Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Someday We'll Know: Songs 731 to 740

Like a timeline of songs, from the silly to the beautiful. What songs describe you?

Song #732: So many questions, I need an answer...

Song 731: Aqua - Barbie Girl

The song that made them a star... or a one hit wonder? Either way, I'll love this band forever :"D

Who doesn't know the lyrics to this song? They took a doll and gave it her own theme song - you know you're famous if you can get that. There was a lawsuit with the company, only to use their song in their commercials. I guess that says something: no matter how much you don't like a song, you'll eventually give in and start following the trend. Oh Aqua, you geniuses. I hope I hear more of this comical stuff soon!

Once again, the best movie ever! It's so sweet and every song in the film just has such wonderment.

I'm surprised that most of the songs were not made from the movie - they came from the 90s. How genius is that? This is a cover, but this version has more in-depth perspective on love... that, or I really enjoy the duet. Their voices go nicely with each other, and it leaves you in awe. Amazing what your sister finds in music when she was looking for another song. I even did a cover today :"3

Song 733: Linkin Park - Numb

I do like this band, they're very talented and they always surprise me with their rapping and screaming.

This song gets to me, probably because I relate to the whole "I want to be myself" message. Chester has this unique voice, and only he can blend his calmness with anger. I don't quite understand the video, but I guess it shows that if you feel lost, you just got to get back on track and continue on. They have the best messages.

Song 734: Janelle Monáe - Cold War

There are so many reasons I love her, but if I had to pick one, it's because of her voice. She can just sing a song, and you'll be left in awe... and that's what she did in her music video!

The message is powerful, how it's all about life and that you got to be tough with every decision that you make. Very dramatic sounding, but nothing less I would expect from her. She can conquer any sound, and hopefully she will release new material. For now, I can enjoy this song and her stunning gift.

Song 735: M2M - Don't Say You Love Me

So, does anyone know how this song relates to the movie? I guess when it comes to marketing, these people knew how to attract the kids.

This is how they were introduced to the world, and boy was this song popular. There music was innocent and what they said was pure from the heart. If it's meant to be, give it some time because she's not ready for it. It flows so naturally, and lately I wish there were songs like these on the radio: sincerity, and honesty. Wow, we must have been really emotional in the 90s.

Song 736: Busted - Sleeping With The Light On

I need a show like the HitList again, because they always showed me British music!

When they introduced me to the band, I didn't care much about the first single. But when this came around, there was a part of me that wanted to resist it... eventually, I gave in. He hates that he's alone in the dark, needing someone by his side to relieve those cold nights. Can't help it, just a sucker for them whiny teen anthems. Don't tell me you were like this before, pretty sure we've all been there.

Song 737: Enrique Iglesias ft Nicole Scherzinger - Heartbeat

This song didn't really make an impact on the radio nor on TV, and I don't understand - it's wonderful.

These two are in an awkward position, not knowing whether what they're feeling is natural. There is something that is holding them back, and they don't understand this barrier between the two. Such a simple melodic beat, and I'm taken in right away. It brings you back to the basics, a developing love that isn't quite there. Rather a beautiful confusion that makes you wish you knew the answer already.

Song 738: Thompson Square - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

One night, I was watching a Country Music Award show (not sure which one), and I saw this winning single of the year? Either way, it deserves the award.

This is what I call Country! There's a storyline, a lot of emotions, and full of great times. The message is straight: if you're interested, let me know. Cheery beat, and it makes me wish I had the guts to kiss the people I'm interested in... probably not a good idea. All in all, a cute song with good harmonies. Perhaps I should begin expanding my Country side, might be worth it.

By now, everyone has sampled this song, and I'm pretty sure they still play this in the club. In comes Derulo, and it becomes a revived edition of the oldie.

I like the sampling in this, because it's just there, and nothing else. He doesn't ruin the sound, he's just giving us the mood he's in when it comes on. He'll be dancing all night, and I'll stay to see him move - he can DANCE. Now, if he didn't say his name so many times and gave up the auto tune, I'm pretty sure there will be more success coming his way. Long live sampling!

Well, this is one twisted fantasy. From sleeping in her bed, she's dancing in the desert and all of a sudden becomes a robot... But she's still Beyoncé.

No matter what way I view this, it doesn't give me the dark vibe it's going for but rather a dance-track sprinkled with a little mystery. She really wants to know who this person is, whether it's in her mind or whether it's reality. The beat is so cool, I'll describe it as a 'running in the rainforest' sound... that's what pops up in my mind. Really, she makes anything cool.

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