Monday, April 30, 2012

Human Nature: Songs 1001 to 1010

Sometimes, we do these things because we can... can't explain, but it makes sense.

Song 1002: If this town is just an apple, then let me take a bite...

Song 1001: Usher - More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix)

This is a nice surprise from him, so it makes me sad when the video was... just a concert reel. Oh well...

I feel like I'm lost in an intense dance scene. I didn't even know this was a remix until I heard the original. Well, it's certainly different. But either way, he brings the energy and gets everyone up on their feet to move. And if you're begging to see what else he's got, all you got to do is scream - just let him know. It might be scary what he can do, but how can you resist such a talented artist? That's what I thought.

Song 1002: Michael Jackson - Human Nature

I'm so happy this song is on here, I thought it wasn't even on my phone. An excellent surprise indeed.

This is my all-time favourite song of his! I may not understand the meaning of Human Nature, but the idea leaves me always second guessing. The sound of this song always gets to me, that's why I love songs that sample it like this one, and another that will appear on this list. His lyrics are touching, and what he says is true: we are just curious people, and we may never understand why. Whatever the reason, believe it.

Song 1003: Jay-Z & Kanye West - N*ggas In Paris

Not sure if I do enjoy the radio edit of this - there are a lot of gaps in that version. But then again, I don't swear, so do I have any other choice?

I do admit that the beat is kind of addicting, but for what it is, I'm not really sure what they're talking about. All I know is that there is a reference to Mary Kate & Ashley, and that sh*t cray. But hey, if it gets you off your feet and rocking to the sweet sounds of a rap duo, then by all means do. I heard when they came to concert, they performed this six times. That real cray.

Song 1004: Bad Meets Evil ft Bruno Mars - Lighters

It was one of the most anticipated songs of last year, and I admit that it grew on me. One nice piece here.

In a world full of generic rap topics, this track comes and reminds people of what this genre is all about. Talk about making it up to the top when everyone was bad-mouthing you. Through all of that, you managed to pass it all and do it your own way. Isn't that amazing? And I'm still amazed that they talk slow but still I can't follow with their lyrics. Throw a little Bruno, and it's a perfect balance of soft and hard. What a sweet sound.

Song 1005: Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (The Lindbergh Palace Radio Edit)

There is something about the rhythm with this - I am addicted to it, and I think it's better than the original.

I enjoy that fantasy-dream sound, and I do think it should be used more often in music. It gives a different feeling to the song, like there is this sadness that wasn't hiding in the background. Plus, it's got violins; you know it's going to be a hit! All they remember about this person are these moments where they thought of you being someone else... but that was all pure imagination. It's the tragedy I keep listening to.

Song 1006: Teriyaki Boyz ft Pharrell & Busta Rhymes - ZOCK ON!

What a strange idea... and it all works so well.

Take a Japanese group known for this song, throw in Busta and Pharrell, and you've got yourself some classic hip-hop sounds from another side of the world. The sounds a little freaky, but maybe that's why I like it oh so much. Though I may not understand most of it, it's definitely worthy of playing in the club, on the streets, and people will pop to it. Can't get over this oddity, it's just so cool. Don't you agree?

Song 1007: Lifehouse - Undone

My friend showed me this song, and he told me that it reminds him of me... that is freaking awesome.

It's good to listen to your friends, how much they're sharing with you and the uplifting results when everything comes out. When you listen, you see another side of them that's rather beautiful. Pain is a part of life, and you can't keep that inside your whole life. Telling someone makes the hurt go away, it will make you feel better too. Such simple words, and an amazing sound they've got going on. Where to start.

Song 1008: All 4 One - I Can Love You Like That

For some reason, I always imagine my brother singing this song... it's just a funny reminder in my opinion.

But if cheesy romance is what you're looking for, the search is over. Here you'll find just about every romantic fairytale, the mushy moments that makes the girl's heart melt, and everything in between. What makes it work? The fact that these four men can sing it with power. With talent like that, I hope the girl takes a chance on him. Don't forget the dramatic key change, it adds more intensity. Nice touch indeed :"3

Song 1009: Lindsay Lohan - Drama Queen (That Girl)

I'm pretty sure I've said how much I adore this movie in previous posts, so let's get to it:

This is the theme for the movie, and it couldn't have been any better. It's the story of success and how she got there. I guess it's the teenie-bopper light-hearted version of a previous song on this list ^^ But all in good matter, it's a fantastic message: believe in yourself, and you will get all that you've ever asked for and more. Oh Lindsay, I hope one day we get this version of you back - I liked your music very much.

Song 1010: Melissa O'Neil - Kiss Goodnight

The one track I wish she made into a single... or was this because I had a crush on someone at the time?

Anyways, it's a nice song about making up after a big argument. You realize what you did was wrong, and now that lonely feeling comes around. That must suck. Nothing is right, and to make it all up, she has to see your face to apologize and hopefully it will all turn out on a good note. The last thing you want is to have misery on your mind, especially couples. Ah, it must be nice to have someone to care that much for you...

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