Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yellow: Songs 941 to 950

Just remember you the bomb! And soon enough, love will come to you. It's all good :"D

Song #942: I swam across, I jumped across for you, oh what a thing to do...

Song 941: Elvis Presley - Burning Love

This is one sweet song from the King of rock - the sweetest sounds truly stands the test of time.

After watching Viva Elvis, it's hard to pick a favourite song. But I did buy the album, and the way it's remastered still blow my mind! This song feels right, you don't care how you act because this romance has got you in flames. You know that's going to be a good thing! Plus, it was used in such a cute film... it's a nice tribute to his music. May he be remembered for such a free soul that he was. His music lives on forever!

Song 942: Coldplay - Yellow (Acoustic Version)

Forever will and always be my favourite song from the band. This is perfection, they chose the right colour.

Everything about you is beautiful, and I love you for exactly that. No other words could be said to say how much he feels. The acoustic version always gets to me, and so does the original - I'm so glad that they still play this time to time. With just a guitar and a little shaker, you get such an amazing pieces that takes your breath away. These are the words dedicated just for you. Coldplay, you know how to make the hits.

Song 943: Jacksoul - Pieces Of Me

When I saw this track on the CD, it was pretty much the deal breaker for my purchase. Money well spent.

It's a different approach to the song that we've come to know (will appear on list). Very lounge and modern, only a sound that Jacksoul can master. There doesn't feel like there's a secret, like they passed through the bad times and all that's left is smooth sailing. To him, it's one catchy song that he couldn't escape; to me, it's one heck of a cover which he makes his own. He left such wonderful music behind, and I thank him for that.

Song 944: Shawn Desman - Shook (Uomo Remix)

Now this is the song that everyone knew and sang to! I didn't know this was a remix for the longest time. The original appears on this list. That considered a repeat?

This one is pumping and high energy, it makes me want to fashion some baggy clothes and jump and move like I'm a pimp... or something along the lines of that? He's telling a story about this girl that's got him going out of his mind. And when it sounds like this, it must be serious. All I've got to say: bring it on.

Song 945: Liz Phair - Extraordinary

To be fair, I only heard her songs in movies. This one's for this movie. It's edgier, don't you think?

She has this attitude going on, and it best describes the song: I don't care what you think, because all you see is the surface. When you get to know me, you'll find more than the first impression. The classic message of everything is not what it seems, and I adore it. And the rhythm tells the exact same thing - it's quite sneaky of her when you think of it. Girl, where did you go? I need more chick-flick songs in my life!

Song 946: Danger - 88h88

One day I was reading a blog, and one of the posts was introducing this new band. They claimed them as the new Daft Punk - but I don't see the resemblance.

The sound is a bit dark, somewhat strange, but full-on aweseomesauce. At first, my curiosity brings me to new heights only to be lost by my senses. Then, I come back down to reality... or is it more imagination? It's nothing like the music I listen to, but it was so different that I wanted more. There are remixes to this; I prefer the original. I need to be lost more often...

Song 947: Richard White & Jesse Corti - Gaston

Hey, even bad guys need some love when they're feeling down... Even if they're strong and buff like this one from a movie that I love oh so much.

With the help of his friends, Gaston gets back on his feet doing what he does best: selling himself. He's accomplished a lot in his life, and you would be blown away by some things he does. It's a nice confidence booster - wouldn't we all like that once in a while?

Song 948: Cobra Starship ft Sabi - You Make Me Feel...

I simply can't get enough of this song, it's one of their best! Nothing compared to the old material, but the sound works with them. Experimental success!

The video is cute, although I tend to think of another concept: it involves the colours black and white. He's been looking so hard for the one that makes him speechless, the one that gets him crazy that he can't think straight. Add in Sabi, and it sweetens the whole piece quite nice. Well done, hope they keep the sound for a while - it's exciting.

Song 949: Michael Bublé ft Nelly Furtado - Quando Quando Quando

I really don't like this photo of them, but it's the only one I could find them together. Moving on...

This was actually surprising, I didn't expect a duet from the album It's Time; it's a surprise, that's for sure. When I was listened to it, I was wondering who the woman that comes in all of a sudden - then I realized that it's a fellow Canadian! They make a wonderful duo, waiting for their love to be as one. Classic.

Hey, doesn't this sound familiar? Refer to this list and see if you understand what I'm talking about.

Although there can be comparisons, I think her voice is very sensual. It's about her being gentle and easing your sensations that you long for. She's telling you what she wants... will you fulfill her wishes? And with a saxophone in the background, it can be hard to resist her offer. All that she wants is a flame to be ignited between the two. And when you give it to her right, you know that she'll want more... that's some nice lovin'.

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