Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not Your Birthday: Songs 711 to 720

The perfect list for those who want to release their inner teenie-bopper of every era... what a nice blend of the old and new.

Song #718: Bump that, bring it back, put it on repeat...

 Song 711: Outasight - Tonight Is The Night

I first heard this on the radio, and I just knew I had to download this! Amazing what radio plays sometimes...

It's like that there is a hint of singing while he's rapping, which is always enjoyable. Don't know what it is, but when I hear it, it puts me in a good mood right away. Am I the type to go to house parties? Well, I haven't been to one before... but if I did, I might do just exactly what he does in the video. I mean, karaoke? Spin the bottle? Bowling? That sounds like my kind of party. Hope to hear more from him, I'm interested in him.

Song 712: Lady Gaga - LoveGame

What is a Disco Stick?! Don't answer T_T

She's certainly comfortable talking about the touchy topic, and puts it through clever disguise. Something might happen from nothing, and when it does, go for it! That's what I think she is saying, at least. The beat has this mellow-dramatic dance beat to it, and it gets people dancing in a silly mood - or starting to act really... out of their element. What happens between them is only for one night - what have you got to lose when cupid is squeezing your tush?

Song 713: Aqua - How R U Doin?

I really missed Aqua and wonder where they went. My friend's friend told me they came back, and they had a new song. Curious and excited, I did some research: behold, the debut for the new album Megalomania.

It's a little reminiscent from their old sound, with a video to match the style of the old days... just in a darker format. Yes, the message is more literal than their old material, but changes happen when they have parted for 10 years. It's a nice to be reminded why I love them so much: their weirdness can't be replaced.

Song 714: S Club 7 - I Really Miss You

I can't believe they had a TV show, I really want to watch the series for the heck of it!

From the few episodes I saw, I remember seeing this scene. I don't remember what happens in the episode, but I instantly fell in love with this. Rachel's my favourite member, and her voice is so soothing to hear - the innocence of her words make me want to say 'aw' repeatedly. All the stupid things we do are the ones that we cherish the most. Hope that their new sound will be pure like this, I love them so much.

Just look at the vultures, don't they resemble someone very familiar? I'm pretty sure that's where the inspiration came from. Didn't know this film had different styles of music.

I like the barber-shop quartet sound that they have going on, and their message is wonderful: when in need, you can always rely on your pals to lift you up when you are down. Such a jiving tune!

Song 716: Backstreet Boys - All I Have To Give

They always played this on the radio, but I'm not really sure when this was released? It's one of those songs that you know the lyrics to, and never question how it came to be a hit...

But it's the song where they say they are a better match for their interest than the lover they're with - said in the most sweetest way, of course. But with such swooners, how can you resist five boys that would give you all their love just for a chance to be with you? Boy groups knew what was going on!

Song 717: Ilene Woods - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

It's a song that makes you believe in all that you do. This has to be the most wonderful film they have made.

When you feel sorrow, just have a little dream and in good time, you know it will come true. Keep the faith alive, and surely it will come to you. Plus, her voice is angelic, though I don't believe an 18-year old could sound like that... Disney Channel Stars made a cover, and it's so well done. Look at Cinderella, her dreams came true! So keep on dreaming...

Song 718: Allstar Weekend - Not Your Birthday

I didn't know much about them, other than the Family Channel promoting them like crazy. Then I saw this film (I liked it!) and the song came in... I was taken in!

I love everything about it: teen angst, not giving a damn, and just being yourself. This down brought me up when I felt down, silly as that may seem. Whether you're having a bad day or just bored, party it up! There is no need for an occasion, but if you must: it's because you're freakin' awesome. That's all the reasoning I need! Time to nod your head :"D

Song 719: Carly Rae Jepsen - Bucket

This is her before the exposure; it's so adorable! Poor little kid, all he wants to do is make a sand castle.

The lazy-beach track gets you all fussed up because of the storyline, but if you're willing to help, we can accomplish this mission! A very enjoyable song, and it makes me want to go to the beach... even when the weather isn't that great. In my mind, I think it would sound cool if it was remixed into a Bollywood version - just a thought (might work on it some time).

Song 720: Cherie - I'm Ready

The film where I found this song had one really good soundtrack - not ashamed to say it!

Yeah, it's a generic chick-flick type of song, but I'm a sucker for them. This one is about finding the love of her life; I thought it was about beginning a new chapter in your life >.<" Either way, she's willing to take whatever comes her path, and she's excited about it! What ever happened to such friendly-songs like these? I think they need to come back so the inner child can be brought back within me :"3

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