Friday, April 20, 2012

Pretty Girl Rock: Songs 901 to 910

So much beauty going on in one list - just don't be a narcissist about it d";

Song #904: Get yourself together don't hate, jealousy's the ugliest trait...

Song 901: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

I think everyone was obsessed with him, especially when this track came out - it's a pleasant tune.

The melody is perfect, and he's got a lot of reasons to be happy. He doesn't see why this girl is so hard on herself, when there are people who would kill for her looks. And if he thinks you are beautiful, is there any other opinion that matters? Me thinks not. To prove it, he put it all in a love song. Aw, isn't that adorable? What a crooner, hope he never disappears from the music scene - his words are like a charm.

Song 902: Michael Franti & Spearhead - Say Hey (I Love You)

The first time I heard this was also the first time I rode while my cousin was driving. Oh, twice the excitement!

She didn't know who the artist the playing, because her friend made her a CD. That same day, I magically found the song - don't know how it happened, but it was amazing. It's like a crazy beach kind of song, where I can jive on the beach or drink on something delicious. A little bit jumbled, but it's all good fun. A feel good song to enjoy. How wonderful.

Song 903: Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me

Go ahead and take everything away from me, in the end I still have my voice for all to hear.

I love Natasha Bedingfield, her songs are full of power and strong emotions that you feel for yourself. No matter what a person can do to you, there will be parts of you that they will never have. Stand tall and be proud of who you are, no you should bring you down for that. It's amazing what one voice can do, the difference it can make, and the impact it puts on everyone else. A great message with a great song.

Song 904: Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

I don't know how I found this song, but once I heard it, I had to spread it for all to listen! It's catchy.

This is all about confidence, knowing who you are and expressing it for all to see. She's not being cocky, it's a message that says that we are all beautiful, and we should feel like that everyday. Plus, she pays tribute to some great women in the video like her and them. Keep doing what you do, because you're adored simply for that. Also, it's a great confidence booster - yes, that includes the boys too. They need lovin' too.

Song 905: Avril Lavigne - Freak Out

For some reason, I thought this was a new song. I heard this when they were promoting this show... Turns out, I had this song all this time!

From the album "Under My Skin" comes this little ditty about letting go and doing things on your own term. It's like a teen anthem in its own right, where you just have to experience some moments for yourself to feel alive. Nothing wrong with that, just remember to be careful in whatever you do. And the beat is lively, it gets me in the best mood that words can't describe. Awesome.

Song 906: Girls Generation - The Boys

Hooray for the Koreans, they all want to make it big in North America! The problem? I never hear their songs on the radio... why is that? Come on, give them a chance, you know you'll like it!

It's cool that they want to sing in English, and I hope they continue at it. If there is anything to say, it's nothing compared to their previous work. Like they want to reinvent themselves? Either way, this is one song to pop and lock - wish I could move half as good as them. Good to sing along, keep them coming!

Song 907: Sugar Jones - How Much Longer

Looking back at the past, there were a lot of talent shows... But this one had to be the best! Although the band's name was stupid, they made nice songs.

It's like walking into a dream, filled with strange fantasies that left me with wonderment. They can't wait for a love to call their own, but this doesn't make me sad - it makes me feel hopeful. Everything about them was wholesome and pleasant, I wish they never went away. Maybe one day a talent show will come back and give me something that sounds like this.

Song 908: Lights - February Air

Two months late, but it's still refreshing to hear this song! I didn't know that most of her songs were released a long time ago... Just shows you what quality music is.

I think it's about love, but others says that it's about trust. In the video, she's with an astronaut - it really can go either way. Let's say that it's the unexpected things that you have to expect, because life is full of twists and turns. When something isn't going your way, have a little faith in one another. It will be all right.

Song 909: Eva Avila - Give Me The Music

One great dance track! I wish she made more songs like these, the rest felt a bit... sluggish.

She was the winner of Canadian Idol, but it wasn't until the second album that I got into her music. This is pumping and overall a thrill of a good time. I do think it could be faster, but she was heading towards the right direction. Her voice is incredible, and it's such a shame that she didn't release anything after this album. Another Canadian talent that has gone missing. We patiently wait for the next sensation to come...

I never understood the concept of singles released on the radio - I mean, it's great to hear something from the artist, but I always expect a video to come out.

But when I think of it, this might be one of my favourite songs from him. The beat is so cool, you can imagine yourself on the streets or on the beach, it takes you wherever you want to be. Being serious and all, they don't know if they'll last past the sun shiny days... He wants more than just a fling. A hidden soft side shown here ^^. What's even better is this remix, the opposite.

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