Friday, April 6, 2012

Miracles Happen: Songs 761 to 770

The sound of your life may go in many directions. Either way, there is a song for every occasion. Enjoy every minute of it.

Song #769: You can do anything, don't be afraid, we're gonna find our way...

 Song 761: Marika - Radio

What a coincidence, I found this song on the radio! It's part serious, part fun, and all attitude!

What ever happened to those days where you dedicate a song to a loved one on the air? This is her confessing her affection towards someone out in public. It's really catchy, and the beat is quite simple with the clap chant and guitar rifts. Hopefully the radio never dies, that's where I go to for new music you know! I wondered what happened to her, because after this, never heard of her again...

Song 762: Taylor Swift - Love Story

Not really sure what version I have, but I think it's from the album. Not the point...

One of Taylor's biggest hits, where she puts a twist to the Shakespeare story. She creates a forbidden love, the secrecy, and the tale keeps on getting bigger and better. There is a point where you think it all comes to an end, only to be brought back up to the happy ending. With the key changes and all the pizazz, it's truly a great song; loved her performance at the concert. And I enjoy this cover.

I wish this song was longer, because it's one of my favourite from her! The story is enjoyable, but for some reason I'm left a little bit sad. There is more to know...

The girl she talks about is funky and fresh, she's dancing to her own beat, and doesn't care what the world thinks of her. I'm taken away with this track. And the sound to this song is cool, I really like the intro to the song. I found this while looking at Animated Music Videos (AMV), but I couldn't find the one I first saw it with. So I'll leave you with this one, it's well done.

Song 764: The Veronicas - 4ever

More AMV songs! Unfortunately, the video got removed. Bummer...

It's serious teen angst where you just want to give in to your desires. The mood is eery, but tensions are high. What I really enjoy is the mood toward the situation, where they are insisting that one little action is harmless. Who knows, you might be on the ride of your life. It's the song for those who say 'life is too short,' and honestly, I think you should just go for it. Sometimes, I wish I took my own advice d":

Song 765: Jelleestone ft Nelly Furtado - Friendamine

Wouldn't the world sound better if we all took something from Daft Punk? I think it would.

Here we have the Canadian rapper teaming up with a fellow pop star to talk about betrayal. After all that is said and done, it doesn't seem like you can trust people the way you use to before. The lyrics give you something to think about, and it might make you upset - but that's OK. It's strange how the most uncomfortable songs can make you feel better, because sometimes they say things you can't.

Song 766: Samuel E. Wright - Under The Sea

Nothing beats the music from this water-packed film! Now if I could learn how to play instruments on land...

I wonder how Ariel could resist Sebastian's convincing after listening to such a fun song. If I were part fish, I'd totally stay! And he does make a lot of good points: it's more vivid, and everyone around you is a friend - except for those who want to eat you. Never underestimate the power of a shell fish, because they've got a lot of rhythm in them! Party on!

Song 767: Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love

So, who saw this movie? I remember watching this with my cousin - we were in our early teens. Yeah, not the best choice for a sleep over film.

I do enjoy his covers, they are more dramatic than the original. And with Manson's rendition, you would have no idea that it came from the 80s. The rawness of the song makes the naughty side come out of you; or something evil at least. It may seem scary at first, but after a few listens, it's just letting the wild animal come out of you. Be untamed and let it all out!

Song 768: Glee - Dancing With Myself

I'm still on the fence with this version, I mean it's nothing like the original - just give me some time.

There is a folky twist to the track, and it's all about Artie moving to his own beat. It's slow, but his vocal arrangement is nice here. The way the track was made gives the mood of "so the world hates me... meh." If something's not going your way, shrug it off and keep on moving forward. I like Artie's voice, and hopefully when the show comes back, there will be more solos from him; not rapping, please!

Song 769: Myra - Miracles Happen

Everything was so right with this film, I wonder when this side of Disney will make its return.

It's one of those soundtracks that you enjoy from beginning to end, and this song is all you need for proof. Being the main theme to the movie, I must say it's one excellent choice. The message is uplifting, her voice is breezy and light, plus it's enough cheese without going overboard. I need more songs like these in my life - I need more Myra! Her only other single was for another film. Wonder where she is now...

Song 770: Sweet Thing - Dance Mother

I heard this on the radio, and thought it was so funny! Because when I first heard it, they said 'mother mother' in the chorus... That's not the case with the album version.

He doesn't really want to get on the floor, but there's someone that's tempting him so that he can get closer. Even rock stars got to show their moves to impress their interest, otherwise that would seem out of their behaviour. High energy, loud guitars, it's the perfect formula where you dance like there's no tomorrow.

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