Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rainbow Connection: Songs 1101 to 1110

Where does your curiosity lead you to? Maybe the answer is in one of these songs C";

*Not the version I listened to, but still wonderful*

Song #1103: We know that it's probably magic...

Song 1101: Empire Of The Sun - Swordfish Hotkiss Night

I don't remember where I found this song... but I can tell you it has one sick beat. And that's all I need!

Not sure how they got the title, but it certainly sounds cool. To be honest, I couldn't even tell you what's going on. Their singing is kind of sexy, but they could be saying anything - and that could be hot in its own way. Consider it a hyped-up version of this song, filled with funk and soul! It definitely distinguishes itself from other songs, and that's never a bad thing. I should look more into their stuff, it might get weirder (better!)

Song 1102: Madonna - Jump

This is was a fun period from Madonna, and this is one good song. Whenever I hear it, I'm reminded of this.

It's about taking the journey on your own terms, and how you don't need anyone to take the path with you. Stop thinking about it, and take a chance. When your family and friends are there to support you, what else do you need? Don't hold anything back, and be confident in all of your choices. And the video is so cool! I'm still working on that body so I can do half of the stunts performed in there. Keep moving on...

Song 1103: The Muppets - Rainbow Connection

It's a song that will live on forever. Full of optimism and wonder, you're left feeling wonderful after a listen.

This song made its release in this film, and who knew that 30 years later, it would come back... as a duet! It's so cute, and you can't deny that the gang are meant to stay together. Don't ever question faith, because it may just lead you to your happy ending. Keep dreaming and keep believing; you may never know what will come. Thank you Mr. The Frog.

Song 1104: Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama

Now why can't their songs sound more like this?

A little bit tropical, a little bit crazy, but still tamed by all means. They just want you to get on the floor for the good sh*t that's coming out of the speakers. While they do their part, you go out and do yours! And if something goes down, don't be blaming them... would you be anyways? That hard work deserves some attention, and damn it you deserve it! It's one good club banger - if they only played this in the club that is. There better be a throwback mix day soon!

Song 1105: Tila Tequila - Paralyze

Admit it, you watched this show! I don't know how she got famous, but she is one interesting person.

Cue in the music career! This was her first single... kind of scary, right? Then she releases this song. It's completely opposite, and it's pretty. Her voice is cute, and she's feeling a bit down in this one. She wished that her love would be more appreciative of her; but she's left with the same feeling again and again. Was there something wrong that she did? There something she's not getting? Please don't feel this way :"C

Song 1106: Snoop Dogg ft Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake - Signs

Once in a while, there comes a song that you really like and you can't believe who it's by... this is one.

Usually, his songs have a different tone that's not that friendly. Although this isn't exactly sunshine happy days, it makes its way there. He wants to show his interest, but he can't tell if they're playing or if they want to go all the way. Why must they make it so hard on them? Justin's falsettos work here, and I love the addition of Charlie - sounds classy! Just remember, if they choose him, don't hate the player; it's the game.

Song 1107: Angela Lansbury - The Age Of Not Believing

So many songs from this film are featured here, but I still have yet to watch it... I'll probably know the songs fluent by the time I get to that d":

There comes a time in life where you face reality, and there is no way of escaping it. Sooner or later, we must grow up and become part of society. But the good thing about this is that it never goes away, and that it will come back when you need it the most. Your inner child will always be with you, and it can bring out the best within you. Hope to see it soon ^^

Song 1108: Avril Lavigne - Smile

This is such a cute song... filled with attitude! Don't know why it didn't do well, I really like this song.

Although it's about the crazy antics that happened last night, what matters the most is how she feels with this special person. There is no one that makes her so happy and to start acting silly for no apparent reason. All it took was that little move that they made, and now her heart has been stolen. Aw, isn't that adorable? Everyone's looking for the same thing in the end - how we get there makes it worth the ride. Joyful days!

Song 1109: SWV - I'm So Into You

For some reason, I thought this was the title for this song. Silly me, I need to keep my music on track!

Ooh, looks like there is a dilemma here: the boy that she really likes feels the same way. The problem? He's with someone else. Yikes, that can't be good. Now she's going crazy, wondering what she should do. One part says that's great, but the other part knows that this can't be good. What happens to her? Again, the love triangle comes tackling in. Oh, what a sticky situation this could be. Any advice out there?

Song 1110: Kat Deluna ft Shaka Dee - Run The Show

She has some of the best beats in her music - I'm always craving more from this girl!

Just to let you know, this is the version I was listening to - the music video is too good to give up! From that heavy drum beat to those catchy flute sounds, you'll be entertained for all the right reasons. She knows that you like what you see, let's get on with the program! There is so much more to come, so you better not slow down. Plus, Spanish is always an added plus.

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