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Wonderwall: Songs 1121 to 1130

Life is full of questions... finding an answer is always an adventure, don't you think?

Song #1126: By now you should've somehow realized what you gotta do...

Song 1121: The Fray - How To Save A Life

I love that they still play this song on the radio: it's a timeless classic that stays with you... very nice.

These are the steps to give your time to someone and help them cope with whatever is on their mind. It's a lovely piece, and the piano is just wonderful. All they ask is for you to let go of everything, even if it hurts... once it's all out, then we can move on. And isn't that what we all want, to become a better person? When you let someone in, everything can come out. Well done, I hope to hear more songs like this.

Song 1122: Mike Posner - Please Don't Go

I've said this before and I'll say it again: he shouldn't be a one-hit wonder. He has so much to offer.

I admit that I wasn't much of a fan for this single until I heard this mix... yup, that will do. So taking another listen to it was interesting. I like the electronic sound that he's got going on, and the video game effects that match the 8-bit oddity. But it works with his vocals, where he lets his honesty come pouring out... and it's pretty cute.  Know that if you leave, he will come and find you; so please don't run away without him.

Song 1123: The Suits XL - Play

Wow, this is a fun song! You ready? Then let's go! I think those words sum up the song quite nice.

This is a track meant for the summer time: high energy, 'sha la las,' and it has the coolest sound. To me, this is the sweet cold air blowing on my face on a nice hot day. And that little part where the man chants something is a nice touch (sorry if I offended anyone!) But all in all, they're saying that life is a game, and that we should enjoy it. If something's not going your way, keep moving on... life is too exciting to be complaining!

Song 1124: Bruce Reitherman & Phil Harris - The Bare Necessities

It seems like the exotic places know how to relax... well, at least that's how Disney depicts it in most films.

Take it from Baloo in this little film where he's trying to cheer up Mowgli. Instead of being all sad about things, look at the bright simple ideals that make us happy. Forget about your worries and your strife, they're not important. Let's take a moment and appreciate mother nature and all of her wonders that she gives to us - wow, there's a lot she's offering to us. All you got to do is think differently, and everything's instantly better.

Song 1125: Darren Hayes - Talk Talk Talk (Penguin Prison Remix)

My favourite remix - the original appeared here.

A little bit hypnotic, but it has this, shall I say, medieval touch to it. Mix it up to an electronic sound, and all I can think about it royalty for some strange reason. It's like I entered a wonderful dream that's filled with traps, and I want to explore every dimension of it... My imagination has run wild! Don't know how that relates to the message, because he wants to know this secret that you oh so badly need to tell! Maybe this secret is one big adventure that you might have to keep up with.

Song 1126: Oasis - Wonderwall

How did I find this song: I use to take those quizzes on Facebook frequently. One of them was finding out what your love theme is. This is what I got...

Ever since that day, I have fallen in love with it. He just wants to say something to this person, how they could be the one; but something holds him back. The words aren't coming to him, and maybe that's where the title comes in: you interpret it any way you like. It might be the word that perfectly describes you. An estranged love song, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Song 1127: Britney Spears - Womanizer (Kaskade Remix)

Before I saw this in concert, this was my favourite remix of the song. First time appeared on this list.

This is perfection to a tee! I love the sound effects in this, it's like a sexy warning signal, telling you that you're crossing a very dangerous line... and it's one good beat! The serious tone has drifted away, and all you hear is this awesome dance track that you can't escape. You can consider this more playful compared to the original - she likes to toy around with you here. Be careful, you have been told the consequences.

Song 1128: Lights - Lions!

When I saw her in concert, I wasn't familiar with most of her songs. My cousin told me this was her favourite.

There can be many interpretations to this song, so I will stick with the idea of a warrior going through tough times. Standing all by yourself, you go on this adventure knowing not a thing that is coming your way. So be prepared, take a stance, and fight your way through the game of survival. It's rather inspiring, and quite an energy booster track for those who sometimes feel a little under the weather. Be strong.

Song 1129: *Nsync - Just Got Paid

For some reason, I only remember the ending of this performance when I saw them in concert... my sister was a HUGE fan during that time. Oh those days d":

But that moment when you receive your cheque is pure satisfaction. Finally, you have money in your hands and now you can do whatever you want with it. So in this case, they go to the club and show themselves one good time. From here, I'm pretty sure that they'll be having a good time tonight. Just be careful, don't want to spend it all in one day.

Song 1130: Keisha Chanté ft Foxy Brown - Does He Love Me

This is like old-school hip-hop... the sound at least.

It's the same old tale of a girl wondering if her interest feels the same way. She can't tell, and doesn't want to ask him straight up. Now, she's left to thinking and wondering what she should do. Oh, girl problems: they seem more fascinating than boys'. Add in a little Foxy, and you've got yourself a party going on. My friend told me that she really liked this song - I didn't expect that from her at all. As for my brother, he got a mini motorcycle like her. Wow, she's one big influence.

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