Sunday, April 15, 2012

Teen Titans: Songs 851 to 860

It's like everyone came out to play and put on one good show! Bravo!

Song #852: 'Cause when the world is losing all control...

Song 851: Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

Ah, the song that's playing everywhere you go - I absolutely love it! Can we say this year's song?!

Yeah, it was released sometime in November, but I don't get year-end countdowns. The moment I heard it, a big grin came on my face; such a good-feel pop track! We've all been there before, hoping that the one you have a crush will make the move and everything will be alright. It's the anticipation that kills us and leaves us in such a great mood! Even if you're not in love, it's still fantastic to sing along! Finally big break!

Song 852: Puffy Ami Yumi - Teen Titans

Oh my, hands down the best animated series I've seen! What ever happened to these shows?

Take a Japanese duo to sing the theme, and the results are absolutely amazing! I'm not usually into superhero themed shows, but this one caught my attention - probably because of the song. My favourite member was Starfire, I loved the way she talks. It's like one big cheer for the team, almost kind of juvenile... just the way I like it ^^ Go teenagers!

Song 853: Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight

I remember the days when my sister would play this in the car, and how we would sing this out loud out of pure excitement. This is one addicting song.

Your day seems crummy and it's not going anywhere... until they came along. Now your heart is beating faster, the world seems brighter, what has gotten into you? Could it be? No, not this quick anyways. Oh what the heck, just go with it! You'll certainly feel better with this state of mind. And the beat: so simple, but such an energy booster. C";

When I was young, I loved parades. I don't know why I don't have an interest for them anymore... sad.

Does this one still exist? When it comes to Disney, the parks are always changing. I think I saw this once, and I must say that I really enjoyed it. The fact that your favourite characters light up the night is something pure magic - kind of makes your Christmas Tree jealous of all the twinkling sparkles, eh?

Song 855: Coldplay - Viva La Vida

A few days ago, the remix appeared on this list. Today, we have the original. Yay!

With such a classical feel, I don't think anyone could hate this song. It's a sound that you don't hear much that often, and that is what makes it unique. The message is rather sad, but it's put to such a whimsical beat - what are you suppose to feel? To me, I feel like I am open soul, being optimistic with the world (that weird?) That's the thing with Coldplay, never afraid to try out new sounds - and look where it's gotten them.

Song 856: Adele - Rolling In The Deep

The biggest song of last year was released two years ago... OK, I'm done venting about it.

I liked this song when it came out, the rhythm is powerful. Then it gained attention, and they killed this on the radio; makes me wonder how many broken hearts are out there. Regardless of the message, it's one fun song to sing at karaoke - my aunt even sang along! The strength of this song has such a healing power to one's soul, it helps you get over that someone. Cry a little, and gain a whole lot of fame.

Song 857: Betty Noyes - Baby Mine

One of the sweetest and most underrated film Disney has made - animals have pure emotions.

This shows the ability a mother has to take care of their child. Even though they cannot be together, she can still sing a song that will stop the tears flowing from their little face. That sweet voice of an angel does wonders for a youngin, mothers are truly the perfect people on earth. The great lengths they go to, they do whatever it takes to make you happy. Thanks mom!

Song 858: Justin Bieber ft Ludacris - Baby

Let's go back in time, when I didn't like Justin Bieber... how dumb was I? I had no reason to have hatred for him, like the thousands of people who do (really?)

One day on vacation, my sister thought it would be a great idea that we all sing this to my dad - wow, the power of one word repeatedly sung! This is his best song, it's exciting, sounds reminiscent to the past, and you act a fool; that's a good thing! And then there's the rap... Can this song get any better? I'm amazed by how many girls know it, simply blows my mind :"D

Song 859: SoulDecision - Cadillac Dress

When I heard this band was coming back, I was excited! But something seemed off...

With a new sound and a bunch of new members, it wasn't the same band that I remembered. I think this was their 'sexy mature' side of them - I still consumed their stuff. Not sure why the title, but he talks about wanting this person so bad that he's baring all emotions out (even if it means being naked) All sung to a funky beat, and it works with them. Goodbye pop, hello soul! Not bad of an attempt, wish it lasted longer.

I didn't even know this was a remix because this was the only version I heard on the radio!

The original mix is slow, and kind of depressing. Speed up the tempo, add some danger sounds, and you've got a dance number coming right your way! When I hear this, I am reminded of Grad Dinner Dance - what a fun night! Now it sounds comical, and it's much more enjoyable this way. I can't believe this song is three years old, amazing how time flies by. Let there be more adventures all day long!

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