Saturday, April 7, 2012

Love Is On The Line: Songs 771 to 780

Let's get down to business, action-packed thrills coming your way! With some slow tunes for those who can't handle too much fun d":

Song #779: Your love is addictive, when you grind you create a lot of friction...

 Song 771: Bruce Healey - Fantasmic!

I think I've seen this show once, and from what I remember, it was pretty epic.

So what else to suit it better than a tale of a masterpiece? It's like they telling the whole story without saying a word. There is joy, laughter, everything within 3 minutes - but it feels like forever. That's not a bad thing, but then I wonder exactly how long is the show? Whenever I go back to Disneyland, I must time it. Maybe there's a lot going on, not sure. Just have to experience that for myself once again.

Song 772: Simon Curtis - 8Bit Heart

If geek-romance songs were a genre, I think Simon Curtis would dominate it.

All he wants is a mutual love he can share with someone, and it's so sweet because it's honest. And his voice is very slick with the mood. It's like he's describing me, this is all I want. But I don't want to show it, and its all said to a game-beat that slowly turns into a dance track. It's not wrong to be loved, just got to keep finding it. Don't worry, it will come!

Song 773: Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love

I love the music video for this, especially when the kids bring their computer into the pool - I always wanted to try that. Good thing I didn't.

Her introduction to the world (or at least the song that made her big) and it showed everything about her: her voice, her beauty, and her moves. Before she gives it all away, she must know if you are worthy of it. Of course, it's perfect because of the violins and the introduction is like a creeper with a satisfying end. Amazing how years later, the world is still watching.

Song 774: Michael Bublé - Everything

See, his original songs are amazing! I wonder if he'll release an album with just that one day...

It's wholesome, it's pure, and it feels so right. The way it flows makes you feel so happy, that the world seems so good in the moment. Simple piano, simple guitars, and you've got yourself a hit - oh, don't forget the crooner's voice. So romantic, how he feels perfect when that special someone is around. I tried singing this, I don't know how he does it so effortlessly. Please teach me how to sing!

Song 775: The Bird & The Bee - How Deep Is Your Love

Yes, I did watch the movie, and yes, I did enjoy it. I was a bit sad to hear this song in such a sad scene, because this cover it beautiful.

Compared to the original, there is such a different sound, and I actually enjoy this much more. Her voice is beautiful, and it suits the lyrics so well. I imagine such an organic video to it, our innocence, balloons... I don't know, I just think of a happy place when this comes around. Such a cute band, hope I get a chance to hear more from them soon!

Song 776: Natasha Bedingfield ft Sean Kingston - Love Like This

She is one interesting artist, don't you think? Her material isn't always played, but once it a while she'll make a radio hit. Hope it comes back, I miss her.

It's a summer-love anthem, where you take things easy and enjoy the sunshine. You can hold hands while strolling on the walkway, and have no care in the world. Add in Kingston, and it's adorable. What they've got is good, and nothing is going to take that away from them. Songs like these make me anticipate for summer; bring on the heat and romance ^^

Song 777: The Fray - You Found Me

Another band that needs to come back - their music is so good, no questions asked.

In the toughest parts of his life, he needs someone to rely on. And although it may seem unbearable, they always seem to show up in desperate measures. I think that's what the song is about; if not, I might need to listen to it again. It's very melodic, and they've created a sound that's rather signature to them. There might be a deeper message to the song, and I'm interested to explore the sound that is The Fray.

Song 778: Rihanna - Rude Boy

Apparently, this is one of the few appropriate tracks on the album Rated R - but this isn't that friendly.

What sucks me in is that dang melody, I'm just taken in right away. That tropical sound is addictive, and it brings out a wild side of me that I hope none of you see. I think this song is one of her wildest, because she's telling this boy what she likes - plus, she wants to have play time. Cool video, and I even made a mashup to this song. In my opinion, it's a summertime kind of song - alright for some summer lovin'.

Song 779: GoodFellaz - Love Is On The Line

When I first heard this, I thought Justin Timberlake is making music again... False alarm.

They are a BC duo, and once it played on the radio, I knew I had to get it! If I knew how, I would break dance to this - it's my jam! The situation is that they're interested, but that other person won't give in. If you've got nothing to lose, put your heart in it! The raps are fun, but I'm in it for the singing - so good. The video is... typical, but nonetheless it shows their active side to sports. Love doesn't mean zero in this case!

Song 780: Randy Crenshaw - Perry The Platypus

Only the geniuses behind this show would be clever enough to put an egg-laying mammal as a secret agent. And of course, I am in love with the concept! Give him his own theme song, and it's brilliant! Seriously, this has to be one of the best animated series created. Make it sound like a James Bond theme, and wow! I can't believe this lasts for a minute. And what makes it better? Having Wayne Newton perform this in Las Vegas! It makes so much sense, I hope they still have this going on when I visit. I mean, who can resist his sound? Make me swoon.

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