Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Belong With Me: Songs 891 to 900

Wonderful thoughts and ideas... if they could only come true. Someday, they will :"D

Song #900: Laughing on the park bench thinking to myself, Hey isn't this easy...

Song 891: Carlos Santana ft Chad Kroeger - Why Don't You & I

Whatever he does, know that it's going to be great!

I swear, Santana can just play guitar all day and I would never get bored of it - so good! And it gets even better with collaborations. They always played this on the radio, and it's a very fun tune to be rocking out on the road. Take on the world and be together forever, that sounds like a good deal to me! I didn't know there was a different version until I was looking for the video for this one. It's one fantastic song either way!

Song 892: Mandy Moore - Have A Little Faith In Me

What a nice piece from Mandy, but for some reason I'm reminded of religion after listening to it. Cool.

I didn't realize this was a cover, and the whole album were a selection of other covers... hence the title "Coverage." If you are in a tough problem, just know that they will come and save the day. After loving you for so long, all they want is for you to believe them and the words that they say. This is a commitment that she has made, and she tends to stick by it. Let love lead the way, and the rest will follow through. Nice tune.

Song 893: Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment

Who are they, and why don't they make enough songs? There material is inspirational, and they know how to create a masterpiece. Well done.

I thought this song was about a person they have become obsessed about, but I've been reading blogs and they said that it's about this high power giving them a change in their life. With that interpretation, I can see that message - and I think I love the song even more now! And the sound is a bit climatic filled with engaging moments. A perfect situation.

Song 894: Skye Sweetnam - It Sucks

Back when my friend was obsessed with her, he showed me this song. I got hooked on it, and I even used it in a video... and we'll never talk about it again.

It's the love triangle that gets to you: this wasn't what you expected, and then the dilemma starts to build up. From one little action, a whole lot more can be expected to come. This is like me, wanting someone who it linked to another - no, not talking about that either! But if there are words of wisdom to take, she says it like how it is. Reality sometimes bites. Ahck!

Song 895: Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory

This is a nice sound from Gaga, it's reminiscent of the 80s - long live the saxophone, one sexy instrument!

She is taking a chance, putting everything in the air and hopefully you'll accept her offer. It's like they're living for today and not holding back a single thought in their head. Such a wonderful song, I enjoyed this side of her. Though the video is unexpected, this fan video is one heck of an interpretation. May there be more moments that take your breath away, and hold on - it's going to be one amazing ride. Life waits for you!

Song 896: Vengaboys - Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)

I like this song, but I never understood why they only make out in the nighttime... favourite part of the day?

It's a bit quirky and cute, but a bit selfish when you hear the lyrics. Only at this part of the day will they show love and affection, otherwise they go back to their lives. Hmmm, that makes me think of something... Oh well, better not take the song that direction. They know their limits, and that is fine with them. Don't take it too seriously, they simply want a companion to spend the lonely dark hours with - no strings attached.

The teen anthem of our times! It's a big inappropriate gesture to the bullies that tear you down.

When I heard that they were making their own music, I was so excited! Life is tough at times, but what matters most is how you deal with it. Shrug it off and move on, they're not worth your time. Know that you're better than that, and the energy focused on your goal will be closer than those you push you around. Just smile and keep on moving, the future shines brighter than the present anyways.

Song 898: Des'ree - You Gotta Be

Another repeat? I have got to revaluate my library.

The first time you see the song on this list is here, but that was a chill-out mix. This is the original, and it's the one you always here on the radio. I like what it stands for, saying that you got to keep on moving because nothing waits for you. Express yourself and be proud of who you are. Whatever you put out to the world will surely come back to you, and one day something fantastic happens. What is that exactly? Who knows, it all depends on the person you are C";

Song 899: The Click Five - Just The Girl

I remember this song - it only took a movie to refreshen my mind. Oh, how times have changed...

Do you ever wonder why you fall for the one who tends to be rude to you? Is there some kind of appeal that makes us fall harder than them? Maybe you like to be embarrassed? Well, they're certainly spending a lot of time talking about you. It's just an unexpected turn, how someone will do all these things for you. Consider it forms of flattery. No matter what she does, it works like a charm here. Opposites must attract.

The reason why we all love Taylor! Everyone has gone through this, and everyone can sing it!

You've fallen with your best friend - the only problem? They're with someone else... Yes, I know where this is going. The worst thing you do is compare yourself with the person your interest is with. All you think is how you're better with them, and hope that one day they will see what's been there all along. Sigh, I wish my reality would be like a Taylor Swift song. One great song, she understands everyone.

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