Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Smile: Songs 1081 to 1090

So many reasons to be happy! Let this list show you the ways :"3

Song #1082: Put a smile on your face and greet one and all...

Song 1081: Elise Estrada - Poison

My favourite song from her! No, it's not because of the video... but it reminds me of this one for some reason.

I do like the computerized voice in the beginning, I think it adds a nice touch to the track. She didn't want this in the first place, but after a taste, she is hooked on it! Not sure if I would want more of a dangerous thing, but sometimes you got to live on the edge. So catchy and it's one of her best songs... Oh, where has she gone? Please come back, I need my dosage!

Song 1082: Vitamin C - Smile

This is a song you can never get tired of! So much fun.

But what she says it's true: when life gets tough, just put a nice curve on your face, and the world will respond back in a positive way. So things aren't going your way - what are you going to do about it? No need to be mad, just be glad! She's not really singing in this song, and I believe she would be the originator of this sing-talk genre. After all, she  was the judge of this show... what you going to do about it? Once you take action, things don't seem as hard. Yay simple things!

Song 1083: Hoku - Perfect Day

I thought she was one of the coolest artists in my childhood - she wasn't like the others at the time.

But it seemed that I only heard her songs in films. This one appeared here, and it fits the bill quite nicely! When everything seems to be going your way, nothing can bring you down. You're on such a high that you hope that this feeling won't end anytime soon. Having a good time and enjoying the moment: isn't that what life is made of? Let the good times roll by...

Song 1084: Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg - California Gurls

Summertime hit! I can't believe this was a response to this song - they're very different. But it sounds familiar.

It's all about the eye candy that's lying on the beach; they're certainly unforgettable. Whenever I hear this, I have the sudden urge to jump up and down and move around. Such a happy tune, even my nanny will attempt singing the song! Add in a little Snoop, and you know it's going to be one hot track. She was so much fun in concert, I think I got a toothache from watching it d": If you haven't played Just Dance, you need to!

Song 1085: Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up

There are a lot of things when I hear this song, but I'll leave you with just one. Pretty sure my cousin made a routine to this song, it is a lively piece.

If anything, I think this would be my theme song. It's a little bit 'in your face,' but also an energizer that gets you pumped up. When she was young, she would dream about being in the limelight... people thought she was losing it. A few years later, what do those people have to say? And yes, I thought she wanted 'boobies,' not 'groupies.' Now who's laughing?

Song 1086: Andrew Allen - I Want You

Wow, this is the only song I have from him? I thought I would have this one at least. Need to download that...

But this is a really cute song, and it makes me think of something - no, not going there! He has found the one, and now he must make his move before it's all too late! Hopefully there is still time to make this story a happy ending. All those other times when he should have done something are gone, and it's up to this moment. This is prince charming looking for his true love; I hope they both live happily ever after!

Song 1087: Rob Thomas - Ever The Same

He just makes good songs - don't you agree? They might not be hits, but it's always pleasant when his songs come on.

Wherever you go, I will follow. Simple as that, and the results are oh so wonderful. They've been through so much, and this moment shouldn't be any different. No matter what they do, they will always be together. It's a beautiful piece, this is the music that can ease your soul no matter what. It's always a nice surprise to hear gems like these on the radio... Actions speak louder.

Song 1088: Tamone - Sweet Dreams

This song sounds familiar? Yes. Yes it does.

I find it amazing that I don't have the original, but I have these renditions sampling Sean Paul songs. Another one appeared here. And why not? sample another song... but for some strange reason, I like it! It comes out nicely, almost a bit suggestive. Everywhere she goes, people want for something; but no one can get it from her. She must be playing hard to get, or she's looking for the one. Oh radio, how you influence my taste in music so much. What would I do without you?

Song 1089: Ice - อย่าเล่นตัว (Yah-Len-Tua)

My cousins showed me about this guy - his music is so much fun, especially his dance moves!

I don't remember which song they showed me first, but I found this one on my own. From the only English line he sings, I'm going to say that he's madly in love with this girl... and now, they dance! It's like an electric disco from the sound of it, and I love every second of it. Who cares if you don't know what they're talking about? If it sounds good, you go with the flow! No need to complain, let's just enjoy this time while we have it.

Song 1090: Beyoncé Knowles - Love On Top

This performance made me fall madly in love with Queen B. Must I say more?

She found the one who puts her first on their list, and she's so happy that she's got to sing about it! This is one feel-good song, it's the music that needs to be played on the radio! And if that wasn't enough, she changes keys - four times! Wah, that is so amazing! When you're in love, I guess it feels so good that you can hit notes you never thought you could before. Damn, she can sing! May love always feel like this.

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