Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Haven't Had Enough: Songs 951 to 960

Wear your heart on your sleeve, and who knows? You might find something fantastic ^^

Song #960: You and I might just be the best thing...

Song 951: Adriana Caselotti - Someday My Prince Will Come

From the first movie Disney ever made, and there's a theme song for everyone waiting for a true love to carry them away. Aw, isn't that sweet.

When that day comes, you know all your dreams have come true. We all want the fairytale ending, even those who are repulse by the idea. Just knowing that there will be a moment in life where everything melts away and standing by you is the love of your life. So cheery!

Song 952: Jessica Simpson - With You

My favourite Jessica Simpson song of all time! The song feels so lively, like her heart is opened wide.

She's telling you who she is: just an ordinary girl who falls deeply in love with the one that's got her going off the wall. What makes this person special? The fact that she's feeling beautiful when her lover's around. It's one wonderful song, I wish she stuck with this sound. Very organic, and it suits her voice oh so well. Oh Jessica, whenever you get bored of your fashion line, please make some songs again.

Song 953: Amerie - Gotta Work

There is this nostalgia sound going on here, and I love it! Her style is so fresh, she deserves to be more than a one hit wonder.

When times are rough, know that there will be more like this to come around. So don't fret, just shake it off and keep your head held high. And with a song like so, she makes it easy for everyone to follow her example.

You go girl, tell the world what they need to hear! She is truly one wise woman, especially in her music.

Song 954: September - Satellite

I first heard this on a video blog (or 'vlog') and I was swept away from the sound of it.

She is from Sweden, and she had one song that played on the radio. I think this would have been a better choice. It's a nice message, saying that everyone has their days where they don't shine. That's alright, tomorrow's just another day to start all over. Super catchy, bubblegum pop dance track!

Song 955: Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes

I loved the show so much, I bought the album! I said that so many times, but I can't get enough of his stuff! Makes me wish I was born in his era.

If there was one song to influence my taste in fashion, it would be this one. Fun fact: I did by myself some blue suede shoes. Although it may not be cool as his, they're pretty rocking in my opinion. That so I can rock to this tune! Go ahead and take everything away from me, just don't take away what's on my dancing feet. All set and ready, and now it's time for the show! Woo!

Song 956: P!nk - Raise Your Glass

What a fantastic way to kick off a greatest hits album. She hits all the right notes with this track, everyone loves it!

This one goes out to the dorks, the misfits, anyone who's their own person! Be proud of who you are, you're simply amazing! To that, we have to drink, may it be milk, apple juice, whatever you want! And the video is freaking amazing, it celebrates all kinds of people. It's one great piece, and hope she makes more. UBC made a video to it - see if you can find me!

Song 957: Miley Cyrus - 7 Things

I think this might be my favourite song from Miss Cyrus. It's honest for innocent young love... I must be a 15 year-old girl when it comes to romance.

Trying my best to decipher a relationship: there are things that we don't like about our lover, and it's to the point that it makes you uncomfortable. However, if you accept them as who they are, you'll see the aspects of them that you can't live without. And the worse part? Figuring out whether that one thing about them is either something to adore or can't stand. Love, sounds fun.

Song 958: Phineas & The Ferbtones - Gitchee Gitchee Goo

Onto another aspect of love: if it feels right, you can make up words and they'll just get you. Eek!

This is one of the catchiest tunes they've made, and they're quite talented! If music is going to be fun, do it like these guys: create a bunch of gibberish, and watch your heart fall for every bit of it.

Why did you have to be a one-hit wonder :"C

Song 959: Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed

Not everything lasts forever, teenagers do grow up... So shut up about teen celebrities acting wild!

Here we have Miley once again with a different approach to music. It's goodbye to the sappy tunes and hello to maturity. She's grown a little wiser, got a whole new style, and a brand new attitude. Me likey. It's interesting, I didn't expect this to come from her and how she blew me out of the water! She knows who she is, so don't try to change her. The beat is rocking, and the video is amazing. Miley like a puma!

Song 960: Marianas Trench - Haven't Had Enough

This was my jam of last summer - and it still is! The LAST time I'll talk about it: this was would have been our song. It might still be, but just with someone else.

When you know it's love, you don't give up on it. They might have had a sour beginning, but if you give them a chance, you might see something that wasn't there before. You know you want to try, so why not go with it? After all, things that start out bad eventually leads to good out comings. Let's make this happy ending come true! Here's my cover, hope you enjoy randomness d":

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