Sunday, May 13, 2012

Smile: Songs 1131 to 1140

What an exciting playlist here, it's full of wonderful emotions that we all go through.

Song #1137: Cooler then the flip side of my pillow, that's right...

Song 1131: Ke$ha - The Harold Song

Sometimes an artist can surprise you. This is one nice piece from her, it shows a different side to her.

All about there first love and how hard it was to get over them. She felt like dying and that nothing could make her feel better - why did it have to come to an end? And her vocals are nice in this piece, I hope she does more like this in future albums. Nothing can replace a first love, and all those memories of the past don't ever escape your mind. It seems that you cherish it more after it's all gone...

Song 1132: Jessica Simpson - I Think I'm In Love With You

Every time I heard this song playing on the radio, I would get so excited! And then it ends up being this.

I love the beat, it's always gets me in the best mood. It's my favourite song from her, so upbeat and full of glee! She got bitten from the bug, and it's got her all excited... that is awesome. From noticing little details to telling all her friends, she's got it bad - or good? Either way, she can't help herself. After all, love should be the best feeling ever (I think). Hooray for surprises!

Song 1133: Bruno Mars - Marry You

Tee he, what a wonderful song from Bru-Bru!

I wish this was a released single, it was this show that introduced it to me. Isn't that a lovely idea, that he wants to be with you forever - that would make my heart melt :"3 He's got it all planned, it don't have to be fancy, long as he has you. Everything about this song puts a smile on your face. I hope that person says yes, because it's certainly not a dumb thing at all. I mean, look at this couple, they are so joyful!

Song 1134: Chris Brown - Yeah 3X

At first, I wanted to not like this song for what he did. But honestly, the past is behind us. Got to move on.

When you hear the beginning, you know it's going to exciting. He wants us to dance, to be so full of life, and maybe find an interest of your own. And if you're up for it, he'd like to see you again. What do you have to say? Just one word, and say it a few times more! This is pumped up energy, the wingman to get you to courage up and get the attention of the one you want. After all, we only get to live once; take the chance!

Song 1135: Wiz Kalifa ft Snoop Dogg & Bruno Mars - Young, Wild, & Free

Who would have known that I would like a song about getting wasted and having a good time... Well, I am getting to that age, so I might as well get ready d":

When you are young, you're allowed to do everything they say in this song: drink till you can't no more, don't sleep, and give trash about other people's thoughts. They're just having fun, they're not wrecking any serious havoc - we're just doing what we want until we have to grow up. Welcome to the partying ages, enjoy them while they last.

Song 1136: Wicked - Defying Gravity

Oh my, this is one musical that you must watch - you will be shocked by what you see. It's just so good!

The first time I heard of this song was in my favourite show, and after watching it, I had to download it! This is the point where Elphaba realizes what she must do, even if it means not being with her friend Glinda. It's one epic song, and it just takes your breath away. Even if it's hard to move on, isn't that what we seek for: happiness? Sometimes the tough choices are the ones you have to make in order to be satisfied.

Song 1137: Uncle Kracker - Smile

Hey, remember this dude? So glad to hear from him, he has such nice songs... does this ring a bell?

This is one cute song, it's about the one thing that makes him happy: his love. Because of them, he does the silliest things, feels like a child, and he's enjoying every minute. And the best thing is that it's a song for everyone! No need to find a relationship to sing to someone, it can be your family, your friends, even your pet C": That is brilliant, an easy-going love song that can be dedicated to all. I want a love like this.

Song 1138: Muse - The Uprising

Teddy bears! Did not see this coming at all...

When I hear this, I am reminded of a song that appeared in this list. They seem similar, don't they? But this is about standing up and not conforming into what society wants us to be. Fight for what is right, and don't stop until it's just. I want to rock to it, and also dance at the same time. I know, a strange choice for me, but I really enjoy this. Maybe that's what we are, a bunch of toys who will conquer the world - I'd go for that, it would be an interesting place C";

Song 1139: Seether ft Amy Lee - Broken

Never saw the movie, but it has one nice theme song.

It's a beautiful track, and their voices complement each other. I never knew there was a solo version, thought it was only the duet. Anyways, this is like a mellow romance, telling how he is unable to be strong without his lover. He doesn't feel like himself without the company, like he is another person that he doesn't know at all. This person is more than special, but reliable and compassionate - they bring out all this things he likes in himself. Odd, but elegant.

Song 1140: Disney Orchestra - Dance Of The Reed Flutes

Well, this is one interesting movie. They put orchestra to animated short films, and they did a fantastic job!

This piece come from a beloved tale and once you listen to it, ballerinas start to dance in my head. In their case, it's flowers that come to life in this piece. Can you believe the instrumental pieces from such a long time are still relevant in today's world? It shows you how well-crafted these songs were made. Tchaikovsky, you have done wonders in the world of music. One day, I shall watch the Nutcracker.

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