Friday, May 4, 2012

Waking Up In Vegas: Songs 1031 to 1040

Don't feel silly with what you're doing - if it's from the heart is all that matters :"3

Song #1040: It's all a blur last night...

Song 1031: Bruno Mars - Talking To The Moon

This was the ending to one of the best concerts I've been to; wish I could re-live that moment again...

But it sure is one sweet thought, and no one should feel foolish about the idea. Knowing that someone is thinking of you at night just leaves me feeling warm and special - that's always a pleasant mood. The way this song is crafted is well done, from the piano to the simple 'ahs' in the background. I hope that special someone is thinking of them too, because this is truly one great song. Please make more soon!

Song 1032: Marianas Trench - All To Myself

Is it just me, or are their songs usually about the same topic: wanting someone so badly? Either way, I eat all of their songs up - they're just so freaking catchy!

Lately, they've been playing this on the radio, and I love them for that. He's a bit confused, his interest gives him these 'signs;' but they're with someone else. So where does he stand? Now his real feelings start to come out. Got to give it to them, they never give up on who they want. Maybe I should wear that persona more often? I might just get what I want d":

Song 1033: Captain Jack - Dream A Dream

This was the favourite song from DDR - probably because of the familiar sound.

But you can't deny its europop goodness, always full of wonder that leaves you dancing for your life. And the lyrics are pretty cool, but it's about being hyped up on fantasies? Not really sure if it goes anywhere, but it is quite a thinker in my opinion. Kind of reminds me of this in a strange way. If it were to have club dance numbers in the film, I'm pretty sure this would be in there. After all, your mind can take you places...

Song 1034: Brad Kane & Lea Salonga - A Whole New World

The theme for the Disney classic, this film takes you to places you've never been all contained in one song.

Aladdin takes Princess Jasmine on a magic carpet ride where they experience new places without a care. They show that the rest of the world is a wonderful place, especially when you have someone to care for right by your side. Just shows to you when you take a chance on someone, they might just be worth the ride. Ah, what a wonderful memory of my childhood, and this cover does the song much justice. Awesome.

Song 1035: Fergie - Labels Or Love

Turn the lights on! It's time to flaunt it off :"D

From one of the most stylish film comes this fitting song where it shows that products can never do you wrong. While love can have its ups and downs, a well made designer item will always put a smile on your face. And the attitude is a nice touch instead of some sob story. Get over it, shop for what makes you satisfied, and let's look fabulous! I mean, who doesn't want to look good? You might find more than what you were looking for. I mashed this up, check it out!

Song 1036: Timbaland vs Janet Jackson vs Beats International - Good Love After Dark (Robin Skouteris Mix)

I love Robin Skouteris, and this mix got me in the groove! I didn't expect that all these songs would work together, but they do. Very nice indeed ^^

Take one, two, three, four songs and you've got yourself one hit that should be released as a single! I can't believe how well this is made, especially when they have such different elements in the track. He must have really good ears, because he knows what goes together extremely well. Keep on doing what you love Skouteris, I'll always be a fan of your work!

Song 1037: Taio Cruz ft Ludacris - Break Your Heart

His first hit - and it's pretty dope! I do admit that I don't like it when Ludacris says that he's keeping it real, but they are telling you what to expect.

Go ahead and fall in love with him, but don't go crying when he ends the relationship. Putting everything out on the floor, he doesn't want to handle the outcome when it's over. And he's saying this to one sick beat. When I think of it, I would be interested to see how far the relationship would go - at least I know how it will end. Perhaps honesty is the best policy. Good Game.

Song 1038: Elliott Yamin - Wait For You (Nevins GTR Radio Edit)

Another contestant from American Idol! I like him, even though he had one big song... this one's remixed!

Here is the original, much slower than this one. Not much of a difference, just the addition of drums and guitars; it's more upbeat. The message is so sweet: he will do whatever it takes to get you back. He made a mistake, and if when you take him back, he will never let go of you. Isn't that what we all want, an undying love? An amazing song, I even made a mashup with another song on the list. Hope you enjoy it!

Song 1039: David Tomlinson & Dick Van Dyke - Let's Go Fly A Kite

Oh sweet memories of this film, the essence of my childhood days. And what a better way to end than on a happy note, spending family time together.

Mr. Banks is happy, he learned to laugh and share these moments with his children, all thanks to a special nanny. It shows you that when times are rough, you got to put a smile on for face and roll with it. And if you want to fly a kite, go for it! It's a lot of fun!

Song 1040: Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas (Calvin Harris Remix)

My favourite Katy Perry song! Remixed! When I am old enough, I hope my days in Sin City go a little something like this... except for the marriage part d":

The original is pretty awesome, and it's a bummer that it's not on my phone. She's having the time of her life, getting buck wild and taking chances. There might be regrets, but it's the moment that you won't forget. This mix is a lot of fun, and I made my own version to it (need to upload that sometime). It's a bit chilled, but it doesn't take the glitz and glam away from the song.

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