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Can't Help Falling In Love: Songs 1111 to 1120

There are times where you can be obsessed with some things... let it happen.

Song #1116: Like a river flows to the sea, so it goes, some things are meant to be...

Song 1111: Sweet Thing - Change Of Seasons

What wonderful music from this movie. Plus, they are Canadian. Isn't that always a bonus ^^

This is not a love song, but rather a story about it. And the title perfectly describes the way romance can go: it's not always the same. So what are you going to do about it? Cry over a past relationship, or keep moving on? That intro to the song is catchy, from 'dahs' to the repeated guitar strumming, there is nothing that this song lacks. I don't understand why their stuff doesn't get played... and they are one diverse band.

Song 1112: Kitty-N - Hello! Kitty-N

I believe this will be the last time you hear a song from this game. If you haven't played this, YOU MUST. It'll be hard to find, but you won't be unsatisfied. I guarantee that. She is one interesting character, I don't remember hey storyline but she definitely left an impression on me. From the outfit to her strange antics, this song perfectly fits her... I would have said that more confident if I knew what she was singing about. But nonetheless, it's one entertaining song to dance to. It has this game show-esque vibe, and that's always a good thing. Like they mixed classic Japanese music with cheesy televised program tunes to give you this funky-soul hit. Hooray for cousins, they can surprise you with their knowledge.

Song 1113: Lights - Quiet

This is my favourite song from her - it's just adorable.

She knows that they are not together, but that doesn't mean they can spend their time with each other. Whatever they choose to do, they can do it without saying a word. I think it's her wanting someone, but doesn't want to ruin what they've got. So instead of speaking, she will keep silent while they are alone. Such a strange topic, but it works in every sense. Saw this in concert, and I think I was a bit too excited... I thought she was playing this when this song came on.

Song 1114: *Nsync - Pop

This could be called their 'cool' phase... and I'm pretty sure we ate this all up as a kid d": The only thing that I can remember about this was that my cousin use to be obsessed with this song. I have no idea why.

They're not really complaining, but telling you what their lives are all about - yup, this is what I want. When you think of it, no music like this genre gets you high and so happy, and it's all thanks to these artists. So, does it matter what they wear and why they do what they do? Well, a little bit, it's how we defy our generations d";

Song 1115: Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

Hey, I have the original mix in this list! The first time was a remix, which appeared here.

This is one beautiful tragedy, where she won't stop until she gets what she really wants. It makes you rethink of the word 'dedication.' But this is one side of fame that I would have never imagined - so is it wrong that I would want this? Who knows, maybe you go crazy when you get to become famous. She made such a wonderful performance for the song, and I think it might be one of my all-time favourites.

Song 1116: A*Teens - Can't Help Falling In Love

OK, take a pop group, reinvent a classic song, and put it in an adorable movie... need I say more?

From a group that covered ABBA music, they've come a long way. They take on the king in this round, and I got to say it's perfection. A slow tune has now become a pop hit that sweetens me up all the time. Sometimes, there are things that can't be stopped. You may not listen to people who been through this before, because your feelings are true. And if it's pure, you go with it. I hope you take their hand and their whole life too :"3

Song 1117: D-Cru - I Will Be Waiting

I did not know there was girl in this group - it just blows my mind! But anyways, I think this was their only hit, and you hear this once in a while on the radio... yeah.

He wants to appreciate an love you like nobody else can. And he'll be there no matter what the problem is. Cue in the cheesy talking break, and you know this screams my childhood! What makes this so appealing is the fact that I never get tired of this song, probably because of its simple beat and it's just him singing. I wonder what else they would have made; this is gold!

Song 1118: Shaggy ft Rayvon - Angel

Kind of bummed that I don't have other songs from Shaggy... but this one is always a winner.

It's just a sweet message about how good your lover is to you, that they must be sent from above. In the end, he knows that this person will be with them for every phase of his life - that is something to be excited about. I use to think that he did both singing and rapping parts... nope. Didn't know that the background sound was taken from this and samples the lyrics from here... he has some good ears to put them together.

Song 1119: Pinto Colvig, Mary Moder, Dorothy Compton, Billy Bletcher - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf

So, is this originally from Disney? Didn't know that...

I think everyone knows this song about three little pigs who make their houses and test the wolf whether he can huff and puff and blow them down. But if there is anything to learn from here, you can only sing this when you are confident that your taunts will be more powerful than their breaths... you can metaphor that yourself. Otherwise, it might end up like this. But for some reason, it would still feel right to sing this song.

Song 1120: Michael Bublé - I've Got You Under My Skin

No matter what, this song never goes out of style.

From the original crooner comes this cover from the amazing man who can sing just about anything. I don't know how he does it, but it's smooth like butter... aw, I could listen to this all day. He can't stop thinking about you, and it drives him crazy - but he is fine with that. That feeling is deep inside of his heart, and it almost scares him - what keeps him calm is the fact that it's you. Ooh, love the ensemble, it's so lively! Me thinks I really need to see him live before he settles down!

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