Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Last Five Songs: Song 1165

Alas, the song that has been patiently waiting - now, it is time to be heard.

Song #1165: Oh step in step in babe...

The last song has finally come here, and it all goes to...

BoA - Valenti

This is her 11th song that appears on the list - what a great choice to sum it all up! From her first single to her English songs/attempts, from Japanese singles to collaborations and mash-ups, there is no denying that she is one hard worker; she's No.1! But if I had to pick one song of hers, I think this one takes the cake - can't believe it's 9 years old.

My cousin was obsessed with her, which lead me to my obsession with her... To this day, she's still the best! My brother and his friends found her so hot - can you blame them? And she showed so much sexiness while fully clothed! That is a bonus, don't you think? Plus, she knows how to play with fire ^^

The title "Valenti" is Portuguese for "Brave," and it's pretty courageous with what's she's doing. She's saying that she wants to be with the one she's fallen in love with. There is no stopping her, because this person is her dream, and she will keep going until she has them. What she has is strong and true, so don't deny it - just take it in. And even if they say 'no,' she is going to wait until they accept her love. One bold statement, all with some sweet dance moves.

And the song has this fiery spirit to it, mixing a Latin soulful beat with sharp-hitting sound effects. I think my favourite part is the bridge and instrumental break, but I don't think anyone knows what she's saying... oh well, guitar! This was one of her biggest hits, she recorded it in Japanese and English in addition to the Korean version (the one I listened to). From the first listen, you know that tension rises and maybe you can't handle the heat... but don't worry, maybe this love thing can be fun. I may haven't found the one yet, but in good time it'll come. And hey, it may even sound something like this. I wouldn't mind that at all. Now, let's play the song to wrap up the whole shebang:

Thank you to all who have been following me and my journey through music. I was surprised what I had in here, and at the same time I had a blast. After four months, I have shown you only a sample of songs that's in my library d":

Who knows, I might come up with some other ideas/show you some other favourite songs that weren't in this list. But for now, I hope you enjoyed it! Was there a song you enjoyed? A song you wish that you forgot? Something you haven't heard in a long time? Leave a comment below! Thanks again, and keep rocking to your beat!

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