

Song 824: Kelly Clarkson - You Found Me

I think it was either my friend loving this song, or the lyrics stood out to me. Either way, a magnificent piece.

I used this in my singing class, and I must say it's a nice song to perform. When you find that someone, you can't help but feel like all is right, like they saved you in the nick of time. Not sure of it, they are amazed by all that you have done - it's surreal to them. The melody is a bit eery yet gentle, it can be described as a rocking motion. Consider this a calm storm filled with powerful emotions all coming at you.

Song 825: Paul Oakenfold ft Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat (Club Mix)

When I first heard this, I was surprised to find out that an actress was featured in the song. It's not the first time an actress has sung, but you just don't expect it when all of a sudden she's singing.

Brittany Murphy has an excellent voice for club music, and I must say this was well made. The Club Mix is just an extended version of the beat, which is to die for! It's provocative and raunchy, everything about it makes me want to get my freak on! May she be remembered for the unexpected twists and turns.

Song 826: 98 Degrees - Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)

Wow, I thought there'd be more songs from them.

Here is the track I was obsessed with for a period of time, the Latin flare got to me! Plus, there is Spanish in here - sexy. To be honest, I don't think I've ever learned the verses of this song, because the chorus was all I needed to get me hooked. With sexy guitars and a woman speaking in the middle of the song, seems like something is heating me up in the track. It's like the wild side of boy groups, all wrapped up with the sounds of a sensual summertime. Caliente!

Song 827: Jesse McCartney - The Best Day Of My Life

I really like Jesse McCartney at the beginning of his career - there was something natural about him. The sound was nice, and his style was clean.

I did not know this track was made for the film, but it fits the bill nicely. When things seem to be the sam routine, someone comes along and changes everything. You get that happy feeling inside, you start to bubble, and your world has gone upside down. With such a simple beat, you get the perfect teen pop sound that makes you feel all giddy inside. Tee he.

Song 828: Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending

This was the prefect balance for her, a blend of edge with the soft side everyone can relate to.

No one likes to be played, it just hurts so bad. But what happens when you mix it with love? You thought everything was perfect - it was all lies. It's mellow dramatic, and it's bittersweet the track. This perfect person came crashing down, only to put you in a place you don't want to be. Everything seemed to be beautiful; I guess there was a time limit to it. It's good to vent out, it allows us to move on with confidence.

Song 829: Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Discotech Remix)

When rock bands get a dance floor transformation, you won't believe the fantastic results.

At first listen, I was on the fence, I didn't understand the random break from such a beautiful melody. When I think of it, the track would be boring without the funky sounds that come in at a random time. I really enjoy the intro of this, I have a thing for violins as you know. Once a ballad has now become a track for all to enjoy while getting down and letting the inner freak come out to play. Woo, bring on more rock dance club tracks!

Song 830: Janet Jackson - Feedback

Well, this was an interesting era for Miss Jackson. She totally works the futuristic sound!

From that guitar amp to the drumbeat, you know it's going to be good. I really like the beginning, talking about all races and how mighty fine she is - and you know it's true! For such quiet vocals, there are some pretty loud messages being brought out. Oh Janet, sometimes you can be such a tease. But no matter what she does, her music is always tasteful fun. The videos... well, that's another story. Come back soon!

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Candice said...

I heard 98 degrees is going on tour this summer, dunno if they're making any new music though :p and i know what you mean, i was obsessed with that album back in the day, especially that song haha.