Wednesday, April 11, 2012

(You Drive Me) Crazy: Songs 811 to 820

Fun, silly, serious: play it how you like :"D

Song #819: Tell me I'm not in the blue, oh, that I'm not wasting my feelings on you...

Song 811: Britney Spears - Break The Ice

One of the best songs from Blackout - this was one fascinating era.

I love the beat, it's very dramatic and shows the dark, sensual side that shines in this track. She's taking the initiative to be starting something, and who knows what excitement will be coming. Not afraid of anything, she'll be warming up this shy interest of her; a flame is about to be ignited. A little bit futuristic, and whole lot of personality. The music video is cool, it's the first (hopefully the last) animated clip of hers. Can't say you don't like it until you try. Now let's get things started.

Song 812: Miss Piggy & Amy Adams - Me Party

Wow, this movie has everything you could imagine - maybe that's why I love it so much.

This scene, I adore. It's about having a good time on your own, and having time to yourself is a pleasure. Take two independent women, and it becomes a discotheque anthem for all to enjoy! They're belting their hearts out and it becomes so much fun - certainly entertaining. Hands up for all who enjoy having a fun time solo... well, just not all the time d":

Song 813: Mike Posner ft Lil Wayne - Bow Chick Wow Wow

I do like Posner, but I wonder if his new material will be played on the radio... Hope he's not a one-hit wonder!

He uses those play-on words that you hear from a guitar, and woo! It gets all the girls heated. Cue in Lil Wayne, and it gets much better. The beat is kind of a play-on with the song, making it slow and steady (maybe he's hinting what he likes ^^) It's the silly side of him, and it's kind of adorable. Consider this the type of music that you enjoy for the heck of it; it's light-hearted.

The song that made me fall under his spell. There are so many reasons to love him, but let's talk about this number. Instantly, the beat hits you with the strings being pulled, the eery alien sound, and the simple whistles. His raspy voice is not like others, talking about his lifestyle and the quirks to it - seems more fascinating compared to others. All of a sudden, he's rapping. He shows his strengths with the track: production, lyrics, and voice. A perfect song to chill or dance around... either way, it fits any mood quite nicely.

Song 815: Rene Auberjonois - Les Poissons

There are those scenes in the film where it reminds you that some things are better animated. When it comes to this movie, it gives me relief that no animals were harmed when making the film.

And it's the random characters that keep you amused. In this case, a chef talking about the food he's going to make. He spots Sebastian: tonight's main course. It's a violent scene which becomes hilarious thanks to Disney. Praise the cartoon movie!

Song 816: Foster The People - Call It What You Want

I think this song is so catchy, and I really enjoy this remix. I think they should make some disco inspired hits, that would be so cool!

But I wouldn't expect this sound from them, especially from the first song they released. But it comes to show that you can't judge a band from one song. It's upbeat, and their message is positive. If there's nothing to lose, go and do it. Their voices is a little strange, but I think that's the appeal of the - not to be taken too seriously. Fun and entertaining, I can't wait to see them in concert.

Song 817: The Killers - When You Were Young (Jacques Lu Cont's Radio Edit)

I love this song, I think it's my favourite of theirs. Not that I don't like the original, but I heard this version while watching Vitoria's Secret Runway show... they know good music to strut to.

But it's talking about the foolish things you use to believe, how someone you believed was more than what they actually are. It's painful to know the truth, but it's hard to see it when you paint this perfect image in your mind. Make this into a dance track, and I feel mesmerized. Such a short and simple song with a powerful message. I hope more songs like these will be coming out soon.

Song 818: Sterling Holloway - Trust In Me

Why must hypnotizing songs sound so cool? This movie knows what I'm talking about!

The snake persuades Mowgli to become his friend just by looking into his eyes and singing. He is one snake charmer - I wonder if snakes can do this in real life (that'd be cool and dangerous). The jungle must be one interesting place to live in, with all of the wonders that people have yet to discover. Maybe I'll be placed under a powerful spell and never want to escape it.

Song 819: Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix)

One of my all-time favourite songs from Britney Spears, words can't describe my love for it!

It was made for a teen flick, but I never saw it. The track is high energy, and it brings a lot of happiness within me. I love the video, how she's a waitress and all of a sudden becomes a dance vixen. It's like a love at first sight track, filled with a bunch of wonderful cheesy lyrics. All I want to do is serve people milkshakes and move my booty around like there's no tomorrow at club Crazy! Oh yeah, long live the 90s!

I'm always amazed by this band, because they keep topping themselves track after track.

This shows their romantic side, where they don't want to go any further until they're both on the same page. He needs to know what they share is pure, because at times he feels like something is holding him back. There is no need to be rush, especially when it comes to love. The beat makes me calm, and it's nice to hear something simple once in a while. Slow and steady wins the race.

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