Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hit The Lights: Songs 871 to 880

Don't be afraid, and live in the moment! Take a chance, and see where it takes you :"3

Song #871: It's all the dreams that never came true cause you're too damn scared to try...

Song 871: Selena Gomez & The Scene - Hit The Lights

My favourite Selena song. When I heard this, I hoped that she made this a single - and my wish came true!

It's about the moments you wish you had done, but not all comes true. Was it because you're scared, or just waiting for the right moment? Life is full of wonder, it's yours for the take. I was just mesmerized at a first take, like I was lost in my own world. There is nothing to lose, just do what you want and live without any regrets. This is a different sound from her, but I really enjoy it. Hope future singles sound more like this.

From her first album, and I think this is my favourite song from it.

I'll admit that I made up a music video for this track in hopes that it would be a single... still hoping that my idea will come to life. Such a nice sound, and the message is enlightening. Whenever you're feeling down, just call them and you know they'll come in the nick of time. I just love it, even my cousin remembers this song - I was amazed. Oh teenage pop, the sound has changed these days. Hope it comes back soon?

Song 873: Avril Lavigne - Fall To Pieces

Have you ever gotten in too deep that all you want is someone to know how you feel, regardless of the response? Lavigne's got this one down.

The last thing she wants to do is be broken, especially when her emotions are getting the best of her. Is it so wrong that she wants is to be held in the arms of someone she loves? Spilling everything on the ground, there is such rawness to the track. But all she wants is to be with them, say not a word, and enjoy the time together. After all, it's the basic things we want in life.

Song 874: Spice Girls - Wannabe

If there was one song that everyone loved as a child, this would be the winner - no other competitor.

It's their premier, and they did it with such... class. They're just telling you that if you to get together, you got to be on good terms with their friends. If that ain't working, then it's the door for you! Surprised that I heard this in here and here (not so much the second one). Old songs just get better with age. Girl power!

Song 875: Shawn Desman - Moneyshot

Even when he has a song about one's assets, it still sounds classier than most singles.

He likes what he sees, and he knows what he wants. So he'll be viewing from afar, admiring what this person can do. I do enjoy the video, even though I wish he didn't do duo singles in one shot. Also, Phoebe is in the video! He does know how to make a hit, keep 'em coming - hopefully he'll be international!

Song 876: Disney Chorus - Winnie The Pooh

One of the most adorable films that Disney has ever made, I'm so happy that it keeps coming back.

I'm jealous of Christopher Robin, he had one amazing childhood with all of his friends. So imaginative, and the theme song brings me so much cheer. Seriously, AA Milne created such a whimsical story of wildlife companions living in the Hundred Acre Woods. From a gloom donkey to a scared pig, this story has everything. Long live creativity!

Song 877: Iglu & Hartly - Dayglo

Never heard of this band until I took a listen at promo CDs for the radio  - they're pretty interesting.

The sound is funky and fresh, plus it's kind of geeky in my opinion. I'm not really listening to the lyrics with this one, the beat just gets to me. But looking the words up, I think it's about wanting someone so bad that it feels right even if stupid mistakes are to be made. Although I never heard this on the radio, I feel like a lot of people would enjoy this song - it's nice to rock out and let go with this one. An underestimated band.

Song 878: David Tomlinson & Angela Lansbury - Portobello Road

I didn't realize how many songs appear on this list for a film that I haven't seen. Oh well, I'm just preparing for when I get the chance to see it d":

I think everyone knows of a street where everything's happening, and the magic is in the air. This scene is quite long, but it's quite the number with dancing and all the hoopla going on. But this is what a special place should feel like - OK, maybe it's not to this rhythm, but there is always something to keep you going. Bring all to this place, you'll relive the magic all over again.

Song 879: No Doubt - Running

One of the sweetest songs I've ever heard from a band before leaving the stage. It's amazing how their sound evolved throughout the years.

The sound is reminiscent of a video game; I think this is symbolic to the song. Looking to the future, there is no reason to turn around for the past. What done is done, and although we may not know what comes next, having you by my side will make everything much more enjoyable. Don't cry, because there will be more adventures to come our way... I hope this is true.

Another song about life, awesome! He has such a positive outlook to the world, and with an attitude like that, you know he's going to go far!

Add in a rapper, and the twist becomes a sweet surprise. Don't let people get in the way of your dreams, if you want to pursue it, let your imagination take you to places that you never expected before. And the best thing? Your imagination has no limit, it's opened wide for you to explore! Simply love it.

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