Thursday, April 26, 2012

Honey Bee: Songs 961 to 970

Sweet and innocent - eek, so much fun! Definitely the cutest list so far!

Song #969: Well you know I'm just havin' fun, but seriously...

Song 961: George Givot & Bill Thompson - Bella Notte

The song that gave the moment in this adorable film!

I thought this was a cover, but it's original. Disney, your music surprised me in the past. But the mood is perfect, sharing a dish for made for two, a full moon, and two chefs who can't get enough of puppy love. And sometimes, the most unexpected things arise... it might even be magical. Maybe Italian is the language of romance? That, or spaghetti is perfect date meal :"d

Song 962: Mandy Moore - Stupid Cupid

Onto more Disney surprises! This little film had everything for the perfect romance comedy!

I liked this role from Mandy, it's a total flip to her personality. But one thing remains the same: her innocent voice :"3 There is this retro sound to it, and it's kind of mean but also cute. She doesn't like that she's falling for someone so hard... Must be the scheme of someone. Summer is coming around, so you better be prepared when it comes creeping up. You'll come to your senses sooner or later.

Song 963: Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner - Written In The Stars

Rock/Rap/Epic Drama all wrapped up into one. This is the tune for the underdog. May they never back down.

I think there is a trend where artists (particularly rappers) who need to talk about how challenging entering music can be. But what sets this apart from others is how he knows it's all going to happen. He found his path, and therefore kept pursuing it until he went all the way. Now it's on my list right here. Isn't that amazing? I like Eric Turner's addition, it clashes so well with his voice. Keep cranking the hits Britain!

Song 964: Will Smith - Switch

He is one fascinating person: his main focus is acting, but once in a while he'll make a song. And when he does, it becomes a hit!

Here we have this number where he just wants to go down to the club and enjoy himself. That's it, simply said, nothing to make a fuss about. And with that, you've got yourself one sick beat, with the random violins, the weird introduction, and the girls singing in the background. He knows how to please the audience - may he entertain us forever.

Song 965: Britney Spears ft Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha - Till The World Ends (Remix)

Her biggest hit of last year got bigger with the addition of two fantastical stars! I'll tell you, it's amazing!

It's a bit different to the original, with the rap verse, the added vocals, and the instrument break down. There is more tension in my opinion, as each lady wants to outshine each other... But Britney still wins. This is the jam, and I know everyone can sing this song - that includes my dad! Not hard to say this is one good song. At the end of the day, if you're having fun and enjoying it, then it's all set! Keep going on strong!

Song 966: Pussycat Dolls - Sway

Wow, I didn't realize the history behind this song. It first began as a composed piece, then translated into English, and now there are endless versions of this.

I think this rendition clicks with them like no other. It's lively, it's sexy, and there are a lot of fun moments in the song. They're looking for only you, and all they want is to tango on the dance floor... and possibly more later on. From the 'oohs' to the 'ahs,' there's no denying that something so sultry and sensual can come from a 3-minute piece. Entertaining.

Song 967: The New Cities - Heatwave

The moment I heard this, I was like 'OH YEAH!' Another hit for the summer - it will come ^^

What makes it best is the sampling from this song. They make it fun and sweet, spending the days out in the sun only to find a way to cool down... ironic, isn't it? But no need to complain, beautiful days are meant to be spent outside... Not to mention the other scenery to check out if you catch my drift. Then we can party all day long. That's the good life.

Song 968: Taylor Swift - Mean

Even the sweetest people got to be tough! Take Taylor, she's been through a lot. She wasn't the most popular person in high school, and she admits it herself. So what does she do? Sing about it.

I don't understand bullies, they come and knock someone down, thinking less of them for reasons I can't explain. But wait until a few years later, and everything changes. The bullied becomes the beauty, the popular, while the bully is pretty much the same. And to top it all off, perform it on TV. That's gotta hurt.

Song 969: Blake Shelton - Honey Bee

I didn't know much about him, other than that he covered a Michael Bublé song. Then he comes on the show The Voice (love it!) and he performs this hit. Aw, it's so sweet!

He talks about my favourite sweetener, and his honesty is to die for. If you're his one thing, he'll be the complimentary piece to it. And the video - aug, it's so cute :"3 It reminds me of something... not going to say it! Whoever his interest is, I hope they say yes. After that whole list, it'd be hard to deny such a softy.

Oh golly gee, the 50s is where I should be! I love the way that they talked back then... I really should watch this movie, it looks like it would make me so happy.

And this song? Even more reasons to watch it! I didn't even know that The Beach Boys were in a Disney film. Add in Annette, and you've got the sweet sounds of the past. A nonsense song at its best, and all I want to do is dance! Can house parties be more like this?

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