Friday, May 18, 2012

The Last Five Songs: Song 1163

I forgot all about this song! How silly of me, I thought all of them were played d":

Song #1163: I begin to dance just a little bit, uh, to turn you on...
With sexy lyrics like these, can you figure out who this is? Today's song is...

Britney Spears ft Ying Yang Twins - (I Got That) Boom Boom

I actually don't have all of her albums, just four: her first, her latest, greatest hits, and the remixes. So how did I find this out? Because this was on the fourth album, and I've been listening to that recently. Well, I think my cousin made a dance routine to this song a long time ago, and she told me to look up this track. And because it's Britney, you know I'm going to love it :"3 It's a little bit hip-hop, but it works for her. I do hope she does something like this again, I really enjoy this sound.

Rarely does she ever collaborate, but when she does, it's pretty epic. In comes the Ying Yang Twins, and wow! I can't believe how well they work together. They scream, she sings, and I don't even care what they say is... pretty vulgar. Then again, I can't complain - I am of age after all d":

There is a little bit of everything in this song: a street sound, a sweet twang to it, and that sexy voice of hers. To me, this is unexpected, especially the rawness of what she's saying; she's usually hiding it. Well, she must have been in her zone when recording this track. Either way, it's a nice change for her, how she explored different sounds and got into a groove of her own. If you need any proof, refer to her performance, because it is amazing. Not only does she sing live, but she's dancing like there's no tomorrow in the cold, while wearing a shirt that shows off her amazing body. She knows who to team up with and how to please a crowd. You go Britney!

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