Monday, April 16, 2012

Irreplaceable: Songs 861 to 870

Wonderful production from these pieces, the lyrics (or lack of) takes your breath away!

Song #869: Baby I won't shed a tear for you, I won't lose a wink of sleep...

Song 861: Nelly Furtado ft Keith Urban - In God's Hands

This has to be one of the most beautiful duets I have ever heard. Their voices work well together.

The solo version is good on its own, but the addition of another voice adds more depth to the song. There's more emotional depth when there's two, how they understand that their relationship is gone back to where it belongs. From the piano to the soft guitar play in the beginning, it's a peaceful storm without any signs of a tragedy. It is sad, but it's a sweet way of closure to something that once was pure. Magnificent.

Song 862: Disney Cast - Ten Feet Off The Ground

For sure wholesome good fun! I need to watch this movie, it looks golly gee wonderful! Yippie!

It's all about the music, and the wonderful sounds that can bring people together. In this case, it's a family that performs together states together! So happy and delightful, I wish my family were talented like them! That's the future plan if everything fails, we're going to be one awesome band... or make a business using our given talents (whatever they may be) Here's to the good times, may they always be cherished forever.

Song 863: Lady Gaga - Yoü & I

This was cool sound from Gaga, it's nothing that you'd expect from her... in this case, it's a him.

Not sure of the alter ego's name, but he does have a lot of soul! He came back in town and realized what he got originally was all that he needed. It's a great piece from the man, and he's belting it out like there's no tomorrow - like how it should be. A little bit country sounding, but all the Monster herself. Gotta love her for art, because she can craft anything into a work of art: abstract, and it leaves you in awe.

Song 864: Alicia Keys - Teenage Love Affair

It's songs like these that make me wish I had a genuine relationship in high school... Too bad I went to an all-boys school -_-"

This is sung to a groovy tune, an appropriate time where young love was so innocent; I'm not sure about these days though. All that mattered was that they were together and taking their relationship nice and slow. So chilled and relaxed, she makes love seem so easy. I think it would be after having the guts to ask someone to go steady with you. Can't beat old school!

Song 865: DJ Binhtendo - Forbidden Colours (Remix)

What do I have to say about this song: it's so beautiful, and I never thought that instruments can make me feel so in depth with myself.

This was made for a movie that I still have to see, I need to know what it's all about. From the sound of it, there is a story of this love that is sacred but also shameful - where do you go from there? So many versions out there, including one with lyrics. I love this one because of the uptempo without drastic changes. It's a beautiful piece, I hope that I feel like this with someone someday.

Song 866: Owl City - Hello Seattle

I wonder why he picked this city of all places - but I really don't want to find out, otherwise my imagination might be broken from finding the truth.

He is very creative with his lyrics; I don't know what he's talking about, but I do enjoy it a lot. From one place he becomes all these things a child can fantasize about all day... he does it under three minutes. There must be some fascinating and splendid visions that he sees, makes me wish I could see the way Adam Young views the world. Let's be abstract!

Song 867: Bobby Fabulous & Phineas - Fabulous

This was one great episode from Phineas & Ferb - never underestimate the power of young people!

And this song: wow, so much life in here, it's quite the production! It's not a lot of singing, but more of convincing. He makes the hairstylist feel special and good about himself, and who doesn't enjoy that? Especially when it's set to such a disco-esque beat? When you've got it, you must flaunt it! Now it reminds me of this song. Consider this the condensed-face paced version. Time to sashay on the catwalk!

Song 868: Sean Kingston ft Nicki Minaj - Letting Go (Dutty Love)

It's about being free and expressing who you really are, so I find it strange that he samples this song.

But nonetheless, he adds a tropical twist to it and makes it his own. He's telling you to unwind and relax, let your stress melt away out of existence. Take a moment, breathe, and feel how good it is just to be where you are. And of course, Nicki Minaj comes in to make the sound more... inviting. It's a nice clash, I think they should make more songs together.

Song 869: Beyoncé Knowles - Irreplaceable

Everyone loved this song, it's empowering to tell someone which way to walk out the door!

It's the end of a relationship - no teary eye in sight at all. Instead, she's taking a stand, saying this isn't the end of the world and that are people much better than you and will treat me better than you ever did. You go girl, tell 'em how it is! She sang this in the hospital, and everyone joined in... this might be one of my favourite songs of hers. Oh B, you can never do anything wrong, everything keeps getting better with you!

Song 870: Britney Spears - I Wanna Go

Comic relief from Britney, and it couldn't be any better!

She's poking fun at herself - got to love her for her personality. The production is amazing, and it gets everyone off their feet; that's including my cousin who's not much of a fan of hers. Although I'm thinking about something else with the song, let's focus on her rendition: people are waiting for her to blow up and get out of control. If it's a show they want, then that is what they're going to get from her. A fun performance at the concert, and the video does seem familiar. Funny.

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