Monday, April 9, 2012

Little Wonders: Songs 791 to 800

The anticipation of something exciting is worth the wait. Let all the examples of satisfaction show you in today's list.

Song #799: It's the heart that really matters in the end...

Songs 791: Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

I like this version the best, it's simplicity at its finest. The released version is too much of a production.

He's pouring out his heart because he's finally done it - he's found the one who he gives his whole heart to (isn't that wonderful?) It's got him doing silly things and he can't contain the excitement anymore; he's going to yell it to the top of his lungs! And it only took his voice and a guitar to make my heart melt. Amazing what your brother finds on the internet, it sometimes happens to be the sweetest thing.

Songs 792: Melissa O'Neil - Alive

I did use to watch Canadian Idol, but I never understood why after two songs, I didn't hear anything else. And it's sad, because I really like Season 3's winner, and I wish she continued with music. Oh well, be happy with what you got.

Cheesy inspirational songs, what else would you expect after winning a big competition? It's about being tired with what yo typically do, and wanting to try something out of the comfort zone. From there, you might find excitement. Lovely voice, come back?

Songs 793: B4-4 - Go Go

The two-hit wonder group: better than one hit wonders.

No, I cannot find anything dirty with this song, nor do I want to attempt to think about it that way! If we're on the same page, then let's get things rolling! The paint the perfect situation for the young adult wanting to have a good night: it's Friday, feeling good, and they feel unstoppable. So what's holding you back with letting loose? Absolutely nothing. I never understood the video at the end, but now I do... Go childhood!

Songs 794: Disney Chorus - Little April Shower

What an interesting film, it's like looking at a perspective with life. And the music makes it vivid.

This one seems joyous about raindrops, all sung to a cheery tune... then the dramatic mid-section comes in out of nowhere. I'm not sure whether to feel whimsical or scared, but I think it's like showing the path a raindrop makes its way through the night. But remember, after showers comes the sun to brighten the day. Be glad for April, it will bring you joy!

Songs 795: LMFAO - La La La

Nope, that two-lettered word never gets annoying, no matter how many times you want to use it. When in doubt, use it to sing any song - works like a charm.

Not really sure where I found this song, but it has a good beat, and it's a bit mesmerizing. He feels good with what he has, this special someone that takes him where no one has taken him before. It's the chilled side of LMFAO, and it's enjoyable. So jealous, they have Chelsea Korka in the video - she is my new obsession! They do know how to make a hit.

Songs 796: Jibbs ft Melody - Go Too Far

I thought this was one of the sweetest rap songs I've ever heard... I found out they be sampling Janet Jackson. Still the sweetest rap ever!

It's the teenage relationship coated with innocence, a time so long ago I can't remember it myself. He wants her so bad, but she wants to take it slow, otherwise they might regret their actions. His verses are soft, and Melody's voice compliments the ambience of the song - like a modern day he said, she said story.

Songs 797: Katy Perry - Peacock

Well, this is one interesting song from Miss Perry. Shall we guess what she's talking about?

I think that's the amusement behind this track, that there is no clear definition of what she means by peacock. Taking from this point of view, I'll say that she wants to see your confidence come out and reveal something she's been expecting for so long. It's a catchy little tune - but why must there be such suggestive lyrics in here?! Oh Katy, must you be a tease... your wild side is making me blush.

Songs 798: Elise Estrada - Insatiable

Local talent, and she's Filipino! I still find it weird that it's spelt with an 'F.' Moving on...

She auditioned for the radio talent show, and I am glad she won. This song brings so many memories of my teen days, it made me so happy that I was smiling like an idiot. If you want to get to know her, better know ALL of her - she ain't no one trick pony! Such a happy tune, and she looks gorgeous in the video. The more you get to know someone, the better the experience. Excuse me, I got to find a fountain to dance around d":

Songs 799: Rob Thomas - Little Wonders

Truly, this has to be one of the best Disney film of all time. It's the only movie I cried at the end (you'd be surprised the journey you take watching this).

What a perfect song... in general. Such a warm message, how we should cherish each moment and how everything comes and goes. The important thing is to hold onto the small significances that make us who we are. So glad my friend showed me this song, it's like a drama with the happy ending that makes you feel satisfied. Surely, this is what life is all about.

Songs 800: Dev - In The Dark

I think if she made more songs like these, her star power would shoot off the charts in a heartbeat!

This the only track I call that they played on the radio - and it's not hard to see why. The beat is pumping, has this Latin flare to it, and it feels sexy. Plus, the way that she talks gives me the chills all around. When all alone, it's like you're doing things that you don't see yourself, feeling a sensation that's unexpected. The mystery kills you, but you don't want to ruin this satisfaction. After listening, I feel very satisfied.

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